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                       Investing In A Perfect Storm
                           with The DJI Down More Than 20%
                                                              (Part 2) 

                          Zero Regulation, Zero Foresight and Zero Honesty

                                     None of Bush's High Paid Thieves Asked
                                "What WIll Happen When Housing Prices Fall?" 

                                       The US Treasury is Being Robbed Bare.

                                         Why Is "Socialism for the Rich" OK?

                          The Secrets of Successful Bear Market Trading 

by William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)
                                             (C) 2008 All rights reserved.  Reproducing any part of this page without
                                                             giving full acknowledgement is a copyright infringement.

The Corporate media utterly failed to cover
                                                the early growth of the US credit / financial crisis.
                                               It   failed to foresee the collapse and consequences
                                               of the $10 trillion 1996-2006 housing bubble and
                                               the resulting Recession.  Who is it protecting?

                                                 TigerSoft has worked hard to keep its
                                                readers far ahead of these developments. 

                                                The best hope for the US lies in the
                                                punishment of,  not the concealment of,
                                                those who are responsible for the theft of
                                                trillions from the US Treasury,  the destruction
                                               of the US Dollar and the life-long savings of
                                               millions of hard-working Americans while
                                               allowing obscenely overpaid CEOS to bribe
                                               poiticians, bilk their shareholders, overcharge
                                               consumers and happily export millions of the
                                               best jobs.  

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                                                    The Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, DC.
                                  Investing In A Perfect Storm
                  with The DJI Down More Than 20%

                                                         US CORRUPTION IS NOW SO MASSIVE,
                                                   AND THE US TREASURY ROBBED SO BARE,
                                           THE DOLLAR MUST SURELY DROP DRAMATICALLY. 

by William Schmidt, Ph.D


                                       The US now owes $9 trillion dollars.  It has just added as much as
                                $5 trillion more in potential debt if housing prices keep sliding and the
                                mortgages backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mac prove worthless,
                                because people cannot pay them or choose to walk away from a loan
                                because they owe more than the house is worth.   Treasury Secretary
                                Paulsen and Fed Chairman Bernanke are Bush appointments.  They
                                were not elected.  But they are committing the US to debts which will
                                bring financial disaster to millions of Americans as the Dollar breaks down.
                                        Certainly, there are better solutions that just giving privately run
                                 companies a blank check.  These companies, as I said two nights ago,
                                 are run by obscenely overpaid CEOs.  What's worse?  The bigger of the
                                 two Fannie Mae has a history of engaging in fraud and deception.  FNM was
                                 fined $400,000,000 for deliberate accounting fraud and evasion two years
                                 ago.   Its CEO gave the Bush Republican Party $16,000 last year in
                                 campaign contributions.  In return, Paulsen now protects his pay and

                                         In the UK, Northern Rock was nationalized.  That is what should
                                  happen here.  Instead of socialism for the, we should just try some
                                  socialism for all Americans.   Taxpayers should reap the benefits of
                                  public ownership if they are going to put up all the money for these
                                  companies.  There is no reason to keep on board the overpaid upper-level
                                  management.   FNM and FRE are now bankrupt, says the St.Louis Fed President.
                                  But no heads are allowed to roll.   Paulsen wishes to allow his cronies to
                                  stay in power, so that they may continue to rob their companies and the
                                  taxpaters and keep making huge campaign contributions.  

                                     The rest of the world looks on this monstrous highway robbery and they
                                  shudder.   They see how thoroughly corrupt and greedy America has become.
                                  America's political leadership is clearly for sale to the highest bidder.
                                  This is a continuation of the same putrid system that let Bush and Cheney
                                   enable private contractors steal hundreds of billions in zero-competition,
                                   bloated war contracts with little or no accountability.  It is part of the
                                   same system failure that has allowed Bush's appointment Bernanke
                                   at the FED without legal authority to bail out Wall Street's biggest banks
                                   with tens of billions in exchange for dubiously valued mortgages used
                                   as collateral.

"America is a unique society in which we have
                free enterprise  for the poor and socialism for the rich." 
                                                --Gore Vidal

1995: "
Putting a precise dollar figure on corporate
                          welfare depends on how it is defined. The Cato Institute
                         -- a libertarian think-tank in Washington, D.C. -- considers
                         corporate welfare to be the 125 programs that provide
                         direct subsidies to individual industries. In a fairly recent
                         report, it estimates that the federal government currently
                         spends roughly $75 billion a year on direct subsidies to
                         American private corporations. And that is the conservative

     "Ralph Nader's Center for the Study of Responsive Law
                        offers a more expansive definition that includes federal
                        tax breaks, many of which are designed to funnel money
                        to specific industries. Add in bail-outs and government
                        research conducted for the benefit of private business,
                        and the total corporate aid figure rises to a high of $167 billion
                        annually.    That's $1,388 per individual taxpayer! This
                        give-away to Big Business contrasts sharply with the
                        total costs of all federal welfare programs for individuals,
                        including help for the blind and deaf, assistance to the
                        handicapped and elderly, care for the mentally retarded,
                        children's vaccination and immunization programs, and
                        so on. The cost of Aid to Families with Dependent Children
                        and other forms of social welfare, including food stamps,
                        housing assistance and child nutrition, was $50 billion in 1995."

                                 (Source: http://www.efn.org/~rolanda/discovering/chapter8.html   )


                                                                 Helicopter Ben Ups The Subsidies

                                          Seeing that Bush could, with no real accountability, give many hundreds
                                   of billions to his war contractor, campaign contributors in the form of bloated,
                                   unaudited, no-other-bid, cost plus military contracts, the Federal Reserve
                                   Chairman decided he wanted to do the same with his banking buddies.

                                          In August 2007, as the DJI hit the 10% down from the high level,
                                   Bernanke began his bailout of banks with taxpayer money.   He authorized
                                   printing up "$78 Billion in new crisp dollars bills, and len(t)... them to the
                                   banks in exchange for their bad mortgages. Not a bad deal--for the banks.
                                   For the public, who has to bear the expense, it is a different matter.
                                   However, since they lack representation at the Fed and have no lobbyists
                                   in Congress, the public may be safely ignored. Of course, the bankers who borrow
                                   this money to cover their losses are the same one's who pound the table about
                                   "free enterprise" and "get the govmint off our backs." At the first sign of
                                   trouble, they become instant socialists, so long as they are the beneficiaries.
                                   (Jim Grant - http://distributism.blogspot.com/2007/08/socialism-for-rich-capitalism-for-rest.html )

                                         When no one complained, he juiced up the printing press.  In January 2008,
                                    rather than let the market keep falling, for fear of a panic, Bernanke again
                                    accepted questionable mortgage securites from JP Morgan and ponied up
                                    $30 billion so that JPM could buy out Bear Stearns.   A month later, when the
                                    market again began to fall, he opened up the Fed's Discount Window" and
                                    allowed all the biggest US investment banking firms get cheap money with
                                    equally dubious collateral.  Estimates of the cost of this to the taxpayer range
                                    from $250 billion to $500 billion.  

                                                The Dollar Will Break Down Badly in The Next Few Weeks

                                       Americans may not see the truth, because of the corporate media, but
                                 foreigners do.  The chart below shows a composite (UDX) of the US Dollar versus a
                                 basket of currencies.  It is breaking below its recent support.  The breakdown
                                 was predicted by the rises and upside breakouts of Gold and Silver.
                                 As the Dollar falls, OPEC raises its price for oil and the Dollar falls still more.

                                    ------------------   US Dollar and Dollar versus Gold -------------------
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                                                       TigerSoft Currency Report - 7/14/2008
             British Pound - on Buy ,,, above rising 50-day ma and shows a bullish bulge of Accumulation
             Euro - on Buy - above rising 50-day ma and shows a bullish bulge of Accumulation
             Swiss Franc -   on Buy - above rising 50-day ma and shows a bullish bulge of Accumulation

                 ------------ Gold and Silver Will Soon Challenge Their Highs -------------
                                                        Buy GLD (95.87) and SLV (189.38)

                Flat-topped breakout in Gold is accompanied by very positive (Blue) Accumulation
               wpe115.jpg (50439 bytes)
                          Flat-topped breakout in Silver is accompanied by very positive (Blue) Accumulation

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                                       Interesting Gold and Oil Stock Speculations

Great Basin Gold, Ltd
. engages in the acquisition, ownership, exploration, and development of gold
                 and silver deposits. It owns interests in the Hollister property located on the Carlin Trend in Nevada;
                 and the Burnstone project located approximately 80 km southeast of Johannesburg, near the town
                 of Balfour in South Africa.   http://www.greatbasingold.com   A move past 3.75 is expected. 
                 The stock shows high levels of (blue) accumulation. The OBV line is nearly at highs.
                 Read what investors are saying about the stock's under-valuation - http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/mb/GBN

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             Cubic Energy, Inc. engages in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural
             gas principally in Texas and Louisiana. Its Texas properties are situated in Palo Pinto, Eastland, and
             Callahan Counties; and Louisiana properties are situated in Caddo Parish and in Desoto Parish. As of
             June 30, 2007, Cubic Energy had total proved reserves of approximately 4,319,031 thousand cubic feet
             of natural gas equivalent.   http://www.cubicenergyinc.com

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