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               Insider Trading at Bear Stearns (BSC).
          How A TigerSoft User Would Spot It And
          Make Money from It.


               (Business Week: http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/dec2007/db20071217_019781.htm?chan=top+news_top+news+index_top+story )

                          It seems likely that some insiders pulled their money out of the company's riskier hedge
               funds, backed by subprime mortgages.   The alleged withrawls occurred just when fund managers
               were uging investors generally to stap put.  "
The Wall Street Journal subsequently reported that
               Ralph Cioffi is the manager drawing scrutiny, after moving $2 million of his $6 million investment in the funds
               into another Bear-managed hedge fund. BusinessWeek has learned the other Bear fund in question is the $228
               million Bear Stearns Structured Risk Partners fund. People familiar with the probe say investigators have been
               reaching out to investors in the highly leveraged funds, seeking information about the comments the funds'
               managers made during the spring with regard to the issue of redemptions, as well as the funds' exposure to the
               subprime mortgage market. The funds once controlled nearly $35 billion in collateralized debt obligations and
               other mortgage-backed securities, and investors lost a combined $1.6 billion when the funds filed for
               bankruptcy in July.
"  If true, BSC will certainly be heavily sued.   This, as much as the turn-down in the
               US economy, lies behind the steep decline in BSC stock.


                     Insider selling puts pressure on a stock which we detect in several ways. 

                        1) Most obvious is the failure of the stock to move up in a market that is lifting the DJI-30. 
                TigerSoft's Intermediate-Term Relative Strength (ITRS) Indicator had been negative for most of 2007.  
                That was the first sign of insider selling. 
                       2) A second significant sign of insider selling comes from On Balance Volume.  Tiger's measure
               of aggressive selling and buying here is our unique On-Balance-Volume Percent.  That gave tell-tale
               readings below  -.50 in early March.
                      3) The third tool we use is our creation, the TigerSoft Accumulation Index.  It dropped below
               -.25 in early August. 
                   Insider-inspired selling was undeniable.  A TigerSoft trader looking at this evidence could
               reasonably have planned a short-selling campaign focusing on this stock. Using the automatic
               Red Sell Signals to sell short at the next day's opening and buying when a Red arrow appeared
               at the next day's opening would have gained that trader more than 93% for 2007..

               -------------------------- BEAR STEARNS Chart using TigerSoft -------------------------------------------                wpe2D.jpg (50309 bytes)
wpe2E.jpg (14409 bytes)
wpe2F.jpg (24155 bytes)

                                   ANOTHER WAY TO TRADE USING TIGERSOFT 

                     On 7/17/2007, Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing Software gave a reversing major SELL
               on the general market.  It is shown on the BSC chart below.  The DJI immediately fell 10% until
               the Fed intervened and cut interest rates.  That Sell Signal on general market made us search for
               suitable short sales.  Normally, brokerages rise and fall with the general market quite closely. 
               That made BSC with its technical weakness a reasonable short sale.  TigerSoft offers many unique
               tools.   In the chart below you can see where the "Opening Power Mvg.Avg." turned up.  That could
               have been used as a good place to cover the short sales in BSC.  It proved a better spot than
               waiting for the blue 50-day ma to be penetrated to the upside.  The upside penetration of the 50-day
               ma did bring a brief rally as shorts took profits.  But the decline back below it was another good
               point to sell short.  The fact that Tiger's Closing Power Indicator was declining offered additional
               proof that the stock was vulnerable.  It showed insitutions had a lot more stock to sell than they
               could unload during the early hours of trading.  That is what Closing Power detects.

wpe30.jpg (49926 bytes)
     --------------------- TIGER BROKERAGE STOCKS' INDEX  - 2007 -------------------------------

                  TigerSoft plots indexes of groups of stocks.  Below is the Tiger Brokerage Stock Index.   Trend breaks
            in price are significant.  So is the dropping below its mvg.avg. by the Accumulation Index.   We watch such charts
            regularly.  You can see the timeliness of the major Sells from Peerless in July. 
               wpe31.jpg (55025 bytes)

            When Peerless gives a major Sell we look at the stocks considered "bearish" by the Tiger-Power-Ranker.
             We also look at the first stocks to make 12 month lows.  See also