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The Colossal and Tragic Waste of The Iraq War.
Nearly 3,900 US troops.  40,000 wounded, mostly terribly/
655,000 Iraqis killed since invasion - estimated by London Guardian in October 2006.

                                Why Is Bush Bankrupting The US

     $3 to $7 Trillion  Squandered and Looted from US Treasury

                            by Bush's and Cheney's  Buddies.
                         The Dirty Secrets of Iraq War Profiteering Are Endlessly Emerging.
     What That Much Money Could Have Bought.
Universal Health Care in the US for 65 years!
        Why Was It Fought? It was an opportunity to grab oil and privately make billions.
                          Halliburton kickbacks, bribes, fraud, waste, dirty water for troops.
                          Billions of dollars have just disappeared.  Corruption in Iraq is everywhere.
                          American Oil Companies offered $5 million to each Iraq MP to pass Oil Law.

-                  3/7/2008  RECESSION?   BEAR MARKET?   The Dollar's Collapse Is  Accelerating. 


The Stock Market's weakness, the Recession and the Falling Dollar are direct consequences
         of the $2-$7 Trillion Dollars wasted in the Iraq war. 
The Media won't tell you that.  It won't connect
         the dots.  The Dollar is now falling at a 11.2% rate of decline per year.  That's your money
         being wiped out, if you live in the US.   Fixed income people are being hurt very badly.  And if you're
         not already, you'll soon be working for someone who lives halfway around the world who could care
         less about your welfare. 

             Economists have something called a "Misery Index", which adds the rate of inflation to the
         unemployment rate.  You can see the official plot at http://www.miseryindex.us/indexbyyear.asp
         The problem with this tool now is that the Dept. of Labor, under influence from higher-ups in
          the Bush Administration,  is setting out deceivingly low levels of unemployment.   As I write this
          the CNN reported is saying the real unemployment rate is 7% to 8% because this  Administration
          refuses to count those who are too discouraged to register as work seeing.  Also making the
          Misery Index" artificially low is the way the
official inflation rate has been weighted against
          core needs like food, health care, gas and shelter
(So many former homeowners must now
          rent that rents are actually rising.) and how presently the official rate of
inflation   now uses
substitutes (hamburger instead of steak) and factors in technological improvements to lower
          the rate of inflation.
  I have written about these subjects elsewhere:

             As long as the war in and US occupation in Iraq continues, the trend is likely to continue.  The
          FED has little choice but to lower interest rates, so weak do Bank stocks look because mounting
          numbers of home-owners and consumers are unable to pay their bank debts.  Bankruptcies are
          up 28% from a year ago,  As investors you have ways to protect yourself.  Gold (GLD),
          Silver ( SLV) and Oil (USO) are rising as the Dollar falls.  Our Hotline has been recommending
          the first two and high accumulation oil stocks.  It is now possible to bed directly against the
         dollar with an ETF which is short the US Dollar, UDN.

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          $3 to $7 Trillion  Squandered by Bush and Cheney.

       What That Much Money Could Have Bought.

                                     Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and all the others who lied the US into this
                              war have always grossly underestimated the war's costs and its values, except
                              to Halliburton and US oil companies.

                                   Two more years would cost the US over half a trillion dollars.  Is that the best
                             way to spend over half a trillion dollars?”

               $10 Billion A Month!  What Was The War Really Fought For? 
                                    Oil and Fat War Contracts for Bush and Cheney's bids.

                                 Sadam Hussein was boxed in by the UN.  He had no weapons of mass destruction.
                                 There is no working democracy in Iraq.  Nothing good has been accomplished!

                 The Costs of $9 Trillion Dollars Utterly Wasted

                        A Vast Budget Deficit... A Weak Dollar....Billions of Interest on
               the Debt to Burden Future Generations.... Massive Trade Deficits ....
               Higher Oil Prices..  Infrastructure Breakdowns ignored... Overwhelmed
               Veterans Health Care... Reductions in Popular Social Programs (Head Start,
               Children's' Health Care, Job Corps, Job Training, Medical Research...

           The Direct Cost of the War in Iraq is posted  here  When I lasted looked, four months ago, it was
       $50 billion lower.   MSNBC a year ago admitted the costs could go above a $1 trillion dollars.  In 2002
       the White House's economic adviser, Lawrence Lindsay, offered an "upper bound" of $200 billion. Bush
       fired him for saying that.  Mitch Daniels, the director of the White House budget office immediately called
       that estimate "very, very high".   Rumsfield said a mere $50 billion would be needed! CNN puts forth a
       total of $1.6 billion.
  • $275 million per day.  Some estimate it now to be $700 million a day.
  • $4,100 per household
  • 4,000 U.S. soldiers killed.  1,000 private contractors killed.  More than 60,000 US troops wounded
  • Severe brain injuries and psychological trauma for many.  They will never have normal lives.
  • 700,000 Iraqis killed and 4 million refugees

        wpe4F.jpg (5511 bytes)    Linda Bilmes, at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard,
       and Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate   and former Clinton administration adviser, put a narrowly
       construed total price tag  of more than $2 trillion on the war. "(W)hen factors such as interest
     on debt, future borrowing for war expenses, continued military presence in Iraq, lifetime
     healthcare and counseling for veterans are added, the wars could range from $5 trillion to
    $7 trillion." (Source:
      and http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news/stories/2008/02/28/iraqcosts_0228.html )

           What about the Security Costs?"  Bush Administration warriors say that their war has somehow prevented
       another 9/11 in the US.
                       ---    Weaker Dollar Spells Trouble for US Influence Abroad. 
                              (See Christian Science Monitor: http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/1015/p17s04-wmgn.html )
                Keen observers in 2003 predicted the war would cause the dollar to fall, even collapse.
                See http://www.slate.com/id/2080712
                        ---   Terrorist Recruitment and Action: According to the London-based International Institute for
                Strategic Studies, al Qaeda's membership is now at 18,000, with 1,000 active in Iraq.
                       ---   Low U.S. Credibility: Polls reveal that the war has damaged the U.S. government's standing
               and credibility in the world. Surveys in eight European and Arab countries demonstrated broad public
              agreement that the war has hurt, rather than helped, the war on terrorism.  If there really were a threat
              to America, it is very doubtful the next President would be believed.
                      ---   Military Mistakes: A number of former military officials have criticized the war, including
              retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, who has charged that by manufacturing a false rationale for war,
              abandoning traditional allies, propping up and trusting Iraqi exiles, and failing to plan for post-war Iraq,
              the Bush Administration made the United States far less secure. 
                     ---   Low Troop Morale and Lack of Equipment: A March 2004 army survey found 52 percent
              of soldiers reporting low morale, and three-fourths reporting they were poorly led by their officers.
              Lack of equipment has been an ongoing problem. The Army did not fully equip soldiers with bullet-proof
              vests until June 2004, forcing many families to purchase them out of their own pockets.
                   ---   Loss of First Responders: National Guard troops make up almost one-third of the U.S. Army
              troops now in Iraq. Their deployment puts a particularly heavy burden on their home communities
              because many are "first responders," including police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel.
              For example, 44 percent of the country's police forces have lost officers to Iraq. In some states, the
              absence of so many Guard troops has raised concerns about the ability to handle natural disasters.  

         On January 17, 2007 the NY Times showed what $1.2 trillion could have bought.

               ---   "(A)n  unprecedented public health campaign — a doubling of cancer research funding, treatment
               for every American whose diabetes or heart disease is now going unmanaged and a global immunization
               campaign to save millions of children’s lives.... (T)he cost of running those programs for a decade
               wouldn’t use up even half our money pot."
              ---   "(W)e could then turn to poverty and education, starting with universal preschool for every
               3- and 4-year-old child across the country. The city of New Orleans could also receive a huge
               increase in reconstruction funds.
              --- "The final big chunk of the money could go to national security. The recommendations of the
               9/11 Commission that have not been put in place — better baggage and cargo screening, stronger
               measures against nuclear proliferation — could be enacted. Financing for the war in Afghanistan
               could be increased to beat back the Taliban’s recent gains, and a peacekeeping force could put a
               stop to the genocide in Darfur/".

     Joe Stiglitz of Columbia University is a Nobel prizewinning economist  A few years ago he wrote
Globalisation and Its Discontents.
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  Another bool, Making Globalisation Work, shows how to make the world’s poor benefit from free trade. He was
  an economic adviser to Bill Clinton in a decade he calls the Roaring Nineties.   He readily contrasts the success of
  that era – in which a Democrat president slashed the budget deficit – with the troubles of the Bush era.... Stiglitz’s
  latest book is The Three Trillion Dollar War . He argues that the unnecessary war has cost far more than
  anyone in the White House has admitted.  He also shows that the war is closely tied in to America’s present
  economic dangers.
                                       Caring for the Wounded in Iraq — A Photo Essay

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    More reading on how the Iraq war has caused the collapse in the
    dollar and the recession.







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