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                         Samples - 3/24/2010 - 4/12/2010 
    Earlier Hotlines
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                         2010      2/12/2010 - 3/22/2010
                                       1/15/2010 - 2/11/2010  
 2009      10/21/2009-1/14/2010                                                              
    5/1/2009 - 6/11/2009
                                            4/12/2010   Peerless Remains on A Buy.
                                             If there is a retreat, it should be shallow      
                                           4/12/2010    10006     la/21-dma=  1.015
   21dma-roc = .433     P=  +316    Pch= -8   IP21= .077   V = 20  Opct = .426
21dma-roc >.70 shows unusual momentum. A reversal down is more unusual.
                                      More information on back-testing this soon.
                 IP21 (Current Accum.) >.25  make it harder for a downwards reversal.

wpe191.jpg (66086 bytes)

wpe192.jpg (76850 bytes)

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                   3/30/2010   When Selling A High Accumulation "Bubble" Stock on Weakness Is A Good Strategy.
                   3/27/2010 - Indian ETFS Using Peerless Buy and Sell: So Very Profitable since 1998

                   3/11/2010  Tiger Weekly Buy B12s   on All Stocks, ETFs, Commodities. 
                   3/1/2010 - Many Bubble Stocks Are Going Higher.
                   2/20/2010 - Watch The Pros To Catch The Tops in "Bubble" Stocks.
                                          Market Tops Seem To Follow Their Break-Downs

           HOTLINE  -  4/12/2010     
Overnight Market Action:                                                                
                                 Bloomberg Futures around the world before the US Markets open.    
            24-hour Spot Chart - Gold      24-hour Spot Chart - Silver     Dollar and Currencies   

5-day DJI Chart - 4/12/2010       10980-11000 is support
                              w.png (8839 bytes)    


                  Daily N
YSE 224  New Highs - NYSE 3   New Lows        Bullish.
        Daily NASDAQ 149   new highs - NASDAQ 4  new lows.     Bullish.
                     So long as the ratio of new highs to new lows is 10:1, it's hard to predict a significant
                     decline.   New lows exceeding new highs within 4 days of making a new DJI high,
                     on the other hand is very bearish.

                HOTLINE  -  4/12/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy
                Gold's Internal Strength Is A Warning That The Rally in Stocks Will Be Limited.

                Stay long is our recommendation.  Since 1965, the DJI has risen 73% of the time
                in the week following April 12th.  In fact, the DJI rallied 63% of the time in the
                month after April 12th.

               Volume was low, as usual.  But the move past 11000 showed good breadth and the
               internals have not slipped so much down from their previous highs to make a decline back
               to the lower band a high probability.  The Closing Power uptrends are still rising. 
               I went through about 250 of the SP-500 stocks to see if there are any head and shoulders
               patterns among their charts.  There were none, except AA's.  Oil, retail and financial
               stocks, particularly, are quite strong.  

               By my thesis, the strength in the bank stocks is intentional on the part of the Fed and the
               Obama Administration.  Sadly, the Power Elite finds it impossible to help their banker friends and
               also create Main Street jobs directly.  That is a contradiction that only they seem to still
               deny.   They must gamble that the rising stock market will give the rich and the
               surviving middle class enough extra money to boost consumer demand.  But will what
               they buy really be made in America?

                                                     Gold, Bankers and Stocks

               The Power Elite's role now in propping up the Dollar would be nice to get data on. 
               They do seem now to prefer a strong Dollar, which especially helps the big US banks
               to keep and attract deposits.  My guess is that the Fed-Administration-Banker triumvirate
               are probably shorting Gold to discourage a run upwards in it.  Again no information is
               available.   A Goldman man runs the Commodities regulatory agency.  He will not permit
               big short sale positions to be disclosed publicly.  Only big long positions must be revealed.
               How long will the FED-ADM team succeed in holding down Gold?  Look at all the Accumulation in
               the perpetual contract for Gold (GO1620).  (I believe the futures market in Gold is more
               important and a better predictor than GLD.  It seems likely that GLD represents public
               buying or selling, while the trading in Gold futures is done by big profesionals. )

               I keep remembering how  from 1977 to 1980 when Democrats took over from Republicans
               and unemployment was very high, Gold quintupled even as the Fed raised rates steeply. 
               But there are other President-Democrats.  FDR ended all speculation in Gold.  But, Obama is
               not only no FDR, he is also no Carter.  I think he is trying to be more like Clinton.
               In financial matters, Clinton took financial marching orders from Greenspan, Rubin and Summers,
               all representatives of Wall Street.  Under Clinton, Gold first rose from 330 to 420 and held there
               until 1996. Then it began a long slide downward to 250 in late 1999, as  stocks became
               a much better investment. If stocks were presently at the start of a 5 year advance,
               as in 1995-1999, Gold would be in a decline or showing red Distribution from TigerSoft. 
               That it now shows so much Accumulation, suggests that Wall Street's efforts to rekindle
               a long bull market will probably not be successful.

                                       GOLD IS NOW UNDER HEAVY ACCUMULATION
wpe191.jpg (71037 bytes)
               If Gold were about to go into a long decline -thereby showing stocks would rally much
           further - one would think it would show heavy red distribution, as it did in 1996 when it
           was starting a four year decline.

GO1996.BMP (1185654 bytes)

              Generally, it is best to focus on high AI/200 stocks with the market up nearly 9%
              since the first of the year.  Then look for high current Accumulation (IP21) and rising
              Cloning Powers. 
                  Group:                  Stocks with Bullish Internals
                  ========            =============================   
                  SP-500 -              D - 41.18 (AI/200=188, IP21>.25 )
                  NASD-100            LNCR - 47.18 (AI/200=178, IP21>.25)
                                              FAST -  51.90  (AI/200=140. IP21>.25)
                 NHCONF              LCUT - 13.54    (AI/200=200. IP21>.48)
                                              VOE - 50.23 (AI/200=184, IP21=.43
                                              PHT - 16.44 (AI/200=199, IP21=.26
                                              LNCR - 47.18 (AI/200=178, IP21=.32)
wpe193.jpg (68262 bytes)

                                                               AIG - Turnaround

                          Look at AIG's chart below. You can see how important the 65-dma was and how the
               Closing Power's trendbreaks  have timed the stock's turns superbly.  The AI/200
               has been very negative for a year.  Eventually, the stock will decline.  At least, the
               is usually true with stocks showing so much red Distribution. 

wpe194.jpg (82048 bytes)
               HOTLINE  -     4/9/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy
                                                  The 10,000 Barrier Almost Overcome

              The DJI is challenging the 11000 psychological resistance.  This actually seems to be
              the top of the resistance zone that crumbled in 2008 when Paulson demanded $800,000,000
              for his Wall Street buddies, "or else".  The shock of that collapsed the market below
              the attempted 10600-11000 support.  As we all know, broken support becomes resistance.
              It is that resistance which the DJI has been eating up for the last few months.  It seems
              that now the resistance may be nearly all eaten up.  This is difficult to assess, admittedly,
              and volume has been low.  Nevertheless, it now looks like the DJI is close finally to surpass the
              rest of the 10600-11000 resistance.  With Peerless on a Buy and the NYSE A/D and CLosing Power
              Lines still uptrending, we have to remain bullish.  I think I am correct that the Power Elite
              wants, almost desperately, for the rally to continue.  The alternative, with unemployment
              still so high, is too grim.  4/8/2010  12000 or Bust. The Power Elite's Biggest Gamble of All"

                    2008: DJIA's -10600-11000 Resistance Has Been A Barrier to DJI's Advance in 2010.
wpe196.jpg (76882 bytes)

SPYW.BMP (1072854 bytes)

                   I think that the operative Peerless Buy signal should be respected.  Confidence in Peerless
              grew for me as I researched this weekend my new study of Peerless and trading SPY.  
              In particular, besides great gains on the SPY using Peerless, I noticed that after a
                                               +30% Annualized Return on SPY since 1993.
big advance since 1993, when a long trade on the SPY was up more than 8.4%, as now,
              the odds have been good (10 of 16) that SPY will rise still more and achieve a gain of more
              than 13% before the next Sell.  In the other 6 cases, the  SPY could not rise to a gain of more
              than 11.9%.   That might take the DJI only to 10200.  Should this less bullish scenario play
              out, it is still worth noting that only shallow declines followed the next Sell in these 5 cases:
              +2.6%, +0.5%, +4.7%, +4.4%, +5.7%. So, the conclusion I reach is that the odds are
              perhaps 60% that the DJI will keep rising meaningfully.  But if there is a Sell signal soon,
              only a shallow decline will follow.
                       Cases where the SPY Gained more than 8.4% aon a Buy: 1993-2010
                              2/27/1996   Sell S1 +3.3% decline  after earlier +43.7% rally
                              4/22/1997   Sell S9 -6.8% rally aftter +13.1% rally
                              9/18/1997   Sell S12  +2.3% decline after +14.1% rally
                              4/28/1998 Sell S15  +12.4% decline after +16.4% rally
                              6/18/1999   Sell S12  +2.8% decline after 36.0% rally.

                             - 12/28/1999  Sell S9  +2.6%  decline after 11.9% rally - minor additional rally
                              - 10/10/2001  Sell S9  +0.5%  decline after  8.5% rally. - minor additional rally
                              10/15/2003   Sell S4 -1.3% rally after 17.9% rally.
                              - 2/11/2004   Sell S15  +4.7% decline after 9.4% rally. - minor additional rally
                              - 12/28/2004  Sell S8  +4.4% decline after 9.6% rally. - minor additional rally

                               5/8/2006      Sell S9  +5.4% decline after +14.4% rally.
                               1/5/2007     Sell S4  +2.1% decline after +13.4% rally.
                                - 7/17/2007  Sell S9  +5.7% decline after 11.8% rally.  - minor additional rally
                                - 3/27/2009  Sell S5  -4.4% rally decline after a 9.3% rally. - minor additional rally
                              6/9/2009   Sell S8  +5.6% decline  after a +14.6% rally.

                              10/21/2009   Sell S12 -1.9% rally after a 20.0% rally.
Current rally is +8.5%/ 

                 -------- PEERLESS SIGNALS ON DJIA ---------  
HOTLINE  -         4/9/2010    10997    la/21-dma=  1.016
   21dma-roc = .474    P=  +323    Pch=  1  IP21= .117  V = 26  Opct = .426
21dma-roc >.70 shows unusual momentum. A reversal down is more unusual.
                                      More information on back-testing this soon.
                 IP21 (Current Accum.) >.25  make it harder for a downwards reversal.

wpe192.jpg (67312 bytes)

               SP-500 - Closing Power is making a new high.
wpe193.jpg (80753 bytes)

                   QQQQ - - Closing Power is making a new high.
wpe194.jpg (60959 bytes)

                          DIA - - Closing Power is making a new high.
wpe195.jpg (61847 bytes)
                         HOTLINE  -  4/8/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy

           The Triumvirate-Power Elite (the FED, Obama and Big Wall Street banks) have gambled big
      that they can keep the stock market rising.  Given their financial orthodoxy, perspectives
      and self interests, they really have no other alternative.    Their control seems unshaken
      by the current blue-ribbon panel looking into the causes of the 2007-2009 Crash and who is
      to individually blame.  The "Power Elite" (this is easier to spell!)  want to demonstrate that
      they are very much in control.   One way to do this was to keep Goldman Sachs rallying. 
      Another is to turn up the market and move it past the psychological resistance of 11000.
      See - http://www.tigersoftware.com/TigerBlogs/April-9-2010/Index.html

          Below are the charts of Goldman, DIA and QQQQ,  No Closing Power sells seem
      possible tomorrow, in that it would take a very weak close after a very strong opening to
      break the Closing Power uptrends.  11000 is a good target to bring in more trading volume.
      That is not lost on Wall Street. 
wpe192.jpg (74903 bytes)

                                                         INDIVIDUAL STOCKS

Looking at the Tiger data base NHCONF and running the bullish screen, it is clear
          that insiders and professionals are still pushing upwards high Accumulation stocks.
          Use TigerSoft and view the charts of G, PHT, CHGY, MRT, HYT, RT,  VCBI


             HOTLINE  -  4/7/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy

         We still have no new Peerless Sell.   The A/D Line uptrend is intact.  Since the Closing Power
         for the QQQQ did not confirm the recent new highs,. we will consider any break in its
         uptrendline to be a short-term sell.   Today, I can still find more stocks that look like they will
         rally than fall.   But prudence probably dictates taking some profits in stocks not showing
         high or lengthy blue Accumulation.    After all, 11000 is a logical point for intense resistance.
         Bearishly, volume keeps rising on down-days, too.  So, our Stocks' Hotline sold advised
         selling a few lower AI/200 stocks. 

        I have argued that what makes this market so unusual is the amount of MONEY the Fed is
        pumping into it.  It is as though all the big players have been provided trillions in capital, as long
        as they use the money to buy, not make cheaper business, home or personal loans.  I don't
        think this strategy of the Financial-Politcal Power Elite will change on its own until the
        DJI is even higher.  As long as the Dollar does not collapse, the Fed will probably continue
        to keep rates very low.  A re-valuation upwards of the Chinese currency might change
        this.  But for now, the Dollar's Tiger chart has all "bullish" notations and its Closing
        Power is in an uptrend. 

        Wall Street's failures and excesses were the subject today of the "FInancial Crisis Inquiry
        Commission"  http://www.fcic.gov/hearings/  Its chairman is Phil Angelides, former California
        State Treasurer interbiewed Greenspan and Rubin.      http://www.fcic.gov/reports/   
Greenspan says "I was wrong 30% of the time"?  
        Ex-Citi exec says he warned Rubin on mortgage risk
        Ex-Citi executives face questions on mortgages
        Such talk, I think, caused the decline today.
        But take heart,  the market would have crashed wide open, if this panel were really about
        to do its job.  The DJIA would have fallen 500 points is the panel was moving to recommend:
                1) a separation of investing and commerecial banks functions into different
                2) the break-up of the too-big-to-fail banks,
                3) the imposition of a stiff windfall tax on Wall Street's big bonus executives
                in the bail-out firms,
                4) a challenge to the Fed's secrecy in the matter of the trillions in bank bailouts and
                5) clear refutation of those who would give the Fed even more powers vis-a-vis banks.
         I think we can safely bet that there will be no expose of the secret arrangement between
         the Administration, the Fed and Wall Street Banks, in providing these banks trillions from
         taxpayers in return for  worthless toxic debt collateral. There is also very little chance that
         anyone will challenge the Federal Reserve, Greenspan, Bernanke or Bernanke for being
         far too chummy with  the very bankers that caused the Crash.  I think that I can guarantee
         no one on this panel will attack their central bankers' perspective as being unable to conceive
         of economic growth that does not depend first on Wall Street handouts and a Wall Street
         bull market.  Lastly, I would bet that none will attack the central bankers' perspective that
         conveniently forgets how dangerously undemocratic the highly massive and monopolistic
         Wall Street banks are as they push around politicians of both parties with millions and
         millions of dollars in what are politely called "campaign contributions"

         That's why Goldman Sachs rose today and why such talk as was heard today will NOT much
         dampen the spirit of the bulls.     

wpe193.jpg (75194 bytes)

             The most succinct exposition and summation on how Wall Street and the Federal Reserve
        are boosting stocks by risking a bigger bubble than in 2000 for stocks, 2004 for housing and
        2008 for oil, is offered today by Dylan Ratigan. 

                                                  DIA - ETF for DJIA  
                                                   Closing Power Uptrend - violated

Bullishly both Opening & CLosing Power are rising (above their rising 21-dma).
DIA.BMP (1920054 bytes)  
                          TIGER INDEX OF SP-500 and SPY
Both Opening and Closing Powers are rising. 
                                    This suggests we are in a vertical ascent phase. 

Closing Power-Percent  - violated its uptrendline.
                                    The CP and CPP have not confirmed the recent highs.   
                                      87% of the SP-500 stocks are above their 65-dma. 
SPY.BMP (1920054 bytes)

                        TIGER QQQQ and INDEX OF NASDAQ-100 
QQQQ - All Bullish
                 Closing Power Percent is not confirming the advance,  could easily break its uptrend-line.
                 and could be forming a bearish Closing Power head and shoulders..                      
                                  86% of the NASDAQ-100 stocks are above their 65-dma. 
                                              That uptrend has been slightly violated.
QQQQ.BMP (1920054 bytes)

HOTLINE  -  4/6/2010  Peerless Remains Bullish....   

                 11000 on the DJI is the logical place for sellers to concentrate their sell orders,
            if they want to take profits or get out even.  But, we have no signs that there will
            be more than a very shallpw decline, if there is a retreat.  In two days, we will have
            seen a 13 month rally from the March 9th, 2009 bottom.  Bull markets that last 12 moonths
            this long are much more likely (2:1) to last at least 3 additonal months than suffer
            an 8% or more decline.   Breadth remains very bullish.  Both Opening and Closing
           Power are rising for the biggest ETFs. Peerless remains on a Buy.  There is no indication
           that interest rates will be raised.  Interest sensitive stocks are among the best performing
           and highest accumulation groups.  Meanwhile, other high accumulation stocks that make new
           highs are spectacularly strong and there are a lot of such stocks.  Below is a composite of
           more than 200 of them.   "Enjoy the ride". I have to say. 

                                               Index of High Accumulation New Highs
wpe5A01.jpg (61721 bytes)
HOTLINE  -  4/5/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy.   Speculative fervor continues to build.

                We have no reason to sell.  This is one of those times when we want to let our
          profits run.  Peerless relies on automatic signals, derived mostly from
          breadth indicators and Tiger's Accumulation Index.  The public is pushing up openings
          now.  Closings are neutral, not bearish.  Both Openings and Closing Powers are
          rising. This shows the market is in verticle ascent.  I would, for now disregard other
          normally useful tools, like the MACD, CCI and RSI, whose non-confirmations of
          new highs are sometimes very premature in vertical ascent markets.

              The biggest mistake the Peerless automatic signals have made since 1981 was showing
         premature Sell S8 and S12 Sell signals in first quarter of 1999.  In practice, this was easily
         overriden by our Hotline because I allowed for the special strength of the market at all-time
         highs and we could see all the stocks that showed powerful Accumulation on new highs.
         I mention this for three reasons. 

          First, always be careful about standing in front of a herd of bulls.  Expect execess. 
          The QQQQ's Closing Power was wrong for 3 months in early 2000. It was a lot easier
          to ride some speculative "bubble" stocks than resist the trend by going short, or
          even sitting ont he sidelines.

          Second, always be open to new ideas.  We have unprecedented collusion now between
          an inexperienced,   semi-figurehead President, the Federal Reserve and the biggest Wall Street
          banks.  If they want the market to go up,  accept that it probably will. 
Why the stock market keeps going up and up?
The Secret Deal Obama, The Fed and Wall Street Seem To Have Reached.

          I still remember reading in high school Emerson's essay "Self Reliance how a "foolish consistency
          is the hobgoblin of little minds".  (A radical idea for a public high school?).  So, regarding the
          need to keep an open mind, and not be a victim of a foolish consistency, I keep checking
          the worst of the Peerless signals.   It amounted to standing in front of a herd of bulls.
          Today, I discovered something new about this period from February to May 1999.  This
          period every four years, in the year before a Presidential Election year have always been
          either neutral or strong since 1927.  As it turns out, cancelling Sell S9s in 1935, 1959, 1967
          and 1999 during these three months impoves our model quite a bit.  Recalling Emerson,
          a new Peerless will do this.   A new "SuperImpose DJIA saved signals" file will be provide
          these results.  The results gotten trading the DJIA, SPY and QQQQ with this revised
          Peerless since 1994 will be posted in a few days.  The on-line-book will show you these
          details later this week. 

           Thirdly, TigerSoft's Accumulation Index has never worked better.  I say this out of pride
           but also because there's a message in this that we should accept or, at least carefully
           consider.   I take it to be very bullish today that we see a large number of high Accumulation
           breakouts.  The 11000 barrier on the DJIA may not hold the general market back.  There
           were more than 25 new highs tonight with recent or current Accumulation bulges over
           +.45.  See ALL the graphs of these high Accumulation breakouts here. 

           In recognition of the proven power of Accumulation Index bulges past +.45, to signify
           key insider buying, the revised Peerless will henceforth for stocks show a horizontal like
           at the +.45 level.    You can see this "insider trading threshold: in the sample breakouts
           shown just below. 
           Charts of high Accumulation new highs: PSMT, G, AGL, PXD and VRX

wpe195.jpg (72319 bytes)
wpe191.jpg (70565 bytes)
wpe192.jpg (77097 bytes)
wpe194.jpg (70623 bytes)
wpe196.jpg (68989 bytes)

                                                                                                                     wpe192.jpg (70596 bytes)



HOTLINE  -  4/1/2010  Another Good Day for the Rally.  Notice the Rotation

The Nasdaq and low-priced stocks took a day off, as traders noted the breakout by Crude Oil (below)
bought the best of the oil stocks.    Breakouts like this annul red Sell signals based on
      Stochastics and appreciate the value of trading mainly in the direction of Peerless.  Normally,
      we recommend breakouts to be in the strongest stocks.   But at some point these are too
      far extended and we should consider buying stocks showing Buys based on their
      crossing back above the 65-day ma with positive Accumulation.  (Gold is moved above
      at level, too, today, but shows negative Accumulation.   Not surprisingly, the Dollar fell,
      though its CLosing Power is still above its uptrend-line and so may still recover.  XOM
      and CVX look like good long trades, as mentioned yesterday.   That will help boost the
      DJIA.  I looked at lots of stocks tonight  and except for PFE in the DJI, I do not see any
      ahowing significant danger of a pullback, i.e. head and shoulders patterns, negative
      non-confirmations of new highs or breaks of their 65-dma.

                                                 CRUDE OIL NEW HIGH - TODAY.

wpe192.jpg (80160 bytes)

               Of course, in this market traders are still bidding up a number of the high accumulation
        breakouts: HUSA, CRME (shown below) and JEF, JOF, VRX and ZQX which met our
        "explosive super stocks" breakout requirements.  The new downloads NHCONF and ACCUMVER
        should be a great source for these stocks.   Screen for Bullish, BOTHUP, B12, B10 and B20
        using ANALYSIS from PEERCOMM.

wpe193.jpg (82933 bytes)

                                                       JOF, JEQ and HUSA
JOF.BMP (1920054 bytes)
JEQ.BMP (1920054 bytes)

wpe194.jpg (76225 bytes)


      3/31/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy.  Speculative Low Priced Stocks Remain Hot

     The Opening and Closing Powers are both rising for the QQQQ, SPY, DIA and IWM.
     Odds favor a Pull-Back to just below the DJIA's 21-day ma, a decline of about 2% down from here
     and then a recovery to new highs.  The specualtive strength in the market barely cooled down
     today on today's mild sell-off.  A number of stocks made confirmed new highs, showing an
     IP21 greater than +.25.  Here are some of the best of their charts. 

     What keeps me bullish are a powerful technicals and a powerful political trimverate:
     1) We have no new Peerless Sell in this the 12th month of the advance without an 8% decline;
     2) Breadth remains very good, despite the last two days and the market is now attracting the public,
     judging from the rising A/D Line and surge of interest in thin low-priced stocks.
     3) The market is being pushed up by an unbeatable (in the short-run) political-financial trimverate,
     the President = Treasury Secretary, the Federal Reserve Chairman and monopoly Wall Street
     bankers, like Goldman Sachs. 

                                                          wpe193.jpg (7288 bytes)

     This triumverate wants the public in the market for different reasons. They believe business
     confidence will be eventually be restored if they can get the stock market back above
     12000, even 14000.  They believe that stock market is less a reflection of corporate earning
     expectations than an automatic predictor and precursor/promoter of furure corporate earnings. 
     They believe rising stock prices will create new business ventures and jobs.  But where?  In the USA?
     They neglect that another crash after a bigger bubble is burst will wipe out many more of the
     surviving middle class who are now being enticed into this market's specualtive phase. 
     How much will this induced and artificial investment boom address the profound need for the
     rebuilding of the American infrastructure and create and restrore American manufacturing jobs? 
     This and the even greater conccentration of wealth and power that will result GUARANTEES
     eventually another financial collapse. The powers that be seem to have learned nothing from the
     last collapse.  Want proof?  Watch what happens to financial reform in Congress!

     Perhaps, because they know that a new Crash is a real possibility, they will do all in their
     power to keep the market rallying.  I have written for a year that Obama uses rhetoric to
     satisfy his progressive base, all the while giving more and more to boost to Wall Street and
     big corporations.  His concessions today to the "drill, baby, drill crowd" are more proof of
     how determined, pehaps desperately so, he is to keep this rally allive.  Oil stocks make up a big
     part of the DJIA and SP-500: CVX and XOM.

                                                             Back to Technicals
     The IWM shows a red Sell from a 14-day Stochastic-K Line.   This system (shown by the red signals)
     has gained 43.4% for the last year.  That should earn it some respect.   IWM/s Closing Power has
     broken its uptrend.  Its OBV, Relative Strength and Accumulation Index have lost their "bullish"

                                              What If The Market Weakens Next Much More?

     In that case, we will see a big increase in the number of stocks that form head and shoulders patterns,
     that fall below key support levels, break their 65-day ma with negative IP21 (current Accumulation
     Index readings) and then have their 65-day ma turn down. 

                                                  New Bearish Tiger Data Downloads

When Selling A High Accumulation "Bubble" Stock on Weakness Is A Good Strategy.
      This offers TigerSoft's rules to to sell swiftly falling "super" stocks.  Beyond this, I will start to place
      on our Tiger Data Page screenings of all stocks for bearish conditions each night.  A good place
      to start with be to create directories of stocks to download each night with  all stocks closing
      below the 65-day ma with a negative Accumulation Index AND also for a separate Tiger directory
      all stocks below a newly falling-65 say ma, as long as their Accumulation Index is below +.25.


    3/30/2010  Peerless Remains on A Buy.  Speculative Low Priced Stocks Remain Hot

     The internal strength indicators are still too strong to predict anything more than
     a decline to the 21-day ma.  The DJI is eating up the supply of stock at 11000.  Both
     the Opening and Closing Powers remain in uptrends. 

     The upward power in the stocks showing the highest Accumulation and highest
     momentum is nothing short of amazing now.  Momentum like this draws the
     public into the market.  The result is that Opening Power is now stronger
     than CLosing Power.  The period 1999-2000 shows that this condition can last
     for 3 months.  A recognizeable top pattern is also likely to occur, as well as
     a Peerless Sell, at the top. 
wpe191.jpg (63984 bytes)

         So, instead of telling the market to go down, because we do not like Fed rigged
     markets and we think the economy is still in deep trouble, I would suggest working
     with the trends of the stongest high AI/200 stocks and   trade their Closing Power uptrends
     on the long side.  The next decline to the 21-day ma will likely be a good trading
     Buy, just as it is with all powerfully uptrending stocks showing high Accumulation.
     The NASDAQ now shows a very high level of positive Accumulation.   Its AI/200
     level is 188.  Hesitation and more new new highs is what this strength has historically
     shown until there is a Peerless sell.

            ISSI -    Typical Low-Priced Rocket-Stock  - ISSI was 40 back in 2000.
wpe190.jpg (65131 bytes)

                                                            Tahiti Anyone?

          Tomorrow will end the first quarter.  Followers of our Tahiti system, as orginally
     set forth, simply buy the highest AI/200 (the count of the number of days with positive
     Accumulation for the last 200 days) stock at the end of the quarter and hold 21-months.
     This system which was meant to be used with the DJIA, but could and should be used
     with other groups of stocks, like the SP-500 (a much larger universe), the NASDAQ-100,
     all medical and all oil stocks.  See their charts here.  HPQ now shows the highest AI/200
     value in the DJI and just made  5 year high, too.

               HPQ   53.26  highest AI/200 stock in DJIA
               DTE   45.38   highest AI/200 stock in SP-500
               CHKP   34.8  highest AI/200 stock in NASDAQ-100
               ARTC   29.84  highest AI/200 healthcare stock
               MWE 31.61  highest AI/200 oil stock

Hotline Buy B17/ B10 - Give The DJI More Chance to Reach 11000.

               All the reasons that I posted last week for still being bullish still pertain.  It is true that
               the Closing Power uptrends could be significantly violated on a reversal down
               from a stong opening tomorrow.  Given the upwards momentum, I doubt if that would
               bring a DJI decline of much more than 2.2%, slightly below the rising 21-day ma.
               More and more signs show a pattern of higher openings.  That suggests overseas and
               public buying.


               I am starting to post the data for new yearly highs with an IP21 (current AI) reading
               above .25 at some point  in the last month.  Below are some of the better ones
               tonight.   Apply the principles of an augmented B24 to these and you should do well.
               Either look at the "bullish", "both up" or "unusual volume" flags with these stocks
               to find very good candidates to sue the rules in Explosive Super Stocks.

wpe192.jpg (76408 bytes)

wpe193.jpg (71170 bytes)
wpe194.jpg (72659 bytes)
                                                 WHEN TO SELL HOT STOCKS  - 
When Selling A High Accumulation "Bubble" Stock on Weakness Is A Good Strategy.

                    Back testing shows that these high Accumulation stocks making new highs
               are often superb BUYS for an aggressive investor who is willing also to:
                               1)   Sell on a Peerless Sell,
                               2)   if the stock breaks below its 65-day ma with negative AI readings or
                               3) when the 65-dma then turns down. 

                  I am asked why sell such a stock in a strong general market.  "The rising market's tide
               will lift all boats".  Sadly, this is not true.  Insider can make mistakes.   And so will we
               if we do not have a "Plan B".  The reason is that we just have to have some insurance
               against a bigger decline.  Moreover,  we can usually find a better stock to replace
               the one we are selling.  This new stock is apt to do better.  Alternatively,   we can also promise
               ourselves when we sell this stock that we will buy it right back if it gets back above
               the rising 65-dma with good internals.  If you are still resistant to taking a loss quickly,
               wait for the stock's 65-dma to turn down to sell.  That will save some situations.   But
               this can also increase the loss on a stock that cannot rally.  Here is a link showing
               some high Accumulation stocks that last year did decline from their 65-day ma
               and did not turn back up from it even though the general market has been strong.

                    Please read the unpublished Blog I did tonight.

  When Selling A High Accumulation "Bubble" Stock on Weakness Is A Good Strategy.




      HOTLINE  -      3/25/2010   Buy B17/ B10 - Give The Market More Chance to Advance.

                  The DJI has now risen 12.5 months without an 8% correction.  Since 1929, there
          were three other big advances that lasted nearly exactly as long as the present advance
          and then started a decline of more than 8%.  But in 11 cases the DJI continued to move
          higher. Based on the behavior of longduration bull markets, I would have to say
          these advances take on a life of their own.  They are self-perpetuating.  We are nearing that
          stage. Based on the history of these long-duration advances, if the DJI were to advance
          for another month, the odds would be 8:3 that it can rally for, at least,  3 months after that. 

                                      Length of Long Rallies in Time
           12-13 months      1936 (12.5). 1961 (12.5), 2006 (12.5)
           13-13.5 month     1973 (13.5)
            14-14.5 months 1943 (14.5)
            15-15.5 months   1994 (15.5)
            16-19.5 months   1946 (17.5), 1959 (19.5) 1984 (17). 1992 (17)
            20-24 months      1955 (24). 1989 (21.5)
            over 24 months   1965 (30.5). 1997 (30)

                  The only bearish condition we can identify presently are the break in the steep Closing
          Power uptrends of the SPY, QQQQ and DIA and the fact that the DJI is back to the point of
          breakdown, 10850-11000 from September 2008.  That may bring a retreat to the rising
          21-day ma.  But the momentum is clearly a factor.   Until we get one or more of the following
          conditions, a major Peerless Sell signal,  it is not consistent with market history to call a top here.
          Even then, a decline of about 10% would be typical in these cases.  The bearish conditions
          to for are:
                1) a completed head and shoulders top,
                2) a false breakout from above horizontal resistance,
                3) a well-tested price-uptrend break or the V-Indicator is negative with the DJI at least 2%
          over the 21-day ma.
                 Typcially there are much bigger non-confirmations of a new price high by the A/D line,
          the P-Indicator and Accumulation Index than we are presently seeing.  The P-Indicator
          and the Accumulation Index typically drop to levels less than 60% of their previous highs
          when making new unconfirmed highs.


            1. Retail Apparrel Strength.
                For some reason, new health insurance rules or maybe fashion changes, a number
          of  retail clothing stores are very much in favor and making new highs.   The stronger
          Dollar is helping these companies buy more cheaply overseas.  Higher end sales are
          clearly picking up as the sotck market rises.
                The stocks I have put in this list are:  AEO, ANN, BWS, BEBE, CHS, CWTR, FDO,
            2. JOF (Japanese OTC stocks look good)

           3.  Peerless has worked very well with Indian ETFs since 1998, year after year.  The world
           markets seem totally integrated now.   How that will help American workers looking for
           industrial jobs is not clear.  

      1.   Women's Apparel Stores - New Highs
wpe18F.jpg (67214 bytes)
          2.   Japanese OTC Stocks Strong
                While the Japanese Yen has been flat against the Dollar for six months, smaller
         Japanese  stocks may be starting their own leg up.  When one recalls the size of
          the 1980s Japanese bull market,   JOF becomes an attractive specualtion.  Their
         strength reflects the same investing emphasis on secondary stocks that exists
         in the US. 

wpe190.jpg (75044 bytes)
   3.                          PEERLESS and Indian ETFS: IIF and IFN: 1998-2010
                                                  Consistently Big Yearly Gains

                                 Yearly Gains on Indian ETFs, IIF and IFN
         Made by Superimposing Peerless-DJIA Signals on Their Charts

          Year                                            IIF                             IFN
          ---------------                                 ---------                      ---------
          1998-1999                                +27%                        +62%
          1999                                          +51%                        +41%
          1999-2000                                +23%                       +40%
          2000                                          +41%                        +45%
          2000-2001                                +38%                        +73%    
          2001                                          +61%                        +95%
          2001-2002                                +33%                       +43%
          2002                                          +27%                       +17%
          2002-2003                                +27%                       +16%
          2003                                         +196%                     +153%
          2003-2004                                +28%                       +80%   
          2004                                         +28%                        +28%    
          2004-2005                               +68%                        +52%
          2005                                         +28%                        +52%
          2005-2006                               +66%                        +109%
          2006                                         +120%                      +170%
           2006-2007                              +34%                         +38%   
          2007                                         +67%                         +59%
          2007-2008|                             +146%                       +98%
          2008                                        +224%                      +124%
          2008-2009                              +397%                      +334%
          2009                                        +113%                      +150%    
          2009-2010                               +63%                         +89%

                                                            Current Chart of  IFN
wpe192.jpg (72364 bytes)
                                                 2008-2009 IIF
wpe191.jpg (77385 bytes)


3/25/2010   Buy B17/ B10 - Give The Market More Chance to Advance.

                  There was a late market sell-off today.  Only the DJI held a small gain.
     The DJIA could not keep advancing into the heavy overhead supply of stock at 10800-11000
     from when Paulson appeared that Sunday night in September 2008 and gave Congress
     an ultimatum to give Wall Street $800 billion or else the market and the US economy would
     drop into oblivion.  A lot of people wish they had sold that Monday morning.  This 10800-11000
     is clearly important resistance.   But just reaching it does not mean the market will go
     into a decline.  In fact, it is normal for a market moving higher into overhead resistance
     to eat up chucks of that overhead supply of stock, rest and again move higher.   We need to
     see more than a failure to hold the highs to become bearish.

                True - there were 459 more down than up, however.  This is the second Thursday in two
    weeks when breadth fell behind the DJIA.  Given the momentum of the 12 1/2 month bull market
     that has not seen even a full 8% decline, we have to remain bullish.  Note, we have
     no Peerless Sell signal.  If we look at all the year-long advances since 1928, there are only
     two or three cases when the DJI dropped more than 8% without a Peerless Sell.  Usually,
     tops occur only after the A/D Line clearly stops confirming DJI highs. 

                 True also - the P-Indicator is not confirming the recent highs by making a new high. 
     This often brings a small retreat, back to the 21-day ma, but usually not more.  It usually
     takes a bigger non-confirmation to bring decline.  I will charts of all the cases of year-long
     rallies since 1028 at this location, later tomorrow or this weekend.

                  That a retreat is becoming more likely can be judged from the failure of the CLosing Power
     Percent, which factors in volume, to make new highs on this year's rally compared to last year.
     Clear breaks in the uptrend are usually bearish.  But   both the Opening and CLosing
     Powers are above their rising 21-day ma.  This "BOTH-UP" condition is associated
     with vertical ascents.  That should cause us to give the market more time to advance.
                   Other bullish factors: the B10 shows that support at 10800 should hold up in the
     short-run.  Since 1966, the DJI has risen 72.5 of the time from the close on March 25th to
     21 trading days later. The Public is not as Bullish as might be expected at a top.  Usually
     we spot a top by a long series of higher openings.  Lastly, we can safely bet the FED is doing
     everything it can to hold the market up until April 15th.


3/24/2010   Buy B17/ B10 -  A/D Lines and CLosing Powers Are still rising.
             High Accumulation Stocks still are behaving well.  A San Diego medical equipment - VOLC -
             company just broke out to a new all-time high today.

             Yesterday's Buy B10 is less important as a signal in itself, than it is to underscore that
             the market is still very strong.  The breakout the Buy B10 reports is not from a pattern
             showing three tests of a resistance line relatively equally spaced over the last 3 months.
             That is what we want ideally to see in the price pattern for a Buy B10.  The internals do
             meet the requirements for a Buy B10.  The internals do not show the exceptionally
             high IP21 (above +.30) and OPct  (above +.50) readings that are associated with the most
             powerful B10s.   Another negative: Buy B10s in a market already well-advanced as this is
             are much more apt to gain a modest 3% to 5% more than the typical 10% seen for all Buy B10's. 

             Another factor to lower our expectations is that March B10s - like our cases
             presently - only bring modest 4.3% gains, unlike Buy B10s in January and February.
             whose 5 cases average+20% gains.   But there is still plenty of upwards momentum,
             very fine breadth and one other element. Buy B10s in the second year of a Presidential
             cycle are quite bullish.  There have been 8 such automatic Buy B10s since 1928.  Their
             gains average 15.9%.  See the new research
             I have posted about Buy B10s -

             Buy B10 - historical research http://www.tigersoft.com/PeerInst/-Buy-B10.htm

              Still No Problem Finding High Accum Stocks Making New Highs

               VOLC - All time high breakout today and B12 breakout from short-term flat top.
                Yahoo reports corporate insiders are selling mostly.  Our indictators suggest their associates
                are buying these shares.  This is often a prelude to giving more sponsorship and publicity to the
Volcano Corporation  3661 Valley Centre Drive  Suite 200   San Diego, CA 92130
                http://www.volcanotherapeutics.com   Volcano Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and
                commercializes a suite of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and functional measurement (FM) products
                used in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular and structural heart disease. Its IVUS products consist
                of consoles...digital and rotational IVUS catheters, and imaging tools, including virtual histology, IVUS tissue
                characterization, and ChromaFlo stent apposition analysis; and FM offerings include consoles and single-use
                pressure and flow guide wires used to measure the pressure and flow characteristics of blood enabling
                physicians to gauge the plaque?s physiological impact on blood flow and pressure. The company?s products
                under development comprise IVUS guided therapy products, such as IVUS guided stents and IVUS
                guided coronary and peripheral balloons; forward looking IVUS for minimally invasive diagnostic and
                therapeutic applications in the coronary and peripheral vasculature; and optical coherence tomography (OCT)
                technology that allows imaging of detailed structures in the vasculature. Its ongoing clinical studies include the
                bifurcation lesion analysis and stenting, assessment of dual anti-platelet therapy with drug-eluting stents,
                and Volcano OCT image lesion analysis using intravascular optical coherence tomography. In addition,
                the company develops and manufactures micro-optical spectrometers and optical channel monitors to
                telecommunication companies. Volcano Corporation serves physicians and technicians who perform PCI
                procedures in hospitals, and other personnel who make purchasing decisions on behalf of hospitals
                through its direct sales force and distributors, as well as through supply and distribution agreements with third
                parties. As of December 31, 2009, it had an installed base of approximately 5,000 consoles worldwide


                PRST - 4.66  was a $98 stock in 1997
                SFLY, RDWR and LZ show that stocks that have exceeded their parallel resistance line
                are moving higher.  Speculators and Insiders are still optimistically buying  very strong

wpe198.jpg (63927 bytes)
wpe199.jpg (64718 bytes)

wpe19A.jpg (58544 bytes)

RDWR.BMP (1920054 bytes)
SFLY.BMP (1920054 bytes)
LZ.BMP (1920054 bytes)

         HOTLINE  -        3/23/2010   Buy B17.  

          The DJI's upturn accelerated.  Peerless remains on a Buy,  The upwards velocity
          owed technically to the fact that both the Opening and CLosing Powers are rising.
          This means the market opens higher and closes still higher.  I take this to mean that
          both the Public and Professionals are buying.  That the Closing Powers made new highs
          today means we should work with newer, less steep uptrends for them.  

   Peerless reinforced the bulls with an automatic BUY B10.  The main significance
           of this in our case is that it posits 10750-10800 as new support.  Normally, we
           should see the flat and well-tested resistance that the DJI has gone through.
           A flat, thrice or more tested resistance line is not so clear here.  The result may
           be that the usual immediate vertical ascent that follows a Buy B10 may not occur
           here.  In addition, 11,000 is a natural round-number resistance level.
Buy B10 - historical research http://www.tigersoft.com/PeerInst/-Buy-B10.htm

           The rally past 10800 will drive the bears "nuts".  The A/D Line has confirmed the
           move.   That is very important.  Most tops occur only after  the A/D Line fails to confirm
           a new DJI high. So, we should see the DJI moving higher and chewing up the
           overhead supply of stock with each rally.

           Meanwhile the number of new highs rose sharply today.  Speculative, tech,
           restaurant, military and interest-rate stocks are all doing well. Concentrating
           on the highest accumulation stocks - horizontally and vertically - should
           continue to pay off quite well. 


          =========== RUSSELL-2000 ===================
                  IWM: Both Opening and CLosing Power are rising (above their 21(dma)    The Closing Power
                  uptrend in still rising.   
       wpe192.jpg (54707 bytes)

         3/23/2010   Buy B17,  Stocks continued to soar.  It's helpful to look at the stocks
         up the most today that made new highs.   It shows the technical conditions that release
         and propel a stock.  (Do this with Tiger using the older Tiger Charting programs +
         Ranking Results + User Set Ranking + 1 + 1. )  Here are the top 3 gainers above 3.


INCY.BMP (1920054 bytes)
PZZ.BMP (1920054 bytes)
GIVN.BMP (1920054 bytes)
GNET.BMP (1920054 bytes)
MMUS.BMP (1920054 bytes)


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