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                      MADE BY TIGERSOFT'S
                       for Period - 1998-2010

                   TigerSoft's Peerless has had a fine track record in trading the US stock market
            since its creation in 1981. What is becoming very clear is that Peerless can be used very
            profitably with all foreign ETFs and stocks, too.  The world's stock markets move much
            more in tandem than ever before.  Because of its volatility, the Indian stock market is
            particularly appealing to savvy traders.  Here we show how advantageously the Indian stock
            market may be traded by superimposing the Peerless Buy and Sell signals derived from
            the DJIA on two closed end fund that invest exclusively in Indian stocks.  These funds are
            IIF (Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund) and IFN (India Fund). 

                  The yearly trading gains obtained by going long and then short on the Buy and Sell signals,
             in turn, since 2005 are remarkable.

                                          PEERLESS SIGNALS' TRADING GAINS

                                            IIF                            IIN
                        ------------                 -------                       ------

              2005-2006                +66%                     +109%
                        2006                      +120%                     +170%
                        2006-2007                +34%                       +38%  

                        2007                         +67%                      +59%
2007-2008|               +146%                      +98%
                 2008                        +224%                    +124%
                  2008-2009                +397%                    +334%
                        2009                        +113%                    +150%   
                        2009-2010                  +63%                      +89%

                   As always, we invite all readers of this to contact us.  There is no reason that Tiger
            users need to defer to the trading advantages of Wall Street insiders.  In fact, it is high time
            to challenge them.   TigerSoft will help you do just that. 
by William Schmidt, Ph.D.  
                                      william_schmidt@hotmail.com    1-858-283-5900
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      Research on Individual Stocks upon Request, as illustrated here with IIF and IWM:   

Another example of historical research 
NEM - Newmont Mining.  
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                     MADE BY TIGERSOFT'S

by William Schmidt, Ph.D.                                             

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  Mumbai (Bombay) Stock Exchange                                           Mumbai harbor

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             The Indian stock market can be easily traded in the US with two closed
             end ETFs (exchange traded funds),
IIF and IFN.  

                                        IIF   -  Traded on the NYSE
                                Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund
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Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund, Inc. is a close ended equity
                mutual fund launched and managed by Morgan Stanley Investment
                Management Inc. The fund invests in the public equity markets of India.
                It invests in stocks of companies operating across diversified sectors.

                             IFN  - India Fund - Traded on the NYSE
             India Fund, Inc. is a close ended equity mutual fund launched by
             The Blackstone Group. It is managed by Blackstone Asia Advisors
             L.L.C. The fund invests in public equity markets of India. It seeks to
             invest in stocks of small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap companies. 
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  TigerSoft Lets YOU Make
     Very Big Profits in India's Stock Market.

             TigerSoft recommends superimposing on the charts of IIF and IFN
          the DJI-based BUY and SELL signals of the DJIA created by its
          Peerless Stock Market Timing with both Indian funds.  In fact, they
          have been profitable every year.   The success of applying Peerless
          to foreign ETFs, most sector funds, mutual funds and stocks becomes
          very apparent with each historical study we or a client does.  Its
          success surely deserves more public attention.  Wall Street insiders
          have been using the concepts of Peerless for years. 

            Peerless works so well because on Indian markets 10000 miles from
          New York because of how interlinked and interdependent are all the
          world's economies.  India's stock market is thinner and more volatile.
          For good or ill, when Wall Street catches a cold, India's stock market
          suffer pneumonia.  Peerless lets you tame this market volatility
          quite easily and automatically.   Peerless is our general market timing system.
          Its real time record since 1981 is unequalled.  Now it has been back-tested
          to 1915.

           Year                                           IIF                       IFN
          1998-1999                               +27%                       +62%
          1999                                         +51%                       +41%
          1999-2000                               +23%                      +40%
          2000                                         +41%                       +45%
          2000-2001                               +38%                       +73%   
          2001                                         +61%                       +95%
          2001-2002                               +33%                      +43%
          2002                                         +27%                      +17%
          2002-2003                               +27%                      +16%
          2003                                        +196%                    +153%
          2003-2004                               +28%                      +80%  
          2004                                        +28%                       +28%   
          2004-2005                              +68%                       +52%
          2005                                        +28%                       +52%
          2005-2006                              +66%                       +109%
          2006                                        +120%                     +170%
           2006-2007                             +34%                        +38%  
          2007                                        +67%                        +59%
          2007-2008|                            +146%                      +98%
          2008                                       +224%                     +124%
          2008-2009                             +397%                     +334%
          2009                                       +113%                     +150%   
          2009-2010                              +63%                        +89%


            The Profits from trading Peerless on these Indian ETFs have been
          increasing over the last three years.  This may reflect the increased
          general market volatility.  It may underscore the increased interdependence
          of the world's economy.  And it may suggest that Indian markets are now
          being rigged by the biggest Wall Street banks and traders as much as
          the US market is.  

            Here we see the trading results of simply superimposing the Peerless signals 
         on IIF and IFN.  TigerSoft programs readily calculate the gains and losses
         if one were to assume that a traders starts with $10000 and invests
         fully with each trade whatever sums available in his/her account.  Each
         trade, it is further assumed, costs $40 and the trade is taken - realistically -
         at the next day's opening price.  In a few cases, we have added signals
         for obviously bearish head and shoulders patterns and flat topped breakouts.
         The bottom of the chart shows the key TigerSoft indicators.  Where they
         are very strong, one would probably just want to trade on the long side.
         This is noted in the charts.  The charts need 3 months' of data before the
         signals can be posted.  For this reason we show two charts per year.

               It should be added that TigerSoft also lets you rank, flag and chart
         individual Indian stocks, if you have the data.  Our software's ascii file structure
         may receive ascii data in other formats using a program we offer.  Here
         is a promising Indian ADR that show high levels of insider buying.
         This is indicated to us by virtue of the Accumulation Index surpassing
         a key threshold in the software.   Major Buy signals would confirm these
         bulges of Accumulation.  See www.tigersoft.com for a fuller discussion
         of how we find and measure insider buying, not just by corporate insiders
         but their Wall Street associates. It would be surprising, given Wall Street
         behavior generally, for the large purchases by the closed end funds not
         be front-run by Wall Street insiders.   Too harsh?  There seems little
         evidence that Wall Street can or should be trusted.  You will be better
         served to use the extensively back-tested Tiger and Peerless methodologies.

          OF ACCUMULATION.  This probably represents
          insider buying.

      DAILY TTM  Tata Motors  Mumbai 
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         WEEKLY TTM  Tata Motors
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2009-2010 IIF    +63%                     2009-2010 IFN   +89%
   wpe198.jpg (72304 bytes) wpe199.jpg (73671 bytes)   
2009  IIF   +113%                                            2009   IFN    +150%  
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wpe5984.jpg (71398 bytes)
2008-2009 IIF   +397%                       2008-2009 IFN   +334
IIF0809.BMP (1920054 bytes)
wpe19A.jpg (76168 bytes)   
2008  IIF    +224%                               2008   IFN   +124%
wpe5985.jpg (70189 bytes)

wpe19F.jpg (71594 bytes)   
2007-2008 IIF    +146%                      2007-2008 IFN   +98%
wpe1A1.jpg (74402 bytes)
wpe1A0.jpg (76056 bytes)   
2007 IIF    +67%                                2007 IFN   
wpe1A2.jpg (71310 bytes)

wpe1A3.jpg (73148 bytes)  
2006-2007 IIF    +34%                      2006-2007 IFN   +38% 
wpe1A4.jpg (72786 bytes)
wpe1A5.jpg (70840 bytes)
2006 IIF   +120%                     2006 IFN   +170%
wpe1A6.jpg (78154 bytes)
wpe1A7.jpg (72395 bytes)   
2005-2006 IIF                         2005-2006 IFN   +109%
wpe1A8.jpg (72949 bytes)
wpe1A9.jpg (73996 bytes)
2005 IIF        +28%                            2005 IFN     +52%
wpe1AA.jpg (71735 bytes)
wpe1AB.jpg (65874 bytes)
2004-2005 IIF     +68%                     2004-2005 IFN  
wpe1AC.jpg (69172 bytes)

wpe1AD.jpg (73108 bytes)   
2004 IIF      +28%                              2004 IFN  +28%   
wpe1AE.jpg (70923 bytes)

wpe1AF.jpg (74834 bytes)
2003-2004 IIF     +28%                     2003-2004 IFN   +80% 
wpe1B0.jpg (70727 bytes)

wpe1B1.jpg (63937 bytes)    
2003 IIF     +196%                               2003 IFN    +153%
wpe1B2.jpg (65283 bytes)
wpe1B3.jpg (67047 bytes)
2002-2003 IIF    +27%                      2002-2003 IFN   +16%  
wpe1B4.jpg (70689 bytes)
wpe1B5.jpg (71581 bytes)
2002 IIF    +27%                               2002 IFN     +17% 
wpe1B6.jpg (75966 bytes)

wpe1BA.jpg (80242 bytes)
2001-2002 IIF     +33%                       2001-2002 IFN    +43% 
wpe1B8.jpg (68923 bytes)
wpe1B9.jpg (74116 bytes)
2001 IIF          +61%                          2001 IFN     +95%
wpe1BB.jpg (72911 bytes)

wpe1BC.jpg (77068 bytes)
2000-2001 IIF   +38%                         2000-2001 IFN  +73%  
wpe1BD.jpg (74930 bytes)
wpe1BE.jpg (75314 bytes)
2000 IIF    +41%                                  2000 IFN     +45% 
wpe1BF.jpg (77528 bytes)

wpe1C0.jpg (72954 bytes)
1999-2000 IIF   +23%                      1999-2000 IFN +40%
wpe1C1.jpg (72609 bytes)
wpe1C2.jpg (77783 bytes)  
1999 IIF    +51%                                1999 IFN   +41%
wpe1C3.jpg (74821 bytes)
wpe1C4.jpg (68485 bytes)
1998-1999  IIF    +27%                    1998-1999   IFN  +62%
wpe1C5.jpg (73967 bytes)
wpe1C6.jpg (68837 bytes)   
1998 IIF    +24%                               1998 IFN  +35%
wpe1C8.jpg (75948 bytes)
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