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                                 ( WAMU ) WOULD FAIL.





  Suggestion: Get TIGERSOFT To See Which Banks May Next Fail.

by William Schmidt, Ph.D.   (Columbia University)

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 Suggestion:  Get TIGERSOFT To See Which Banks Are Next.

by William Schmidt, Ph.D.       

The lessons of WAMU's crash are clear: Use TigerSoft's studies of Insider Trading.
                  Do not trust over-paid CEOs.  They conceal the truth about their companies.   They insider trade.
                  Too often, they are unindicted criminals, who have no qualms or guilt at stealing your money.   
                  TigerSoft's measures of insider trading made it clear last year that WAMU
                  was being heavily sold by insiders, not just above 40, but all the way down, despite
                  news stories which mislead many traders and investors, who kept trying to call bottoms
                  all the way down from 45 to 35 to 25 to 15 to 10 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 and to zero.   WAMU's
                  decline and the insider trading and CEO lies are mpre typical, than exceptional.
                  Your best way to learn the truth is to use TigerSoft and read our TigerSoft Blogs regularly.

                       More banks will likely fail.  They have used leveraging and obfuscation to sell their
                  toxic, sub-prime mortgages to investors around the world.  Housing prices are still falling.
                  The end of the Glass Steagall law in 1999 allowed commercial banks to package their
                  poorer quality mortgages and sell them to others, take the money and loan out still
                  more such loans, all the while concealing the risks if housing prices stopped bubbling upwards.
                  The Republican ethic of de-regulation guaranteed this apolcalyse.  The regulators
                  sat idly by as the housing and banking bubble frew and grew. 

                                                 Both Democrats and Republicans Are Responsible.

                       The sinister effect of the Big Banking Lobby with both political parties should frighten
                  all Americans.   The Democrats and now Obama are heavily influenced by Robert Rubin
                  of CitiGroup and Larry Summers.  Republicans and McCain are heavily influenced by
                  Phil Graham - until recently McCain's most important economics' advisor and the key
                  architect for banking's deregulation in 1999 and Rick Davis - McCain's campaign manager
                  an important lobbyist for Fannie Mae.)      

                                           Appeasing The Bankers Won't Work, Either.

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                      Readers may be interested in my take one what has gone so wrong.
September 21, 2008   Monopolistic Finance Capitalism and Wall Street Are Dangerously Out of Control.
                  September 19, 2008   Bush Corruption and Cronyism Reach Dizzying Heights in Paulson's Plan
                                                                 for US Tax Payers To Spend A Trillion Dollars Buying Worthless
                                                                Mortgages from Private US Banks.  Someone Must Say "NO"!

                  September 18, 2008   The Greenspan "De-Regulation" of Banking, by Abolishing the
                                                               Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, Has Led Directly to the 2007-2008 Bear
                                                                Market.   Both Political Parties Are To Blame. Neither Admits This To
                                                                Be The Central Malady.

                      The tragedy is that so many investors are going to be wiped out.  "
All my savings and
                 all I owned in my life does hurt to see it going away.  I didn't sleep from last night thinking
                 what to do next and can't help not thinking what happened to me.   Is this America? ...
                 I feel ashamed of myself and for the first time feel death is better verses facing this reality.
From Yahoo Message board on WAMU.
                        Sometimes, I think these shareholders were blind and trusting sheep being fleeced.
                  They were exploited by the worst people on Wall Street.  They could have known better.
                  All they had to do was Google "WAMU" and "Insider trading" and they would come
                  across our dire warnings about this stock.  These warnings started last year!  May I
                  suggest, readers Google "Tigersoft" and their stock or the subject they are interested in.
                  You don't want what happened to WAMU to happen to your stocks.

                      JP MOrgan will now own WAMU.  Deposits are safe.  By FDIC order, WAMU was
                  taken over.  All WAMU equity was destroyed in the bargain.  No long line - but the
                  country's biggest bank failure.  Killinger (rhymes with 'Dillinger') was the CEI of
                  Washington Mutual until last month.  He got $14.1 million in 2007 and over $54 million
                  from 2002-2007.   He milked WAMU for all he could.  He took it headlong into the toxic
                  world of leveraged high-risk mortgages.   In the process, he lied over and over about the
                  soundness of the company and wiped out the investments of a lot of people who were
                  too trusting and easily mislead.


       On December  30, 2007, I wrote: "WM lost nearly $1.9 billion in the
                 fourth quarter of 2007.  Some believe it could lose $7 to $10 billion in 2008.  The
                bank will then be bankrupt.
"  I reported that WAMU's CEO was clearly taking as
                much as he could, while he could, from the company.  He paid himself $14.3 million
                in 2006.  And between January and May 2007, he sold 129,000 shares of WM
                between 42 and 45.31.  In November 2006, he sold an additional 50,000 shares at 42.28.
                Clearly, he knew there was a high probability his company and its stock were about to crash.
                It should be noted that Killington and Washington Mutual had been sued before for
                insider trading
. http://securities.stanford.edu/1031/WM04-01/20040720_f01c_SouthFerryLP2.pdf  

Back in this December Blog, I wrote:  "TigerSoft spots insider selling mainly by
                watching the Tiger Accumulation Index.  Its dropping below -.25 when the stock is
                under-performing the DJI (representing the general market) is the primary way we do
                this.   The reddish-purple lines show these points in this chart.  When the Black TISI line (6/6/2007)
                drops into negative territory and the stock has closed below its now falling 50-day ma,
                TigerSoft users know to consider the stock bearish, especially if it over-extended on the
                upside.   Additional Tiger Sell signals give more points to sell the stock short. Note how
                the cumulative On-Balance-Volume (OBV) Line makes confirming new lows.
"  These
                conditions our Power Ranker flags for.  And these technical conditions are described
                in more detail in my TigerSoft
Killer Short Selling Techniques in Any Market.

                                                     WAMU - through 12/28/2007

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                       In March 2008, I wrote:  "More Bank Failures Are Expected."
The Most Endangered Banks Are Showing Very Aggressive
              Dumping of Their Shares

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                      In May 2008, I wrote:  "
The problem with Washington Mutual is that it is loaded
                    up to the gills with bad home loans and derivatives based on these loans.  Their stock
                    was only $2 in 1991.  As the prices of homes rose in the next 15 years, this bank stock
                    rose 2500%.  Its use of leverage with home mortgage loans made that possible.  Now
                   the sword is turned against them... 
The Housing Market Is Apt To Get Worse
   Elsewhere I have shown that housing prices have only corrected a small percentage of
                   what they gained from 1995 to 2006.  A 37% to 50% correction might be considered as
                   normal even if the longer term trend is up.  Home prices have only fallen back 20% so
                   far from their highs." 

May 2008 - WAMU shows heavy red selling.  And in mid-May, the stock
                   fell just below its mvg.avg. (TISI).  This is an excellent point at which to sell short
                  a stock as weak as this looked.  Do you see how aggressive selling, measured by
                  OBV, is making new lows on its own ahead of price. It was seriously under-performing
                   the DJI.

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WAMU since May 2008

                          Nothing that transpired since May changed our bearish view of the stock.
                   Look at the key TigerSoft indicators. They have been steadily falling, red and bearish.

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                                 Yahoo Message Boards Show How Difficult It Is
                        For Investors To Sell at A Loss. Hope That WAMU
                        Would Magically Recover, Could Be Found Right
                        To The Bitter End.

   "I am, or should I say, was, a Washington Mutual shareholder. I did not hold this stock in
an attempt to make a fast dollar, I have had this stock for a long time. The CEO of the company repeatedly assured the media that the company was sound through 2010. Then,
on the eve of what looked like a "bailout deal" coming to fruition, the FDIC came in, and to
the amazement of the WM management and everyone else, took over WM and basically
gave it to JPMorgan."

Goldman and Morgan,the FED in disguise: When will the Public wakeup to these Gangsters? "

   Quotes are left out here to make it easier to record the range of emotion.

Shutup longs: you know you voted for GWB - You deserve to lose everything, and live your live in debtors prison. YOU DESTROYED THE WORLD'S ECONOMY by voting for GWB in 2004.

I Blame Longs Loss Here On Cox!!

I lost my entire saving


Wamu has adequate liquidity-9-19-08 Forbes

As late as last week, Chief Executive Alan Fishman said that WaMu is not looking for a buyer, but reports said Wednesday that it has hired Goldman Sachs (nyse: GS - news - people ) to handle a sale of itself. (See "WaMu's Thrift Sale.") The company has argued, despite ratings downgrades and harsh words from bond-rating agencies Standard & Poor's and Moody's that it has adequate liquidity and billions in deposits. (See "WaMu Defiant.")
  This from a 9-19-08 Forbes article.
Buy Buy Buy- Pure trading errors.
by breakinneed [25-Sep-08 08:40 pm]



Getting ready to jump in...
by bashersuit [25-Sep-08 02:05 pm

Guys don't worry, look at this...
by alpinecommercial [25-Sep-08 08:38 pm]


WM has 300 billion in assets and $9 Book value
by jacktrullio [25-Sep-08 08:31 pm]


Shorts are Toast 
...end of the week and  WAMU  will have an  out let for..., this  is immediatley a $20 stock. If they get  bought out in the meantime,  will ...


WAMU will be King when gov soaks up their bad loans 

A WFC buyout = $20 pps for WM 
... RTC plan which  will  be approved this... by Pres Bush...  WaMu  would recv .5 WFC for 1 WM...worth at $20 per share on  buy  out ....
Business & Finance > Investments > Stocks (A to Z) > Stocks W  >  Washington Mutual Inc. (WM)

...  out  Wamu 's $19B in debt, the balance sheet  is automatically profitable...  will need to incorporate...would  be a logical  buy for JP Morgan...
Business & Finance > Investments > Stocks (A to Z) > Stocks W  >  Washington Mutual Inc. (WM)







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