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updated 6/16/2014   CHIPOTLE REVISTED
             See at the bottom of this page my very positive comments back in December 2008
             about the Pacific Beach Chipotle in San Diego.


             Chipotle still has very good food.  But its two co-CEOs (Steve Ellis and Mority Moran)
             have paid themselves about $20 million apiece since 2011.  To brin g in this much
             money and impress Wall Street. they have sharply raised their prices and regularly
             nickle and dime their customers in all sorts of irritating ways.  Believe it or not, now
             they charge $2.55 for a bowl of plain lettuce, which is even more than the $2.20 they
             charge for a side-order of chicken.  The chicken used to be $1.75 and the lettuce
             was always free along with a nice tortilla. That was only a few years ago.  .  

             But GREED has changed everything.  The averge Chipotle worker gets paid a
             measly $8.50/hour.  This is bound to make some of them pretty surly.  How many
             people reading this could live on this, much less help support a family?
                        Glassdoor reports the typical cred memeber gets less than $8.70 an hour.
            If the manager toes the CEO's line about prices, service, sanitation, hygiene (or the
            the lack thereef, he can hope to make $12.00/hour and have a shot at becoming a
            General Manage who gets an average salary of $44,000.

             Back in 2012, a lot of customers started noticing how Chipotle was nickle-and-diming
             them by ROUNDING UP their bills to the nearest nickle.  After the story
             got out, New Jersey's Dept. of Consumer Affaits forced Chipotle to ROUND
             DOWN the bills.   Chipotle tried to claim they were just trying to speed up
             their lines.   But this makes no sense.  The money is dispensed automatically by
             a machine..   

Chipotle Caught Cheating Customers Out Of Pennies,  Aug 28, 2012   

             It used to be that every single Chipotle worker seemed super-friendly and helpful.
             Those were th good old days.  Now you are forced to fight for a fair price
             and even a decent serving of vegetables.  I notice now it is much  more common
             to see unhappy customers at Chipotle's.  There never used to be any
             complaints.   But now the pressure to make more MONEY for the big bosses
             is frequently cited by unhappy Chipotle workers.  Read some of the
             horror stories these workers tell. 

             Is it legal to not allow workers to use the restroom?  Without a union, the individual
             worker has very little protection.  Any complaints and you'll be fired.

      " You were not permitted to use the restroom in the 7.5 hours you had to stand
                           there for your shift. The only time you were allowed to do so was when you got
                           your half hour lunch break that you had to eat on also. One of my fellow employees
                           had to go so bad one day and all the managers were "doing a trash run," aka, smoking
                           out back. She went very quickly and returned to ring out customers that had only been
                           waiting a few minutes. She was fired at the end of her shift.

People are starting to complain about how high the prices are compared to what one gets.

                                    "The only reason I went here was because my sis had a coupon for buy one get one free.  
                            So I thought why not? The staff was very nice and helpful with our questions.
                            I guess I am spoiled because of all the good Mexican food I have had, I just did not think
                            their food was that great.   Also, I am a huge hot sauce connoisseur and the fact that
                            they don't have a salsa bar is a huge no-no in my book.  Also, if I'm going to pay for chips,
                            they better be some dang good chips.  Their chips were pretty nasty.  Overall, I doubt I will
                            go here again.   There is just so much better Mexican food elsewhere I don't see why
                            I would spend $8-10 on a meal that isn't that satisfying when I can go down the street
                            and get something a million times better.

            Read more:
             The stock has risen more than 1000% since I recommended the stock here
             in December 2008.   I sure wouldn't own the stock now.


  Greenspan's Admits He Was Terribly Wrong.

        World's Markets Catch Pneumonia from US Cold
                    and The Avoidable Financial Mess
             Created by CEO Greed and Self-Serving
     "Free Market" and De-Regulation Indeologues.

World Market's Down 55%

                       11/27/2007 TigerSoft
Warned You A Year Ago.


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Chipotle's (CMG) Great Food and Modest Prices.   
               (An unsolicited testimonial from a hungry Tiger) 

                                            by William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)
                                            (C) 2008 All rights reserved.  Reproducing any part of this page without
                                                            giving full acknowledgement is a copyright infringement.

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    World's Markets Catch Pneumonia from
US Cold

               and Its
Avoidable Financial Mess

            Overseas markets have been hit much
        worse than US markets by Wall Street's
        Bust and Collapse.

                                     Here are the changes in prices of country ETFs for the last year.
                  The DJIA outperformed all the world's country funds.  The SP-500 (SPY) was
                  third.   Not shown the QQQQ (Nasdaw-100) was down 40%, placing it ahead
                  of every country fund but Japan's and Switzerland's. 
            Days back= 252 11 / 1 / 2007 - 10 / 31 / 2008 
Rank  Symbol   Name                             Price   Pct.Gain      
-----------------------------------------       ------- -------- 
      USA  DJI-30                               9350         -32.0% 
 1    EWL     ISHARES MSCI SWITZERLAND INDEX    18.3         -33% 
      USA  SP-500                               96.83        -12.9%
 2    ITF     ISHARES S&P-TOPIX 150 INDEX FUND  39.89        -36%           
 3    EWJ     ISHARES MSCI JAPAN INDEX           8.99        -37%         
 4    JOF     JAPAN OTC EQUITY FUND              6.45        -39%          
 5    HKG     NETS Hang Seng Index              14.62        -41%       
 6    PWJ     PaineWebber Group                 14.35        -41%        
 7    IXN     ISHARES S&P GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY     39.85        -43%          
 8    IXP     ISHARES S&P GLOBAL TELECOMM       46.68        -43%           
 9    VPL     Vanguard Pacific Stock VIPERs     42.13        -43%           
 10   EWM     ISHARES MSCI MALAYSIA (FREE)       7.15        -44%           
 11   EWC     ISHARES MSCI CANADA INDEX         19.18        -46%           
 12   EWP     ISHARES MSCI SPAIN INDEX          35.45        -47%          
 13   EWG     ISHARES MSCI GERMANY INDEX        18.48        -48%        
 14   EWQ     IShares MSCI France               20.5         -48%           
 15   FEZ     FRESCO DOW JONES EURO STOXX 50    32.95        -48%          
 16   VGK     Vanguard European Stock VIPERs    41.72        -48%          
 17   EWT     ISHARES MSCI TAIWAN INDEX          8.82        -49%      
 18   EWW     ISHARES MSCI MEXICO (FREE) INDEX  30.9         -49%          
 19   IEV     ISHARES S&P EUROPE 350 INDEX FUND 31.39        -49%         
 20   ILF     ISHARES S&P LATIN AMERICA 40 INDEX  26.6       -49%          
 21   EWU     ISHARES MSCI UK INDEX             13.36        -50%          
 22   EKH     HOLDRS EUROPE 2001                46.1         -51%               
 23   EZU     ISHARES MSCI EMU INDEX            29.96        -52%              
 24   TFC     TAIWAN GREATER CHINA FUND          3.97        -52%               
 25   CH      CHILE FUND                        10.02        -53%        
 26   EEM     ISHARES MSCI EMERGING MARKETS     25.49        -53%           
 27   EZA     ISHARES MSCI SOUTH AFRICA INDEX   34.52        -53%          
 28   EWI     ISHARES MSCI ITALY INDEX          16.47        -54%                  
 29   EWN     ISHARES MSCI NETHERLANDS INDEX    14.95        -54%          
 30   EWS     ISHARES MSCI SINGAPORE INDEX       7.03        -54%          
 31   EPP     ISHARES MSCI PACIFIC EX-JAPAN     26.38        -55%          
 32   EWA     ISHARES MSCI AUSTRALIA INDEX      15.15        -55%          
 33   EWH     ISHARES MSCI HONG KONG INDEX      10.42        -55%          
 34   EWZ     ISHARES MSCI BRAZIL INDEX         37.96        -55%         
 35   VWO     Vanguard Emerging Markets  VIPERs 25.21        -56%         
 36   EWD     ISHARES MSCI SWEDEN INDEX         15.22        -57%         
 37   TWN     TAIWAN FUND                        9.9         -57%               
 38   CHN     CHINA FUND                        19.86        -60%             
 39   SGF     SINGAPORE FUND                     8.1         -60%                  
 40   TF      THAI CAPITAL FUND                  5.99        -60%                   
 41   EWY     ISHARES MSCI SOUTH KOREA INDEX    28.14        -61%         
 42   JFC     JARDINE FLEMING CHINA REGION FUND 13.17        -61%           
 43   PGJ     PowerShares Gldn Dragon USX China 14.74        -61%          
 44   GRR     ASIA TIGERS FUNDS                 11.97        -62%                 
 45   INP     IPATH MSCI INDIA INDEX            32.78        -63%                
 46   KEF     KOREA EQUITY FUND                  5.54        -63%                    
 47   MXF     MEXICO FUND                       16.57        -63%            
 48   FXI     iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Fund 25.16        -64%           
 49   EWO     ISHARES MSCI AUSTRIA INDEX        14.03        -65%                   
 50   EWK     ISHARES MSCI BELGIUM INDEX         9.03        -67%         
 51   IFN     INDIA FUND                        20.35        -68%                         
 52   CEE     CENTRAL EUROPEAN EQUITY FUND      19           -70%          
 53   TRF     TEMPLETON RUSSIA FUND             22           -70%                   
 54   IF      INDONESIA FUND                     4           -71%                    
 55   IIF     MORGAN STANLEY INDIA INV.FUND     15.16        -75%         
 56   GCH     GREATER CHINA FUND                 8.29        -80%      
 57   MF      MALAYSIA FUND                      3.87        -87%      
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                              Greenspan Admits He Was Terribly Wrong.         

                         After the Crash of 2008, Greenspan finally admitted he had been wrong to favor de-regulation
               of banks.  On October 23, 2008, he admitted to Congress that he was wrong to have trusted the
               most powerful bankers to  act in their long run self-interest and that of their share holders.  He
"I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interests of organizations,
                           specifically banks and others, were such as that they were best capable of protecting
                           their own shareholders and their equity in the firms

                          What he should have said was that multi-million dollar bonuses determined the
                self-interests of Banking CEOs and Hedge Fund Managers.   To make big short-term profits,
                they lied, obfuscated and hid the truth from investors and shareholders.  They recklessly used
                leverage.    They knowingly gave shareholders and creditors misleading financial information
               and credit reports to exaggerate short-term profits and procure obscene bonuses for themselves.
               They cared little about the consequences to millions whose life-savings and jobs were destroyed
                in the process.  

What’s remarkable about this is     wpeF7.jpg (2752 bytes)
               that same erroneous belief is
THE key pillar of all free market ideology.
Without it,
               the entire edifice supporting the market worship fetish of the Libertarians, the Austrian
               School, and most economists collapses into rubble, just as our financial system has
It’s hard to accept that economists could really believe such nonsense;
                I suspect that much of their religious attitude toward markets stemmed from their regular
                 paychecks from corporations benefiting from such dumb, unsupported beliefs." 
Blue and Red colors in the original for emphasis. 
                      Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Insitute - http://www.monetary.org.  ) 
See TigerSoft's previous Blogs on Financial Crisis and its Causes.

            Chipotle's Great Food and Modest Prices

Let me tell you about my favorite place to eat in San Diego.

                       Chipotle has wonderfully good Mexican style food at very fair prices. 
         I love their chicken with rice and salsa.  I go there 3 or 4 times a week, easy. 
         It's much better than food I paid 5 times more for in some high-priced "chic"
         restauants.  It's much tastier than McDonald's and is quite comparable in price.

                      Why is the food so tasty?  The people there are very well trained.  They
          always seem to get the cooking right.  The chicken is freshly grilled.  It is diced just
          the right size so that the Chipotle seasoning's flavor comes out perfectly each
          time.   The burritos and tacos are customer designed.  I love chicken, but they
          offer much praised vegetarian and meat food.  I see lots of San Diego policemen
          eating there, too.  It's significant that they never seem to eat at McDonald's,
          Burger King or Denny's.   This is much better food and it's priced very reasonably. 

                      Everywhere I look around Chipotle's, I see pledges to the company's
          commitment to "unprocessed", "family-raised", "natural", "hormone free" and
          "organic" food.   Their website says that they serve "more naturally raised meat
           than any other restaurant in the world".

                     There are 704 Chipotles in 33 states and DC.  .The founder and CEO is Steven
           Ellis, 43.                     

                     Chipotle's stock. CMG,  has lost  67% of its value since peaking at 150 at the end
          of 2007, two months after going public. 
Chipotle's quarterly earnings for the 3rd quarter
          fell to $19.5
million, or 50cents, per share compared to $20.6 million or 62 cents/share,
          reflecting the drop in economy's slump. The company announced it will use $100 million
          of its funds to repurchase its class B shares.  Chipotle plans to open 135 to 145 more
Yahoo gives the following information.
           Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
                                        1401 Wynkoop Street
                                        Suite 500
                                        Denver, CO 80202
                                        303-595-4000    http://www.chipotle.com 18,800 employees.

                   Recent news:   Chipotle's Q3 A Mixed Bag   at Investopedia (Tue, Oct 28)

     TigerSoft's views the stock technically, of course.  Here is its current chart as of 10/31/2008.

                      The best trading system for CMG for the last year is automatically
                   calculated by TigerSoft.  That system is simple turns by the 21-day ma.
                   It is now declining.  But it is close to turning up.  Stock strength here
                   would also break the downtrends in price and the Closing Power.  So,
                   the stock is on the verge of giving a technical buy.  But it has not yet.
                   Compared to other stocks and the DJI-30, it is showing strength.  That
                   is bullish.  There is still significant distribution by insiders or big
                   We see that there have been regular high volume sellers (red) as the stock
                   has fallen. 
                           ------------------------------------- CMG - Chipotle --------------------------------

wpe12E.jpg (66459 bytes)
wpe12F.jpg (18886 bytes)

                          Update 12/5/2008
                                                            Five weeks later... CMG has crossed back above its
                                                            50-day ma with the Accumulation Index positive
                                                            and the downtrend in the Closing Power have been
                                                            broken above.  It should next rally to its falling 30-week ma.
                                                            now at 69.

wpe13A.jpg (69801 bytes)

                Update 3/10/2010 with Weekly Chart of Chipotle
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