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       TigerSoft charts spot insider selling and Professional Selling
       using our "bearish" scan of the nightly "MINCP" stocks posted
       on our Tiger Data Page.  These stocks show lots of red "Distribution"
       from our Tiger Accumulation Index and have a Tiger Closing Power
       that is making new lows far ahead of price.  The automatic Sell S7s
       show that the Public has been fooled into being bullish, but Professionals
       are very bearish. 

       Below are many more examples of insider selling before a big sell-off.
       TigerSoft charts easily spotted the insider selling.   Tiger traders
       could easily have sold these stocks shorts using our insider selling
       chart alerts.  Insider selling rampant.   The SEC does little more
       than try to give the appearance that it is leveling Wall Street's playing
       field.   See:
TigerSoft's Killer Short Sales    Insider Trading Is Rampant     Bearish MINCP Stocks

               August 30, 2011 -  DGIT's (DGFast Channel) Shareholders Should Be Mad as Hell
                                 at CEO Scott Ginsburg.  The CEO sold $30 million shares and only then
                                  had his company issue earning warnngs.  As a result, the stock fell 37%
                                  in one day.  In 2002, the SEC upheld a civil fine of $1 million against him
                                  for insider trading.  See the same materials at the bottom of this Blog

               July 4, 2009
    The Corporate Hall of Shame Is Getting Crowded.
                                      Corporate Insider Trading Is Rampant.  Fight Back with TigerSoft.

               November 25, 2008   Easily Spot Key Insider Selling Using TigerSoft.   Compare The Insider Selling
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                                               Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Trump,
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by William Schmidt, Ph.D.   (Columbia University)

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                  AND PRO-CLOSING POWER 

There are always some stocks that insiders and professionals
      are dumping into the otherwise rising tides of a bull market.  SEAHAWK
      (HAWK) shows this to be true, even though most other drilling and
      oil stocks rose substantially in the last eighteen months when
      HAWK was steadily declining from 20 to 4.5.  Can there be any doubt
      that Insiders knew HAWK would be filing for bankruptcy protection
      and were busy selling their own shares while keeping this information
      from the public.  If the SEC were worth anything, they would launch
      a full scale investigation, but odds are overhwelming that they
      will do nothing.  That is par for them...

Seahawk Drilling Files Chapter 11 Seeking Alpha(Tue, Feb 15)

TigerSoft spots sigificant Insider Selling using our Accumulation
      Index.  This we invented in 1981.  See below how the Accumlation Index
      stays negative (red) and frequently falls below -.25, our threshold
      for signifying important unofficial and official insider selling.
      In addition, Wall Street Professionals were privy to the extreme
      bearishness of WAWK's stock.  See how the blue Tiger Closing Power
      kept falling and falling, all the while the general Public were fooled
      by the apparent "cheapness" of the stock to steadily buy all the way
      down.  This is absolutely typical of insiders selling before they announce
      the bad news.  Compare SEAHAWK's case below with the insider
      selling by Peter Sperling of Apollo.  Or the bankers' insider selling
      at CitiGroup or Washington Mutual before they plunged into the abyss
      because of the recklessness of CEO's use of leverage in the mortgage
      debacle of 2008-2009.

                                 HAWK -  Seahawk -   2010-2011
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         Seahawk Drilling, Inc.  5 Greenway Plaza    Suite 2700   Houston, TX 77046 Website:
http://www.seahawkdrilling.com Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration      Seahawk Drilling, Inc.
        engages in a jackup rig business in the United States, Gulf of Mexico, and
        offshore Mexico. The company offers rigs and drilling crews on a day rate
        contractual basis. Its Jackup rigs are mobile and elf-elevating drilling platforms
        equipped with legs that can be lowered to the ocean floor and provide shallow
        water drilling services. Its customers include independent oil and natural gas
        producers and drilling service providers, as well as the national oil company in Mexico.
        As of February 23, 2010, the company had a fleet of 20 jackup rigs. Seahawk Drilling, Inc.
        was incorporated in 2008.

        Yahoo reports HARK Insiders bought no shares in the last six months.  Randall D. Stilley
        was the biggest insider selling.  Stilley is HAWK's CEO and President.  His annual salary
        is said to be $981,000.
                    Feb 3. 2010  9826 shares sold at $20.90
                    Aug. 25, 2010  2410 shres sold ar 7.48
                    Aug. 26, 2010  12705 shres sold ar 7.47
                    Dec. 30, 2010  11672 shares sold at $8.91
                    Feb. 1, 2011  6810 shares sold at $7.13

         Randall D. Stilley has served as Chief Executive Officer and President since October 2004. Prior to joining Hercules, Mr. Stilley was Chief Executive Officer of Seitel, Inc., an oilfield services company, from January 2004 to October 2004. From 2000 until he joined Seitel, Mr. Stilley was an independent business consultant and managed private investments. From 1997 until 2000, Mr. Stilley was President of the Oilfield Services Division at Weatherford International, Inc., an oilfield services company. Prior to joining Weatherford in 1997, Mr. Stilley served in a variety of positions at Halliburton Company, an oilfield services company. Mr. Stilley is a member of the Energy Steering Committee at the Houston Technology Center. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


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DGFastChannel  - products/services digitially deliver commercials, syndicated programs, and video news releases. 
This was a  38.4% decline in one day.  Technical weakness was easy to spot as it topped out. 
Tiger's CLosing Power failed to rally with the stock three weeks ago and then broke its uptrend.  This is a classic SELL.  Margin calls must have been triggered by the slide.  Professionals and market makers steadily sold it down.

The real truth is that official insiders bought no shares in the last 6 months, but sold 1,101,900 shares.
Belatedly, the company forecast "weaker-than-expected" revenue for the thrid quarter.  The insider expected
the drop in revenue much earlier.  That was why they sold.  They just didn't get around to telling shareholders
until this weekend. How convenient.  Not a single complaint on the Yahoo message board of  DGIT.  A bunch
of sheep?. Will Scott go SCOT-free?  Will the SEC ask any questions?  Don't hold your breath.  Just use
TigerSoft to level the playing field.

                                    WHY DO DGIT SHAREHOLDERS NOT COMPLAIN?
                                                            WHERE IS THE SEC?

CEO and Chairman of the Board Scott Ginsburg was the biggest seller. He sold more than a million shares.
between 32 and 43.  He was found guitly of insider trading in 2002 and was fined a million and enjoined not
to engage in future violations of the law. Obviously, he is  man on a mission of greed.
wpe8039.jpg (7567 bytes)
Aug 2, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 42,498 Direct Sale at $38.13 per share.
Jun 1, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 23,900 Direct Sale at $43.10 per share.
May 28, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 176,100 Direct Sale at $42.63 per share.
May 27, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 200,000 Direct Sale at $43.01 per share
Mar 9, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 17,013 Indirect Sale at $33.53 per share.
Mar 5, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 122,500 Indirect Sale at $32.62 per share.
Mar 2, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 152,500 Indirect Sale at $32.62 per share.
Mar 1, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 27,439 Direct Sale at $32.52 per share.
Feb 26, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 81,100 Direct Sale at $32.52 per share.
Feb 22, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 42,434 Direct Sale at $31.98 per share.
Feb 19, 2010 GINSBURG SCOTT KOfficer 200,000 Direct Sale at $32.51 per share.
Feb 18, 2010 GALLAGHER LISA CDirector 1,000 Direct Automatic Sale at $34 per share.


  Read the commennts on Yahoo by someone who watch the insider selling, thought it smelled, but
  lazily did nothing with his position, saying he was a long term investor. This is very typical.

                 "What a joke, DGIT CEO acting stupidly

   "Please tell me that there is no stench in the air from Ginsburg's last sale of over 250K shares at 32.5 and then immediate drop back down.

MMs ran it up for him to sell and then sell it right back down as if they know for a fact they have nothing to fear from DGIT management from doing anything crazy like releasing information to the public. One thing for sure the people buying at 32.5 are the same ones selling it down. Ginsburg is acting stupid here in my opinion. I mean it is not as if he has not given out insider info before and been prosecuted for it. He had better start thinking more clearly if you ask me.

I keep holding long because I am a very big believer in the long term position and think the stock will be trading above $40 before the end of the year. But it is hard to put up with this kind of monkey business.



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