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                              TigerSoft Accumulation Index
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                                               Opening Power
                                                     Closing Power
                                                          TigerSoft Day Traders' Index
                                                               Synchronicity and Asynchronicity

  by William Schmidt, Ph.D.  - Creator of TigerSoft
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          TigerSoft's Unique and Original Tools To Spot Insider Trading.

In the stock market, we compete with some pretty cut-throat people.  They are no
                       longer effectively regulated by the SEC.  So, if you want to do well over time,
                       use TigerSoft and see what their intentions are for your stocks.  Here we
                       illustrate the use of the best indicators which I have invented for this purpose since 1981. 

                       Every day we see the truth of the propositions that  "Insiders always know"   and
                       professionals are apt to know long before the broad public finds out. 

                       Not for nothing do we say:
"TigerSoft's unique technical trading tools will give
                       you virtual access to the gilded board rooms on Wall Street.

                                  Tiger's Accumulation Index,
                                  Opening Power,
                                  Closing Power and
                                  Day Traders' Tool 

                  TigerSoft's Closing Power is very important.  It  needs more attention. 
           The simplest approach: watch for its trend-breaks.  Here are recent charts of Gold and Silver.
           --------------------------------------- Gold ------------------------------------------------
        wpeF7.jpg (60551 bytes)
       ----------------------------------------------- Silver ------------------------------------------------------
      wpe115.jpg (69267 bytes)

                  Crude Oil - Weekly Accumulation     What happens to crude oil is of great significance to holders of
           gold and gold stocks.   A steep rise on crude oil brings inflation.  When there's inflation investors
           seek to buy gold as a hedge against their paper money declining in value.

                   TigerSoft's weekly chart of crude oil shows very high and steady positive (blue) accumulation  for much
           of the last 5 years, especially since last April.  This represents heavy institutional buying.  The current
           decline is therefore most likely a temporary shakeout.   We reach this conclusion because "big money"
            is in crude oil.  They are not apt to be wrong.  They are apt to be strong holders.  And they are apt to
            buy more on the current decline.  So, while crude oil is dropping now, it is not likely to stay down. 
            And if it starts up again vigorously, Gol will rise, too.

                    Crude oil is being talked down  in the Presidential political campaign.  Both candidates
             are saying they will seek to make America much more independent of foreign oil.  They have
             said they would want more off-shore drilling to take place in the Gulf states and along the
             Atlantic coast.    This jaw-boning is having an effect on crude oil.

                                 Weekly Crude Oil - "CL1600"  = perpetual contract for crude oil
                                  A 50% retracement yields a downside target of 100.
         wpeF7.jpg (51103 bytes)

        Crude Oil - Daily Accumulation  ("CL1600" = perpetual contract for crude oil)
                                We like to buy on new highs when the previous levels of Accumulation are
                     generally very positive and the current level is above +.25.  These are readily flagged
                     by our Tiger-Power-Ranker.  This works with daily and weekly charts.

                               After a long run upwards, it's usually a good idea to take profits when the stock
                     drops below the 50-day ma and the Tiger Accumulation Index is negative.  These are
                     Sell S29s.  They are flagged and the signal appears on the chart. If you are a current
                     user, view the Help Section for more examples.                              .

         wpeF7.jpg (52075 bytes)
                                                   Crude Oil - Daily Accumulation - IPA Indicator
                    IPA is an indicator that is similar to our Accumulation Index..  Cross-overs after a long
                    advance are usually good sells.               
        wpe115.jpg (8307 bytes)

                  NEM - Newmont Mining.  The five year, weekly chart of NEM, Newmont, shows a stock that
              has spent most of this timing rallying and falling back.  In all this, the channel is rising.   The
              TigerSoft Accumulation Index shows no steady pattern of Accumulation (big money buying)
              or Distribution (big money selling). 
           wpe115.jpg (43125 bytes)
             NEM - Newmont Mining
.  The next chart, a one-year daily chart of NEM, Newmont, shows a bearish
             head and shoulders top pattern that was formed from November to February.  This price pattern was made
             more bearish by the presence of steady red Distribution during most of this period.   Prices
             tagging the upper band with the TigerSoft Accumulation Index negative constitute a reliable sell.
             The bearishness of this pattern prompted me to do a full report of NEM on 2/14/2008.  The conclusion
              reached was that the stock was spending far too much money fighting environmental law suits and
              bribing public officials.  If Gold ever started declining, they would probably lose money.   Their
              production costs were rising faster than the price of gold.

                            NEM and OBV - On-Balance-Volume

              More recently the stock has formed another bearish head and shoulders top.  The tagging of the upper
              band was too quickly reversed in late June. Now the stock is breaking down with red big-money
              distribution.    The breakdown will probably bring a test of the year-long support at 44. There is
              another technical problem.  Look at the pink trendline for the stock's OBV.  This is a measure of
              aggressive buying and selling.  It is is a downtrend.  Since it usually takes ample aggressive buying
              to push a stock up past overhead price resistance, the stock will probably have trouble rallying.  

              wpeF7.jpg (73243 bytes)
     NEM and TigerSoft's Opening Power and Closing Power

The openings in stocks are advertising for the public.  The general public is more
               likely to place orders in overnight for the opening.  A sequence of rising openings
               means the broader public is actively buying the stock.  It can be shown over and over
               that the less informed general public is more emotional and more likely to be wrong
               about most stock than informed professionals.  What professionals think about the
               stock is indicated by the trend of the TigerSoft Closing Power.  A falling trend is
               bearish, even when openings tend to be higher.  Almost always, the stock will fall
               when the TigerSoft Closing Power breaks its uptrend, as in early June in NEM's case.
                    When using TigerSoft's Closing Power take note of its readings and trend when
                the stock reaches the upper band.  The January price peak at the upper band occurred
                with the TigerSoft Closing Power lower than what it was on the November peak.
                This is a bearish Closing Power non-confirmation of a new high.

wpe115.jpg (48316 bytes)

     NEM and TigerSoft's Day Traders' Tool

    Day Traders' sentiment is normally a good measure of a stock's internal strength.
              Watch closely this tool for trend-breaks.  The TigerSoft Day traders' Tool is currently
              declining.     When that trend is broken the stock will be a good trading buy.   Use this tool in
              conjunction with the trends shown by TigerSoft's  Accumulation Index and Closing Power.
              Doing this, your rate of trading successes will rise significantly, especially it you have been making
              decisions because they simply felt right.  Emotions are predictable to professionals.  And so,
              investors who are emotional are "played", and thus are proven wrong most of the time.

wpe12A.jpg (42244 bytes)
   FCX - Freeport-McMoran - Copper and Gold
              Use Weekly Accumulation Index to conform new highs.

          Weekly data requires Dial Data subscription $50/mo) and Procomm for Windows (about $50).
wpe128.jpg (42989 bytes)

        FCX - Use TigerSoft Closing Power To See What Professionals Expect of Stock
                           Openings are very deceptive.  Closings show the real balance of power between
                      professional buyers and sellers.  Breaks in the uptrend-line of Closing Power, especially
                      when a Peerless Sell signal operates, should be used to sell.
         FCX2.GIF (13031 bytes)

          FCX - Use TigerSoft's Day trader's Tool To See What Professional Day Traders
          Expect the Stock To Do. 

                  Buys - When the TigerSoft Day Traders' Tool breaks its downtrend, significant pressure
                  comes off the stock and it is apt to rise.  See February 2008 below.

                  Sells -  Having failed to make a new high in June, the break-down by the TigerSoft
                  Day Trader's Tool below its uptrend line was distinctly bearish, especially in the context
                  of Peerless showing a major Sell on the general market.

         wpe129.jpg (43337 bytes)

   PAAS - Pan American Silver -  See if you can apply these concepts to this stock's TigerSoft charts.
                                     Do you see the bearish head and shoulders top patterns?  Do you see the falling
                                      Closing Power trend?  The Opening Power's rise showed the public was bullish
                                      at the wrong time.   Day Traders have been preponderantly bearish PAAS since
                                      November 2007.. 
        wpe12C.jpg (48890 bytes)

                   The head and shoulders price pattern with heavy red distribution on its right side points
                   to the same bearish conclusion.

wpe12D.jpg (71282 bytes)

                PAAS -  TigerSoft Day Traders' Tool has been falling since November.
                               Break-downs by it to new lows could have been used for profitable short-sales..
wpe12E.jpg (43990 bytes)

              SSRI - Silver Standards -  See if you can apply these concepts to this stock's TigerSoft charts.
                                     Do you see the bearish head and shoulders top patterns?  Do you see the falling
                                      Closing Power trend?  The Opening Power's rise showed the public was bullish
                                      at the wrong time.   Day Traders have been preponderantly bearish SSRI for
                                      many months. 
                                                    TigerSoft's automatic red Buys and Sells work best when the direction
                                      of the signal is supported by the internal strength readings. The February and May
                                      red Sells worked well for short sellers because the Accumulation Index readings
                                      were (red) negative as the upper band was reached.

wpe128.jpg (52085 bytes)

                                   TigerSoft's Closing Power's Trend Usually Sets Direction for Stock
wpe129.jpg (47158 bytes)

                                                        Professional Day Traders Are Usually Right.
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