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                      The Selection of Joe Biden as VP
                 Shows Obama Is No Agent of Real Change

                               Will Hillory Democrats Buy Biden
                                              or Will They Say "Bye-Bye" to Barak?
                                             What's Behind Biden's Veneer?
                                     The Military Industrial Complex Is SAFE, But Are We?


                                            by William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)
                                            (C) 2008 All rights reserved.  Reproducing any part of this page without
                                                            giving full acknowledgement is a copyright infringement.

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                 The Selection of Joe Biden as VP
            Proves Obama Is No Agent of Change


What Will Hillory Supporters Do?                                                         

Hillory Clinton earned the right to be offered the Vice Presidency.   She campaigned hard
                     for months and won in nearly all the big states' primaries that are usually Democratic:
                     California, New York, Pennyslvania, Massachusetts and Ohio.  Obama won mostly in the states
                     that typcially go Republican: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and
                     Iowa.   He probably won't win these RED states anyway.  So his victories are far less meanigful.
                     In addition, the Democratic Party disenfranchised Michigan and Florida, where Hillory
                     would probably have won.   Obama is very foolish to ignore the voters of these big blue states.
                              Obama's selction of Biden  will be widely seen as an insult by millions of Hillory's voters.
                     Obama's disregard for her legitimate claim to be on the ticket is seen by many as strong
                     reason to vote for someone else this coming election.  The brash Obama may well have blown his
                     chance to be President.   The Democratic Convention this coming week is apt to be a
                     very divided.  Its drama will amuse Republicans and anger progressives, who will see Obama
                     in the same light they do Speaker Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Yellow Dog Democrats, namely
                     that they should have their own political party.

                            Obama's selection of Biden is an admission that he (Obama) is unprepared to be
                      President.   He implicitly admits that he lacks the experience for the job, quite apart
                      from having the backbone of a jellyfish.  In picking Biden,
Obama ignores Biden's racism.
                      Last year, Biden described Obama as “
the first mainstream African-American who is articulate
                      and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.
Obama has flip-flopped on 27 issues.
  (See below).
                      What is one more?

Biden Is The Ultimate Washington Insider

                           Biden is close to being the ultimate Washington insider that Obama blames and
                    says he wants to do away with.  In this,
Obama's phoniness is revealed.  Biden has taken
                    $5 million since 2003 from the very lobbyists that Obama criticizes.  I notice that
                    in introducing Biden today, Obama did not mention that Biden voted  for the Iraq war
                    in 2003 and every Approriations Bill for it since.  Surely, Obama must realize that this
                    undercuts his sole positive leadership attribute, other than giving rousing speeches,
                    namely that he opposed the war in Iraq from day one, when it was unpopular to do so.. 

                            Biden's speeches are energetically against Big Oil.  So, any comprehensive energy
                    plan he and Obama develop will be much more independent of Big Oil than Bush and
                    Cheney sought.  Given that McCain's big campaign contributions have been oil money,
                    an Obama Presidency will probably bring some big changes in energy policies.  Similarly,
                    Biden's votes on taxes, trade and the environment are certainly a significant improvement
                    from Bush-Cheney.  These issues will help Obama with many Americans.  Biden's many
                    years in the Senate (He was first elected when he was 29!) certainly show he knows
                    a lot about Washington, raising campaign contributions and getting re-elected. Obama will
                    need a fiery attack dog if he is to win.  Biden is not afraid of saying what is on his mind.
                    While the AFL-CIO likes him, I find a lot that is very troubling about the selection
                    of Biden as Obama'a VP running  mate.

         A Very Disappointing Choice.

  Biden is a hollow veneer.  Just look at his Hollywood teeth and those silly hair plugs. 
                    More importantly, Biden has voted to give Bush every penny he has asked for to conduct
                    his $3 trillion Iraq war.   
He will do nothing to shrink the weight on Americans of the trillion
                    dollar military and intelligence budgets.
 Like the neocons, war profiteers and McCain
                    hardliners, Biden keeps voting to add to a US military budged which is more than twice the
                    combined spending of  the next six biggest military powers: China, Russia, the U.K., France,
                    Japan, and Germany.  It is 30 times the miltary spending of Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea,
                    Sudan and  Syria.  More and more futuristic weapons are being pitted against decidely
                    low-tech, rag-tag Al Quida improvizations. 
American military power is unchallenged by any other
                    country.   Still the US spends more and more, despite its hopelessly large budget deficits
                    and the dire long range consequences of these deficits.  There must be a better approach.  
                    If there is,  Obama and Biden won't find it.  They show no inclination to challenge the dominant
                    thinking of the Pentagon or the meglomanical NeoConservative "Imperial Americans"
                    and the pro-military spending, pro-interventionist "realists" who dominate the Council of
                    Foreign Relations.  (
The Bush Doctrine of unilateral intervention actually was proclaimed
                    in 1999 and 2000 by Clinton's UN Ambassador, Madeline Albright, and Secretary of
                    Defense, William Cohen, when they declared that the US is committed to ‘unilateral use
                    of military power’ to defend vital interests, which include ‘ensuring uninhibited access to
                    key markets, energy supplies, and strategic resources


                                                               wpe12A.jpg (6638 bytes)         
                               (Fox News: "
Exceedingly bright, white teeth have become so common — and often so
                                blinding — that people who undergo the bleaching and porcelain veneer procedures
                                behind them should be required to hand out sunglasses before flashing a smile.)

                            He is another cold warrior trying to restart the cold war to keep the military
                     industrial complex happy and rolling right along.  He is unwilling to tell the truth about
                    Georgia.   Thanks to the CIA who installed Saakashvili in power. Georgia is run by
                    this foolish young man who has started a stupid war against his much bigger neighbor
                   Russia.   More and more he has behaved like a tin-horn authoritarian dictator who will not
                   tolerate dissent and may even have his opponents killed.   Many more details can be
                   found on  http://www.tigersoftware.com/TigerBlogs/August-21-2008/index.html

                            True, for political advantage, Biden has properly said America is being financially
                    and morally exhausted by Bush's $3 trillion war in Iraq".  But he has given George Bush
                    every penny he wanted to wage this insane and corruptly waged war.

                            Calling himself a  "realist",  Biden is for the continued use of American military
                     force in faraway places, like Darfur, the Balkans and Afghanistan.  He will fit in perfectly
                     with the hawks and the military industrial complex.  The hundreds of US military bases a
                     round the workd are not threatened.  It will business as usual at the Pentagon and the CIA
                     with Biden near the center of US Governmental decision-making

                            Biden voted FOR the Bush war in Iraq. Now he has seen the light about Iraq.
                    He said last year that "the top officials in the Bush administration have privately
                    concluded they have lost Iraq and are simply trying to postpone disaster so the next
                    president will “be the guy landing helicopters inside the Green Zone, taking people
                    off the roof,” in a chaotic withdrawal reminiscent of Vietnam. He has called General
                    Petraeus "dead flat wrong" (sic) on Iraq.  The surge has not added security there..
                    Well duh?

                             I admit that he certainly has a much more nuanced view of "terrorism" and has
                    banned use of the phrase "war on terror" in his office.  Biden has said: "Terrorism
                    is a means, not an end, and very different groups and countries are using it toward
                    very different goals. If we can't even identify the enemy or describe the war we're fighting,
                    it's difficult to see how we will win."

                             Biden has received more than a million dollars between 2003 and 2008 from
                    financial and investment firms.  Bailouts will continue as usual for Wall Street.
                    "Over his long career in politics, Biden’s biggest financial supporter has been the giant
                    credit card company MBNA, which was also one of George W. Bush’s biggest donors
                    in 2000 and 2004. His son, Hunter Biden, was hired as a management trainee at MBNA
                    straight out of law school, and was quickly promoted to executive vice president. The younger
                    Biden has since left MBNA to establish his own lawyer-and-lobbying firm, but still receives
                    a $100,000 per year consulting fee from the bank, which has since been swallowed by Bank
                    of America. In 2006, Hunter Biden was appointed by President Bush to a five-year term on the
                    Amtrak Reform Board.

                                                          wpe115.jpg (15001 bytes)

                            Biden has not been the consumers' friend.  He has been in the pocket of credit card
                   companies, many of whom are incorporated in Delaware.   Biden was the most active
                   Democrat in the U.S. Senate during the battles over the federal bankruptcy bills.   Biden
                   helped predatory lenders get the bill they wanted.  The little guy got screwed.  Now the
                   entire national economy is paying the price .  Biden aggressively ramrodded the bankruptcy
                   bill through the Senate, despite opposition from all the major consumer groups, women’s
                   groups, bankruptcy attorneys, and labor organizations, and warnings from bankruptcy judges. 

                            Instead of leading the fight for universal medical insurance, he would bring coverage
                   only in extreme cases.  He is for the government paying hospital bills over $55,000.   There
                   is nothing in his views that would help working people get cheaper or affordable health
                   insurance.   He would allow people between 55 and 65 to "buy" into Medicare. 

                            Mr. Biden’s health plan excludes undocumented immigrants, except in emergency cases.
                    “Instead, deal with it through immigration bills, not health care.”  So, he would send "illegals"
                     back home untreated, even though they have been paying taxes all along.  He seems not to
                     care about those that will die on the way back to their native country?

                            Biden has hidden ties to Bush. Scooter Libby's wife has been a main Senate Staffer
                     for Senator Biden.

                            In fairness, Biden has regularly voted
                    1) to have a less regressive taxation system that will tax the very rich;.
                    2) to protect American workers in foreign trade agreements.
                    3) to protect the environment and the earth's animals and fishes.

McCain Is Worse

                               Criticisms of Obama do not make me a McCain supporter.  McCain would continue the
                     Iraq war until "we win".  He jokes about bombing Iran, no matter the loss of life.  He
                     has called Social Security a "disgrace".  McCain is very heavily dependent upon corporation
                     contributions and has surrounded himself with lobbyists like Phil Gramm, who created the Enron
                     loophole that has brought about the destructiveness of steeply higher energy prices in
                     California in 2001 in the US in 2008.   Obama would not call his wife a "cunt" in public like
                    McCain did.           

                       There are a number of Blogs who are opining on Biden.  Here are some.

                                 Obama Flip-Flops - http://jgapinoy.blogspot.com/2008/07/barack-and-forth.html

              Presidential candidates traditionally slide towards the center of the
         political spectrum after they secure the nominations of their parties. McCain
         is no exception.  I have no idea what his latest stance is on global warming.
         And being stubbornly wrong about the Iraq war is unforgiveable, to my

              Obama finds it hard to admit that he is moving to the center to make himself
           more electable. Obama

            1) was against 1990s welfare reform, now for it. (This is a reasonable
            change in lightof new evidence. )
            2) was for Washington, DC gun ban, now against it.  (True and Sad.)
            3) was against death penalty for any reason,  now favors it for child rapists
             and Osama Bin Laden.  (A matter of conscience.)
             4) was against NAFTA, now more open to it if done conditionally. . 
             5) was against Cuban embargo, now for it. (Pure politics! Igh.)
             6) promised to accept campaign spending limits/matching funds if
             McCain did, now refuses to participate even though McCain is willing.
             7) was "strongly" against FISA, then voted for it.  (Very disappointing!
                     Obama taught Constitutional Law.  He should know Bush has 
                     eviscerated the bill of rights.)
             8) was against homosexual marriage, now supports it.
             9) was against personally displaying patriotism via flag lapel pins, now wears one.
           10) was against Jerusalem being the undivided capital of Israel, now for it
           11) was for unconditional dialogue with Iran's President, now for conditions.
           12) was against Bush's faith-based initiatives, now for them.
           13) was for pulling troops out of Iraq per timetable, now "entirely conditions-based".
           14) said in June that "my party" wouldn't take money from lobbyists, but
            as of late July his campaign as well as his party have accepted tens of thousands of
            dollars from individual registered lobbyists
            15) was against all offshore drilling, now for it as long as it’s “carefully
  (That's a reasonable change.)

















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