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                                            McCAIN AND THE WHITE HOUSE WAR MACHINE
                                                          ARE ON THE MARCH.
                                   THE FULL SUPPORT OF OBAMA and BREZEZINSKI

                                  "Get out of Georgia, now."     Missiles for Poland     "We are all Georgians"
                   Americans know nothing of the US Government's Support of Right-Wing Georgian Terrorism.

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                        WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE


                         Why Are Both Republican And Democrat Elites Seeking To Make
                    An Enemy of Russia? 

                    War Mongering Is Also A Democrat Vice.

                         America Is Not The World's Policeman.

                   Bush. McCain. Obama and Biden Just Feed Russian
                                             Paranoia about Being Encircled.

                   The US Military Industrial Complex Needs and Wants Another Cold War. 

                        McCain and Bush Republicans can't seem to go very long without war or the bluster of war, can they? 
                Even some Republicans are disgusted.   Reagan`s Assistant Treasury Secretary - Paul Craig Roberts
                 -- sees a very troubled world ahead... and McCain should think twice about his direction...

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                        Bush is now placing "defensive" American missiles in Poland.  This sounds exactly like
                 Soviet missiles in Cuba.
  They were claimed to be "defensive" then, too, but it led to the
                 Cuban Missile Crisis and very nearly a nuclear Armageddon.  Predictably, a Russian General
                 reacted by saying this was a dangerous threat to Russia and could lead to Poland being
                 attacked with Russian nuclear weapons.  Some key facts about the Polish missles have not been
                 discussed by the Bush Administration.  Are these American-made missles themselves armed
                 with nuclear weapons.  Bush said they were meant to protect Europe from a rogue nuclear attack
                 and were not at aimed at Russia.  But, how can the Russians be sure.  What would America
                 do if the situation was reversed?.  We already know.  That was what the Cuban Missile Crisis
                 was all about. 

                        McCain says we are all Georgians.  That is not true.  Georgia is 12 thousand miles away.
                  It is in the wild Caucuses in what was once Tsarist Russia.  Stalin grew up in Russia.   So did
                  the last Soviet Prime Minister, Eduard Shevardnadze.  Georgia and its mountains have long been
                  hideaways for bandits and soldiers on the run.  McCain's top foreign policy advisor has been
                  on Georgia's payroll.  McCain never mentioned that  Randy Scheunemann's firm has been
                  paid $900,000 since 2004 to represent the interests of an independent Georgia in Washington.

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                                                American Media Lies about Georgia

                       Don't you wonder why al the reports on TV and in the news now omit the most significant
                  and salient fact, namely, that Georgia attacked South Ossetia.  No one mentions that when
                  Georgia left the USSR in 1991, South Ossetia chose to stay a part of Russia, as it had been
                  since 1761.  As the Georgian attack began, FOX News interviewed a little girl.  He asked her
                  the bad Russians.  The girl told him that Georgia had first killed  many of her people and killed
                  a barrack full of Russians peacekeepers..The interviewer then quickly cut her off   

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                        Georgia is not exactly a flourishing democracy. The neutral International Crisis Group reports
                     that  "the Saakashvili administration has had significant success in rebuilding moribund institutions
                    and implementing sweeping economic reforms...(but) the concentration of power in the hands
                    of a small elite, cronyism, and lack of judicial independence and media representing different
                    points of view, remain a challenge to democratization.   Political unrest in late 2007 with a
                    state of emergency and violent crackdown on protesters underscored the fragility of the new
                    political leadership and revealed increasingly authoritarian tendencies within it
                    (Source: http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=1250

                            Georgian Gangland Killings Secure a More Corrupt Government in 2004
Saakashvili's Rise To Power would make "the Mob" Proud.

Once he was in place in January 2004 as Georgia’s new President, Saakashvili
                           proceeded to pack the regime with his cronies and kinsmen. The death of Zurab Zhvania,
                          his prime minister in February, 2005, remains a mystery. The official version—poisoning by faulty gas
                          heater—was adopted by American FBI investigators within two weeks of the killing. That has never
                          seemed credible to those familiar with Georgia’s gangland slayings, crime, and other manifestations
                          of social decay. Zhvania’s death was followed closely by a functionary of the Premier’s apparat,
                          Georgi Khelashvili, who allegedly shot himself the day after his chief’s demise. The head of Zhvania’s
                          research staff was later found dead as well.    Figures allied with Saakashvili reportedly had a hand in the
                          premier’s death. Russian journalist Marina Perevozkina quoted Gia Khurashvili, a Georgian economist.

                          Prior to the fatal incident, Mr. Khurashvili had published an article in Resonans newspaper opposing
                          the privatization and sale of Georgia’s main gas pipeline. Ten days before the prime minister’s body
                          was found, Khurashvili was attacked and his editor-in-chief—citing pressure from ‘security service’
                          figures he refused to name—issued him a warning.  The late premier’s position on the pipeline issue
                          was believed the direct reason for the murder of Zhvania. Zhvania’s brother, Georgi, also told
                          Perevozkina that not long before Zhvania’s death he received a warning that someone was preparing
                          to kill his brother. Saakashvili was reportedly livid when the US State Department invited Zhvania
                          to Washington to win a Freedom Medal from the US Government’s National Democratic Institute.
                          Saakashvili tolerates no rivals for power it seems...

                                "Since coming to power in 2004 with US aid, Saakashvili has led a policy of mass-scale arrests,
                          imprisonment, torture and deepened corruption. Saakashvili has presided over the creation of a
                          de facto one-party state, with a dummy opposition occupying a tiny portion of seats in the parliament,
                          and this public servant is building a Ceaucescu-style palace for himself on the outskirts of Tbilisi.
                          According to the magazine, Civil Georgia (Mar. 22, 2004) until 2005, the salaries of Saakashvili
                          and many of his ministers were reportedly paid by the NGO network of New York-based currency
                          speculator Soros—along with the United Nations Development Program."
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20569.htm )

                                                        With A Little Help from behind The Scenes

                               There are those that argue that but for the CIA, Georgia would not be run by the right-wing
                    Saakashvili administration.  This is beyond the scope of what I want to say here.  But you can read
                    all about it at  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20569.htm     Saakashvili's rise to power
                    involved significant financing from the US Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy,
                   an agency created by Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s to “do privately what the CIA used to do, ”namely
                   overthrow governments the US Government deems insufficiently friendly to American interests
                   as it defines.
  Others say Saakashvili was brought to power by a coup, directed by the "Brezezinski
                   clan" with key financial aid from George Soros.   Brezezinski is a top Obama foreign policy advisor,
                   and someone I had as a teacher at Columbia University.  Brezezinski was Carter's National Security
                  Advisor. .

                                                                  The Arrogance of Power

                               In his1997 book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its
                  Geo-Strategic Imperatives
,  Brezinski argues that America's chief task is to maintain
                  its "global primacy" over all of Eurasia! (Seriously!?)   "To make certain that no state or combination
                  of states gains the capacity to expel the United States from Eurasia or even to diminish significantly
                   its decisive arbitrating role."   Such thinking is delusional.  He completely forgets that American
                   financial and economic power is decidedly finite.  He false assumes that America would use such power
                   wisely.   He is an inveterate cold warrior in search of a new cold war.  The Democrats desperately
                   need to take a new tact and escape the clutches and outdated thinking by the likes of Brezezinski.
                   "Zbig is the reason our founders made it a requirement that only native born Americans be elected
                   President. He is Polish mostly and would want the US to attack Russia for any reason, and would
                   use ANY excuse to do it."
                       (Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-gardels/brzezinski-russias-invasi_b_118029.html )

                                            US Meddling Has Made Things Much Worse for Georgians

                             "The long-running dispute over South Ossetia - as well as Abkhazia, the other contested region
                      of Georgia - is the inevitable consequence of the breakup of the Soviet Union...  Such problems
                      would be hard enough to settle through negotiation in any circumstances. But add in the tireless
                      US promotion of Georgia as a pro-western, anti-Russian forward base in the region, its efforts to
                      bring Georgia into NATO (and) the routing of a key Caspian oil pipeline through its territory aimed
                      at weakening Russia's control of energy supplies, and conflict was only a matter of time.. Georgia's
                      forces are armed and trained by the US and Israel. It has the third-largest military contingent
                      in Iraq..."  (
http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2867.htm )


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                       What's worse Georgia's President acts like a certifiable liar who craves media attention.
                  Bush, McCain and Obama have hitched their wagon to a crazy man.  Saakashvilli thought
                  the Olympic Games would give him cover for Georgia's invasion of its breakaway province of
                  South Ossetia.  What stupidity!  When the Russians counter-attacked, Saakashvilli falsely
                  claimed that the US would be taking over Georgian airfields and port facilities to defend Georgia.
                  Georgia under Saakashvilli

                       Sure, the Russian can be accused of over-responding.  But the US Corporate media refuses
                  to report about the hundreds of  Russians who were killed or wounded when Georgia initiated
                  hostilities by attacking Russia first.  The Russian peace keepers had been in South Ossetia for
                  fifteen years when they were attacked. 
                       Bush's complaints about a disproportionate response ring especially hollow and hypocritical.
                  It was the Bush Administration which gave a green light to Israel to launch a 35-day bombing
                  of Lebanon after a border skirmish that killed three Israeli soldiers.  Bush's war on Iraq has
                  caused the death of over out of every 35 Iraqi.  They were never a threat to America.  It was
                  always about the oil.

                                                Obama and Biden Sound Exactly like McCain

                       Obama, caught by surprise, vacationing in Hawaii, has shown a singular lack of courage.
                   Instead of reminding McCain and Bush that Georgia started the war and then simply urging
                   a quick end of hostilities and the use of UN peace-keepers,  Obama could only echo the words
                   of the super-hawks, Cheney, Bush and McCain and side entirely with Georgia. 

                                 "Russia's invasion of Georgia may be the one of the most significant
                                  event to occur in Europe since the end of communism... When Congress
                                  reconvenes, I intend to work with the administration to seek Congressional
                                 approval for $1 billion in emergency assistance for Georgia."  ( Biden - August 19, 2008)

                   In a year when one might hope that Democrats would be defining their differences from the
                   failed policies of Bush and Cheney, they are instead emulating them.  No wonder the American
                   public learned so little fromt he failed policies in Viet Nam and made the same mistakes in Iraq.
                  In picking Biden, Obama shows he is easily cowered by right wing super-patriots.  In this McCain,
                  might actually be able to act more independently.  How much difference is there between
                  the two Presideential candidates?  McCain wants to "act tough" and Obama is afraid not to "act tough".
                 I overheard someone ask, "Why vote for Obama, more and more he is just a follower?  The Democrats
                 have nothing new to offer on foreign policy
."  As for Biden, he voted for all the Iraq war appropriations.
                 His so-called foreign policy experience failed him on this key test.

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                                                                      The cruel sport of bear-baiting
                                                                  Russia like a bear, will leave you alone
                                                             if you do not threaten it.  But if you poke it,
                                                             annoy it with shouts or get between it and
                                                             its offspring, you will have a fight on your

                                                              There Can Be No Peace

                       The corporate military industrial complex is taking over the US, lock. stock and barrel.
                  The Democratic Congress has given Bush the authority to spend more than a trillion dollars
                  this year on wars and making wars, despite the fact that with 5% of the world's population
                  we already spending 75% of the entire world's military spending.  And it's not like the US
                  has unlimited resources.  We are deeply in hock.  The federal deficit will be a trillion next year,
                  yet people can't find jobs, afford food and medicine and bridges are collapsing.

                      The military industrial complex is among Nancy Pelosi's biggest campaign contributors.   No
                  wonder she won't bring Bush under control, much less impeach him.  Obama seems to have
                  the backbone of a jellyfish.  When it comes to Georgia, he is a cold warrior, too.   Brezezinski,
                  one of his key advisors, was always an ardent cold warrior.  In graduate school, he lowered
                  my grade (from A to A-) because I argued in class and in a seminar paper correctly (as it turned out)
                  that economic revisionism would in the end mean the disintegration of Communism in Eastern Europe. 
                  Ever, the cold warrior, Brezezinski's stubborn advocacy of the "domino theory" buttressed LBJ's
                  tragic war on VietNam.  As National Security Advisor, his callous support for the repressive Shah
                  and hard line with Iran helped bring about the awful Iranian Fundamentalist revolution, which we are
                  still paying for. In 1988, he switched sides and backed Bush I for President.  At the time, he
                  said there was a 50% chance that Communish would collapse by 2017.  He has consistently
                  opposed Bush II's war on Iraq  and agreed with those that say the Israel Lobby is having too
                  much influence over American foreign policy.  He considered a close advisor to Obama.   Ever the
                  ex-Polish Russophobe, he wants us now to isolate Russia over their counter-invasion of Georgia.  

                     Bush's words to Russia about Georgia, "Get out now",  are music to low-brow, macho thinkers,
                 but they hardly help Georgia.  They have no moral authority, coming from a man who has had America
                 invade a country that was no threat to them and cause over a million Iraqis to die.   Georgia was misled,
                 in the first place, by Bush's recklessness false sense of omnipotence.  Bush misled the Georgian
                 President into thinking that the US would fight Russia to preserve their independence and would
                 push Britain, France and Germany to have Georgia join NATO.  Bush had no such clout and the Russians
                 could see that America was bluffing.  America's military has long been exhausted by the 5-year
                 3 trillion Dollar war in Iraq. Why not give the Russians the two weeks they want to withdraw? .
                 As long as they get out?  It's true the Russians want to destroy Georgia's military and capture its
                 weapons.   But that is what we would do, if we were attacked first.  Comparing Putin to Hitler,
                 Brezezinski says Russia will next devour the Ukraine. 
                         I am so tired of Americans being ignored, lied to, duped and manipulated by the White House
                and both political parties, as they create the conditions for a new cold war with Russia.   It seems
                from the docile and unquestioning corporate media response that the worst fear of Eisenhower
                has come true, namely that the American Military Industrial Complex now controls 90% of the
                country and nearly all the corporate media.  We know now we were lied to in the start up of the
                Iraq war  
                                                        Israel, Iran and Oil

                     Georgia is militarily important to America only if  the US wants Israel to attack Iran.   Israel
                has sold a lot of military hardware to Georgia.   "The military cooperation between the countries developed
                     swiftly. The fact that Georgia's defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew
                     contributed to this cooperation. “We are now in a fight against the great Russia," he said, "and our hope is to
                     receive assistance from the White House, because Georgia cannot survive on its own. .. The Ministry of Defense
                     of Israel had supplied the Georgian government their Hermes 450 UAV spy drones, made by Elbit Maarahot
                      Systems Ltd, for use, under the strict control of Israeli intelligence units, to conduct intelligence-gathering flights
                      over southern Russia and, most especially into a Iran, targeted for Israeli Air Force attacks in the near future.

                             "Two airfields in southern Georgia had been earmarked for the use of Israeli military aircraft, intended to launch
                     an attack on identified targets relating to Iranian atomic energy projects. This attack was approved by President Bush
                      in an undertaking with the government of Israel signed in Washington, D.C., on July 4, 2006.   The thrust of this top
                     secret agreement was that the Israeli government would have “free and unfettered use” of unspecified Georgian airfields,
                     under American control, onto which they could ferry fighter-bombers which then could fly south, over Turkish territory
                    (and with clandestine Turkish permission) to strike at Tehran. The distance from Georgia to Tehran is obviously far less
                    than from Tel Aviv. "  (Source:

                      wpe115.jpg (19990 bytes)

“                             "More than 20 percent of Israeli oil is imported from Azerbaijan, of which a large share transits through the
                       BTC pipeline. Controlled by British Petroleum, the BTC pipeline has dramatically changed the geopolitics of the
                       Eastern Mediterranean and the Caucusus: 

                  Want more information?
                 See http://www.rense.com/general82/indt.htm

                   Quote from www.smirkingchimp.com
                         "The fact is this guy Saakashvili is an asshole supreme. First of all he agrees to peace talks with
                   the separatists in Ossetia then goes in unprovoked and kills up to 70-people including the Russian
                   peace keepers who had been there since 1994 at the urging of NATO. How would we react had
                   we had the peace keepers there
? I suppose we would just roll over NOT!   People its time to wake
                   up and see this for what it is a provacation of Russia with the intention of creating a wider conflict
                   and new war with Russia since Russia wouldn't play nice and hand their resources over to the Western
                   oligarchical pirates. Remember Putin once he came into power acted to put the heads of the Russian
                   mafia in prison just when they were about to make deals with the corporatocracy to give them a
                   major piece of the action in Russia. They hate Putin because he is a nationalist rather then a globalist.
                   Are Russia and Putin perfect? Of course not but it is hard to find fault with actions intended to protect
                   ones own countrymen from being killed through an unprovoked attack and to make sure the aggessor
                   is cripled to the point where he won't try it again. Oh and by the way you might find it interesting
                   of what Edward Shevernadze who was pushed out of power in Georgia by this asshole has to say
                   about this whole matter.  OUR MEDIA SUCKS!"   (Source: http://www.smirkingchimp.com/news/16422 )

                Quote from reader of Ron Paul's Blog:

                       "Listen, Putin is NOT KGB. I am so sick of this BS! I know the facts, unlike most Americans,
                       and this will only lead to an all-out world war... Putin is a practicing Orthodox Christian, and
                       the American media is lying when they try to make him out to be KGB... I am not Russian myself,
                       and I was raised to hate Russia
                 Quote from reader of the Huffington Post:
                      "Brzezinski is letting his Cold War mentality get the best of him. I suspect also his Polish origins.
                      I'm of Hungarian ancestry, so I understand his fear of Russian aggression, but the world has changed
                      dramatically since Brzezinski served.   NATO is an anachronism, and should have been disbanded
                      when the USSR collapsed. Russia disbanded the Warsaw Pact, pulled its forces out of eastern
                      Europe and pulled its aggressively oriented troops off its own western borders. Extending NATO
                      eastward is quintessentially stupid and a clear provocation to Russia. The US has also derailed nuclear
                      disarmament, preferring to develop new types of nuclear weapons and is trying to install and antimissile
                      system on Russia's borders. More provocations. Right now, Russia and the US ought to be
                      destroying most of our nuclear arms, serving as an example for the world.  Instead, Bush has
                       engineered both military and diplomatic impotence, highlighted by his usual cowboy rhetoric
                       about what Russia "must" do.
                   Quote from reader of TalkLeft   
                       "South Ossetia does not want to be part of Georgia.  It has never wanted to be part
                   of Georgia.  It was semi-autonomous during the Soviet era.  It wants to be part of
                   Russia now.  It is Georgia that is trying to force South Ossetia to be part of it against
                   their will.  There's ugliness on all sides.  SO militias were lobbing shells into Georgia
                   and civilians got killed.  Georgia invaded SO and lots more civilians got killed.  Then
                   Russia moved in to stop Georgia from destroying SO, which has a sizable population
                   of ethnic Russians, btw, and more civilians got killed.

                  "The Russian army is a blunt instrument.  It does not do nuance, and it does not do
                   half-way measures.  It also has very poor command-and-control and hideously
                   demoralized and undisciplined conscripts who not infrequently take their frustrations
                   out on the local population...

                  "Russia is not a threat to the U.S. unless we try to bully them into acting against
                   what they perceive as their national interest.  Russia is also not a threat to Poland
                   or Georgia as long as those countries behave with a teensy bit of common sense.  
                   They are on Russia's borders and that is inescapable for them.  There are things
                   they cannot do, like host U.S. missiles, because of it.  That's life.  Russia will leave
                   them alone if they behave like good neighbors."









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