Weekly Buy B12 AI Bulge Signals

   There is a lot more we can learn from this weekly signal.
   You can see the cases in the stocks we now provide weekly
data for.  These are the SP-500 and NASDAQ-100 stocks,
plus a few others. 

  Study these cases of weekly B12s closely.

              "A" Stocks
              "B' Stocks
              "C' Stocks
              "D" - "F" Stocks

   More than 90% rise significantly when they occur in a base
or still below their yearly high.  Relative strength is not a
factor in the weekly Buy B12s, as it is in the Daily Tiger B12s.

wpe191.jpg (54659 bytes)
wpe190.jpg (63967 bytes)

wpe18F.jpg (62309 bytes)

   But when the B12 occurs after a steep advance they are much riskier.   Consider how far a stock is above its base and
its 52-week moving average.  Even in a good market
environment, it could retreat back to the 52-week ma.
The degree it it above that moving average represents
the risk. 
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