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       The Great 2009 Bull Market

  Why Is Wall Street Is Concealing from The Public
                      The Huge Surge in Low Priced Stocks?

                        The Lessons of DDRX +3784% in three months!


by William Schmidt, Ph.D.  
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              The Great 2009 Bull Market
                         A Huge Surge in Low Priced Stocks 

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by William Schmidt, Ph.D.  

There are certainly a lot more low priced stocks now than there were
        two years ago.  That has given us a rare opprtunity to make a lot of
        money since the market's bottom 61 trading days ago.   I produced web
        pages in the mid 1990s showing how to spot take-offs in low priced
        stocks.  Here is one of the examples from back then.  Note the red major
        Buys, B10 and B24 and the blue spikes of Accumulation up past the
        second horizontal dotted line.  These show insider buying.  This is the
        same approach we use now to find low-priced super stocks.  Keep reading
        and we will show you how well this approach has worked recently, especially
        when some new tools and signals are used.   TigerSoft keeps sharpening
        its tools, signals and trading techniques so that our users will stay far ahead
        of other traders.  Please see.

                                                             1996 - Triplers!

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                 THE GREAT BULL MARKET OF 2009

              TigerSoft built a list of more than 250 low priced (under $4) stocks
       six months ago.  The charts below show that since the market bottomed
       on March 9th, and our Peerless Buy signal on March 10th, this group
       has had the biggest winners.  These are the stocks that have been beaten
       down the most.  They are the ones that will go up the most if this the
       recession's bottom has been seen.  That happens after every steep,
       multi-year bear market. 
              The best way to time the Buying and Selling of the group as a whole
       is shown to be watching the Adv-Decline Line of this group.  Waiting for
       a Relative Strength confirmed move past the 50-day ma also worked.
       The breaking of the OBV Line's downtrendline was a crude volume
       bullish confirmation.  We still do not see positive readings from TigerSoft's
       Accumulation Index.  This is a warning.   But we still have three reasons
       to stay long: 1) This group's A/D Line is still rising; 2) the Relative Strength
       uptrendline is still intact; and 3) TigerSoft can pick the most accumulated
       individual stocks and play them individually, as shown further below. 

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                      Without TigerSoft's index of low-price stocks, one could get a
            pretty good idea of the the trend changes in this group by looking at
            the price behavior of Fidelity's Low Priced stocks, especially if one
            constructs a Relative Strength Line showing FLPSX divided by the DJI.
            The chart of FLSPX shows how well our Peerless signals on the
            DJI work when applied to FLPSX.  
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                 Fidelity's Low Priced Stocks' Fund Is Not Even Low-Priced

                       There are significant problems trading any Fidelity fund.  They
            limit or penalize frequent trades.  Their management fees are high.
            This fund is very volatile.  At the end of 2007 it was 49.  At the bottom
            a few weeks ago it was 18.  It now stands at 26.5.  One would have
            done much better buying a random selection of low priced stocks on
            March 10th from our low priced list.  Most important, these are not
            low priced stocks.   They all range between $10 and $30.
            Here are their top 10 biggest  holdings now:
Company Symbol   Price       % Assets YTD Return %
UnitedHealth Group Inc UNH       27.1 4.17 -11.58
Safeway Inc. SWY       20.6 2.72 -16.58
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. BBBY     29.2 2.50 19.67
Oracle Corporation ORCL     20.71 2.22 9.37
Metro Inc. A N/A 1.91 N/A
Walgreen Co. WAG     30.83 1.42 27.95
Lincare Holdings Inc. LNCR    20.58 1.26 -10.40
Constellation Brands Inc STZ       12.21 1.18 -26.51
Unum Group UNM     17.19 1.17 -11.26
Coventry Health Care Inc. CVH      18.29 1.12 6.9

         Buy on TigerSoft's Automatic Buys and Confirmed Cross-overs of Blue 50-day ma

               Here are the 50 stocks are up more than 400% since the DJIA bottomed
        on March 9th.  Studying the best performers will sharpen your skills and
        demonstrate the power of TigerSoft.   Compare the top performing stock
        DDRX, up 3784% with the chart at the top of the page.  Again we see high
        accumulation, insider buying and very unusual volume on the breakout and
        relative strength.   Click on the stock's symbol to see the graphs.  Not all
        stocks show insider buying before the stocks jumps.  Even insiders can be
        surprised.  In many cases, these jumps are more due to short covering
        and so are less likely to keep advancing.   Keep in mind, we want also to see
        automatic red Buys, Closing Power power rising to new highs, unusual volume
        and unusual relative strength, especially as the stock makes recovery new highs.
              Buys should also be used on confirmed cross-overs of the blue day ma.
        Very positive readings from the Tiger Accumulation Index and a Closing
        Power above its ma and no longer down-trending.   See the example of
        DTG just below. Buying this stock this way would have produced a 650%
        gain as the stock moved up from 1.22 (where the vertical line is) to
        to the current price of 9.28.

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C:\best2009   Days back= 62 
 3 / 9 / 2009 - 6 / 5 / 2009 
Rank          Symbol        Name                   Price       Pct.Gain      
---------     -----------------------------------  ----------  ------------   
 1            DDRX          DIEDRICH COFFEE	   17.87         3784%          
Diedrich Coffee Inc.28 Executive Park Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92614
 2            VNDA          VANDA PHARMACEUTI      12.9          1532% 
Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 9605 Medical Center Drive Suite 300
Rockville, MD 20850 http://www.vandapharmaceuticals.com         
 3            DTG           DOLLAR THRIFTY AU       9.28         1207% 
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc. 5330 East 31st Street 
PO Box 35985  Tulsa, OK 74135-0985 http://www.dtag.com        
 4            PIR           PIER ONE INC	    1.96         1206% 
Pier 1 Imports Inc. 100 Pier 1 Place Fort Worth, TX 76102
 5            ATSG          AIR TRANSPORT	    2.25         1025% 
Air Transport Services Group, Inc. 145 Hunter Drive Wilmington, OH 45177
 6            BZH           BEAZER HOMES USA        2.7           980% 
Beazer Homes USA Inc. 1000 Abernathy Road Suite 1200 Atlanta, GA 30328
 7            ARM           ARVINMERITOR INC	    3.72          962% 
ArvinMeritor Inc. 2135 West Maple Road Troy, MI 48084-7186
ArvinMeritor, Inc. supplies a range of integrated systems,
modules, and components to commercial truck, light vehicle, trailer,
and specialty original equipment manufacturers worldwide.       
 8            SAH           SONIC AUTOMOTIVE       10.34          955% 
Sonic Automotive Inc. 6415 Idlewild Road Suite 109 Charlotte, NC 28212
 9            AXL           AMER AXLE&MFG HLD       2.86          886%  
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc. One Dauch Drive 
Detroit, MI 48211-1198 http://www.aam.com        
 10           DNDN          DENDREON CORPORAT      25.74          875%
Dendreon Corp. 3005 First Avenue  Seattle, WA 98121
 11           PNX           THE PHOENIX CO IN       1.99          847% 
 12           PMI           P M I GROUP INC	    2.81          806% 
 13           BGP           BORDERS GROUP INC       4.34          804%  
 14           CKEC          CARMIKE CINEMAS I       8.63          762% 
 15           ODP           OFFICE DEPOT INC	    5.06          757% 
 16           CHRS          CHARMING SHOPPES        4.11          756%  
 17           COT           COTT CP	            6.07          731% 
 18           RAD           RITE AID CP	            1.74          728% 
 19           TEN           TENNECO INC	            8.14          722% 
 20           SRZ           SUNRISE SENIOR LV       2.84          711%  
 21           OFG           ORIENTAL FIN GROU      11.27          693%  
 22           PWAV          POWERWAVE TECHNOL       1.62          604% 
 23           CMRG          CASUAL MALE RETAI       2.5           594% 
 24           HEB           HEMISPHERX BIOPHA       2.73          582%  
 25           AGEN          ANTIGENICS INC.	    2.23          575% 
 26           CNO           CONSECO INC	            2.56          573% 
 27           TUES          TUESDAY MORNING C       3.57          573%
 28           AIB           ALLIED IRISH PLC        6.25          564%
 29           TRW           TRW AUTOMOTIVE HL       9.93          553%
 30           TNL           TECHNITROL INC	    6.52          551% 
 31           SMRT          STEIN MART INC.	    7.66          538% 
 32           OGXI          ONCOGENEX PHARMA	   24.98          537% 
 33           ANPI          ANGIOTECH PHARMAC       1.7           529% 
 34           CENX          CENTURY ALUMINUM        6.35          499%
 35           VCI           VALASSIS COMMUN I       6.81          497% 
 36           MRNA          MDRNA INC	            1.397         465% 
 37           BCS           BARCLAYS PLC ADR	   18.63          459% 
                                ADR trading is misleading        
 38           BBX           BANKATLANTIC BNCP       3.72          455% 
 39           ENTG          ENTEGRIS INC.	    3.16          454% 
 40           PLAB          PHOTRONICS INC.	    3.93          453%
 41           ABG           ASBURY AUTOMOTIVE      11.01          445%  
 42           TIN           TEMPLE INLAND INC      13.83          442%  
 43           XTXI          CROSSTEX ENERGY I       4.67          430%  
 44           BNE           BOWNE AND CO	    6.65          424% 
 45           HGSI          HUMAN GENOME SCIE       2.82          412%
 46           RUTH          RUTH'S CHRIS STEA       3.98          410%
 47           CWST          CASELLA WASTE SYS       3.05          408%
 48           MGPI          MGP INGREDIENTS I       2.94          406% 
 49           VM            VIRGIN MOBILE USA       4.55          405%           

 50           FCFC          FIRSTCITY FINANCI       5.05          400%           
           The Lessons of DDRX +3784% in three months!

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