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                            Fasting Growing Tech Stocks   
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                           Last week Forbes came up with a list of the fastest growing high tech stocks.
         When we look at a TigerSoft composite chart of all these stocks we see that it is outperforming
         the DJIA by  13% over the last 50 trading days.  This group is outperforming the NASDAQ-100
         (QQQQ) stocks by only 2% over the same period. It is trying to build a base for a recovery
        from the very steep slide from June to November.  More strength will be needed to show
        that a real bottom has been made. 

                           Only Red Hat (RHT) in the Forbes' 25 fastest growing stocks is among the very
        best performers among all stocks. 

                           In Table 1, we rank Forbes' growth tech stocks by how well their shares have done since
       the market bottom (we hope) of 11/21/2008.  The Tiger charts show the red Buy and Sell signals
       that have worked best for the year.  And it shows the key internal strength indicators we use.
       In the chart below the Accumulation Index is slipping and falling bearishly away from its
       21-day ma.  This is a warning that there is little willingness by big buyers to keep bidding these
       stocks now that the Forbes publicity's bullish effect is over.

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                    In the charts below for
Table 1, we see only two stocks that show "Bullish" reading
        from all four of TigerSoft's key internal strength indicators:
                                        Tiger's Closing Power 
                                        Tiger's Relative Strength
                                        Tiger's Accumulation Index. 

       The two stocks are RHT and GOOG.  The others are better profitably traded using
       changes in Tiger's Closing Power and the Automatic Buys and Sells.  If you want to
       see more some stocks with very good internals, look at the longer
second table that
       shows the
best performing stocks among all stocks since the November bottom.   These
       are the stocks over $5 that have gained more than 75% since the bottom. 

   TABLE !: Performance for last 48 days - since November bottom 

    (Blue is used to help California job searchers.)

                   11 / 21 / 2008 - 2 / 3 / 2009 
Rank  Symbol   Name                  Price  Pct.Gain       
----  -------  --------------------  ------ -----------    
 1    RHT      RED HAT INC	     15.37   79%   
 Red Hat, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides open source 
 software solutions to enterprises. Its solutions include Appliance 
 Operating System comprising virtual appliance development kit for 
 enabling independent software vendors to configure the operating 
 system, middleware, and applications. http://www.redhat.com
 2200 employees  Raleigh, NC 27606

                Red Signals' Gain = 125.7%
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 2    EQIX     EQUINIX INC.	     53.8    53%   
 Equinix, Inc. provides network neutral colocation, interconnection, 
 and managed IT infrastructure services to enterprises, content 
 companies, systems integrators, and network providers. 
 http://www.equinix.com  911 employees 
 301 Velocity Way Fifth Floor Foster City, CA 94404-4803 
 Phone: 650-513-7000 Fax: 650-513-7900 
                      Red Signals' Gain = 53%
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 3    ILMN     ILLUMINA INC.         27.99   41% 
 llumina, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing 
 of integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and 
 biological function. http://www.illumina.com  1941 employees.
 9885 Towne Centre Drive  San Diego, CA 92121
 Phone: 858-202-4500 Fax: 858-587-4297
          Red Signals' Gain = 68%
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 4    KNXA     KENEXA CORPORATIO      6.91   38% 
 Kenexa Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides software, 
 services, and proprietary content that enable organizations to 
 recruit and retain employees. http://www.kenexa.com  1373 employees
 Wayne, PA 19087 Phone: 610-971-9171 
            Red Signals' Gain = 114%
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 5    SYMC     SYMANTEC CORPORAT     15.21   38% 
 Symantec Corporation provides software and services that protect, 
 manage, and control information risks related to security, 
 data protection, storage, compliance, and systems management.
 http://www.symantec.com  17,600 employees  Cupertino, CA 95014-2132
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 6    AKAM     AKAMAI TECHNOLOGI     14.2    34%  
 Akamai Technologies, Inc. provides services for accelerating the 
 delivery of content and applications over the Internet. The company 
 offers three business solutions: Digital Asset Solutions, Dynamic 
 Site Solutions, and Application Performance Solutions. 
 Digital Asset Solutions are designed to enable enterprises to execute 
 their large file management and distribution strategies.
 http://www.akamai.com  1300 employees   Cambridge, MA 02142
 Phone: 617-444-3000
              Red Signals' Gain = 119%
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 7    CRM      SALESFORCE.COM IN     30      34%
 salesforce.com, inc. provides on-demand customer relationship 
 management (CRM) services to businesses and industries worldwide. 
 Its services enable customers and subscribers to systematically record, 
 store, analyze, and act upon business data, as well as help businesses 
 manage customer accounts, track sales leads, evaluate marketing campaigns,
 and provide post-sales service.  http://www.salesforce.com  3318 employees
 The Landmark One Market Suite 300 San Francisco, CA 94105 
 Phone: 415-901-7000
             Red Signals' Gain = 48%
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 8    JCOM     J2 GLOBAL COMMUNI     19.78   33%  
 j2 Global Communications, Inc. provides outsourced, value-added 
 messaging and communications services to individuals and businesses 
 worldwide.: http://www.j2global.com  410 employees
 6922 Hollywood Boulevard Suite 500 Hollywood, CA 90028 323-860-9200
               Red Signals' Gain = 94%
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 9    CBEY     CBEYOND INC.	     15.72   31% 
 Cbeyond, Inc. provides managed Internet protocol-based communications
 services to small businesses in the United States.  1498 employees
 http://www.cbeyond.net  Atlanta, GA 30339  1498 employees

             Red Signals' Gain = 382%
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 10   DRIV     DIGITAL RIVER INC     24.74   29%   
 Digital River, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides 
 outsourced e-commerce solutions to various companies in the software 
 and high-tech products, consumer electronics, computer and video games, 
 and other markets primarily in the United States and Europe. Its services 
 assist in establishing an online sales channel capability and to manage 
 online sales. http://www.digitalriver.com   952-253-1234
 Eden Prairie, MN 55344
         Red Signals' Gain = 76%
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 11   GOOG     GOOGLE INC.	    310.2    29% 
 Google, Inc., a technology company, maintains index of Web sites 
 and other online content for users, advertisers, Google network 
 members, and other content providers. http://www.google.com
 20222 employees 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043
       Red Signals' Gain = 77%
wpe14F.jpg (62081 bytes)
 12   DNA      GENENTECH INC	     82.97   14%  
 Genentech, Inc. engages in the discovery, development, manufacture, 
 and commercialization of pharmaceutical products in the United States.  
 http://www.gene.com  South San Francisco, CA 94080-4990
             Red Signals' Gain = 56.4%
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 13   AAPL     APPLE INC.	     92.98   12% 
 APPLE http://www.apple.com  32000 employees
 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014  408-996-1010
              Red Signals' Gain = 68%   
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 14   VOCS     VOCUS INC.	     15.55    6% 
 Vocus, Inc. provides on-demand software for public relations management. 
 Its software addresses the functions of public relations, including 
 media relations, news distribution, and news monitoring.
 http://www.vocus.com  388 employees Lanham, MD 20706  301-459-2590
              Red Signals' Gain = 247%
wpe155.jpg (66654 bytes)    

 15   LMNX     LUMINEX CORPORATI     19.79   -3%    
 Luminex Corporation develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary 
 biological testing technologies and products for applications in
 the life sciences industry. http://www.luminexcorp.com  343 employees
 Austin, TX 78727  512-219-8020
                 Red Signals' Gain = 97%
wpe154.jpg (67152 bytes)
 16   JNPR     JUNIPER NETWORKS      14.31   -5% 
 Juniper Networks, Inc. engages in the design, development, and sale 
 of products and services that provide network infrastructure, which 
 creates environment for accelerating the deployment of services and 
 applications over a single Internet Protocol (IP) based network. 
 http://www.juniper.net  Sunnyvale, CA 94089  5879 employees
 1194 North Mathilda Avenue  Sunnyvale, CA 94089  408-745-2000          
                  Red Signals' Gain = 107%
wpe153.jpg (66627 bytes)
 17   HITT     HITTITE MICROWAVE     25.45   -6% 
 Hittite Microwave Corporation designs and develops integrated circuits, 
 modules, and subsystems for technically demanding radio frequency (RF), 
 microwave, and millimeterwave applications in the United States and 
 internationally. Its products include amplifiers, attenuators, data 
 converters, frequency dividers and detectors, frequency multipliers,
 high speed digital logic products, mixers and converters, modulators, 
 oscillators, passives, phase shifters, power detectors, sensors, 
 switches, synthesizers, and variable gain amplifiers.
 http://www.hittite.com  315 employees  Chelmsford, MA 01824
                    Red Signals' Gain = 102%
wpe152.jpg (68989 bytes)

 18   NSR      NEUSTAR INC. CL A     14.59   -20% 
 NeuStar, Inc. provides clearinghouse services to the communications 
 industry in North America and internationally. It provides critical 
 technology services that enable communication service providers 
 to manage various technical and operating requirements, including 
 addressing, interoperability, and infrastructure needs.
 http://www.neustar.biz Sterling, VA 20166 960 employees 571-434-5400
                    Red Signals' Gain = 120%
wpe151.jpg (64942 bytes)
 19   VDSI     VASCO DATA SECURI      6.92   -26%          
 VASCO Data Security International, Inc., through its subsidiaries, 
 engages in the design, development, marketing, and support of 
 hardware and software security systems that manage and secure access
 to information assets worldwide. http://www.vasco.com 630-932-8844
 262 employees.
                    Red Signals' Gain = 178%
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TABLE 2:  Best Performing Stocksince November Bottom

C:\best2309   Days back= 48 
 11/21/2008 - 2/3/2009 
Rank          Symbol        Name                         Price        Pct.Gain     % over 50dma  Long Term Accumulation (0-200)
---------     -----------------------------------       ----------    ------------  -----------   --------------
 1            CPY           C P I CORP	                 6.62          442%          78.2%         92            42%           42%
 CPI Corp., through its subsidiaries, engages in selling and 
 manufacturing professional portrait photography of babies, 
 children, adults, and family groups http://www.cpicorp.com
wpe115.jpg (67993 bytes)

 2            PLD           PROLOGIS SBI	         9.49          212%          2.7%          118           46%           45%
 ProLogis operates as a real estate investment trust in the United States.

 3            HIG           HARTFORD FIN SVC	        14.61          195%          6.4%          52            47%           46%
 The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, 
 provides insurance and financial services.  http://www.thehartford.com

 4            EAT           BRINKER INTL INC	        11.49          187%          26.6%         113           47%           47%
 Brinker International, Inc. owns, develops, operates, and franchises 
 various restaurant brands primarily in the United States. http://www.brinker.com
 5            MCCC          MEDIACOM COMMUNIC            5.42          170%          41.2%         47            47%           47%
 Mediacom Communications Corporation, through its subsidiaries, 
 develops cable systems to provide entertainment, information, 
 and telecommunications services in the United States. http://www.mediacomcc.com
 6            GMA           GMAC LLC PINES	        10.11          165%          34.4%         139           31%           46%

 7            ANDS          Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc.  5.26          162%          77.5%         120           47%           48%
 Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages 
 in developing medicines in the areas of hepatitis C and oncology.
 http://www.anadyspharma.com  San Diego.
 8            GRS           Gammon Lake Resources Inc.   6.51          158%          46.9%         129           53%           48%
  Gammon Gold, Inc. engages in the acquisition, exploration, mining,
  and development of gold and silver deposits in Mexico. 

 9            COGO          COMTECH GROUP INC            6.88          154%          44.6%         98            51%           46%
 Cogo Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides 
 customized module design solutions in the People's Republic of China. 
 Its customized module design solutions include mobile handsets modules 
 for liquid crystal display, camera, persistent storage, input/output,
 sound system, power supplies, Bluetooth, and multimedia functionalities;
 telecom equipment modules for fixed line telecom network, data 
 communications, optical transmission, and wireless base-station 
 functionalities; and digital media modules for digital set-top box, 
 global positioning system, and multimedia module in portable media 
 player and home entertainment.

 10           PHK           PIMCO HIGH INCOME            8             154%          42.9%         105           38%           49%
 PIMCO High Income Fund operates as a closed-end management investment 
 company. It primarily invests in the U.S. dollar-denominated corporate 
 debt obligations and other income-producing securities.
 11           GERN          GERON CORPORATION            7.58          150%          57.9%         106           54%           45%
 Geron Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company, develops 
 biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and chronic 
 degenerative diseases, including spinal cord injury, heart failure, 
 and diabetes.  http://www.geron.com  Menlo Park, CA 
 12           CENT          CENTRAL GARDEN &             6             147%          14.7%         125           43%           53%
 Central Garden & Pet Company operates as marketer and producer of 
 branded products for the lawn and garden, and pet supplies markets.
 13           SSRI          Silver Standard Resources   20.07          143%          39.9%         35            55%           40%
 Silver Standard Resources, Inc. engages in the acquisition, exploration,
 and development of mineral resource properties, primarily silver,
 gold, and copper in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, 
 and the United States. http://www.silver-standard.com
 14           JRCC          JAMES RIVER COAL            14.09          135%          8.7%          120           57%           53%
 James River Coal Company, through its subsidiaries, engages in mining, 
 processing, and selling bituminous, steam, and industrial-grade coal 
 in eastern Kentucky and southern Indiana. http://www.jamesrivercoal.com

 15           LCI           LANNETT COMPANY I            5.05          134%          36.5%         105           42%           45%
 Lannett Company, Inc. develops, manufactures, markets, and 
 distributes generic versions of pharmaceutical products in the 
 United States. http://www.lannett.com

 16           MRCY          MERCURY COMPUTER             6.9           130%          39.8%         118           49%           46%
 Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, 
 integration, and marketing of high-performance computing hardware, 
 software, and services for embedded and other specialized computing 
 markets. http://www.mc.com  Chelmsford, MA 01824
 17           SCHN          SCHNITZER STEEL I           42.05          127%          24%           109           47%           49%
 Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. engages in recycling ferrous and 
 nonferrous metals, and used and salvaged vehicles; and manufacturing 
 finished steel products in the United States and Canada

 18           AMG           AFFILIATED MGRS G           42.29          122%          18.2%         134           44%           51%
 Affiliated Managers Group, Inc., through its affiliates, operates 
 as an asset management company providing investment management 
 services to mutual funds, institutional clients, and high net worth 
 individuals in the United States. http://www.amg.com
 19           EXEL          EXELIXIS INC.	         5.35          122%          21.7%         84            52%           43%
 Exelixis, Inc., a development-stage biotechnology company, engages 
 in the discovery and development of novel small molecule therapeutics 
 for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

 20           MED           MEDIFAST INC	         7.69          118%          39.6%         142           33%           53%
 Medifast, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the production, 
 distribution, and sale of weight management and disease management 
 products, and other consumable health and diet products in the 
 United States and Canada. http://www.medifastdiet.com

 21           TSO           TESORO CORP	                17.21          118%          40.7%         93            57%           47%
 Tesoro Corporation engages in refining and marketing petroleum 
 products in the United States. It operates in two segments, 
 Refining and Retail. http://www.tsocorp.com

 22           FNF           FIDELITY NATL FIN           15.99          116%          7.8%          148           42%           48%
 Fidelity National Financial, Inc., through its subsidiaries, 
 provides title insurance, specialty insurance, claims management, 
 and information services in the United States  http://www.fnf.com

 23           NTCT          NETSCOUT SYSTEMS            14.62          116%          37.4%         122           49%           47%
 NetScout Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, 
 sells, and supports network performance management solutions worldwide. 
 The company offers its products as integrated hardware and software 
 solutions under the nGenius and Sniffer brands. http://www.netscout.com
 Westford, MA 01886-4105

 24           HNT           HEALTH NET INC	        16.75          115%          43.7%         116           45%           47%
 Health Net, Inc., through its subsidiaries, delivers managed health care services through health plans and government sponsored managed 
 care plans. http://www.healthnet.com

 25           SPEC          SPECTRUM CONTROL             7.07          114%          20.9%         56            43%           48%
 Spectrum Control, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages 
 in the design, manufacture, and marketing of various electronic 
 control products and systems used to condition, regulate, transmit, 
 receive, or govern electronic performance.http://www.spectrumcontrol.com

 26           BGC           GEN CABLE CP	        15.98          109%         -4.9%          102           53%           45%
 General Cable Corporation provides copper, aluminum, and fiber 
 optic wire and cable products in North America and internationally.
 The company primarily offers low and medium-voltage distribution 
 cables; high- and extra-high voltage power transmission cable 
 products and installation; and bare overhead conductors to electric 
 utility and power companies, and contractors.
 http://www.generalcable.com  Highland Heights, KY 41076-9753

 27           CI            CIGNA CP	                18.37          108%          22.2%         110           44%           47%
 CIGNA Corporation provides health care and related benefits in the 
 United States and internationally. It operates in two segments, 
 Health Care, and Disability and Life. http://www.cigna.com

 28           SFD           SMITHFIELD FOODS	        11.63          104%          6.7%          121           47%           47%
 Smithfield Foods, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages 
 in the processing of pork and production of hog in the United States 
 and internationally.http://www.smithfieldfoods.com

 29           STC           STEWART INFO SVC	        15.35          104%         -5%            73            40%           49%
 Stewart Information Services Corporation, through its subsidiaries, 
 provides insurance and related information services required for 
 settlement by the real estate and mortgage industries in the 
 United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Central Europe, Mexico, 
 Central America, and Australia. http://www.stewart.com

 30           LORL          LORAL SPACE AND C           14.94          103%          15.3%         104           53%           44%
 Loral Space & Communications, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, 
 operates as a satellite communications company. http://www.loral.com

 31           CVTX          CV THERAPEUTICS I           15.69          102%          56.1%         85            50%           51%
 CV Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the 
 discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecule drugs
 for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. http://www.cvt.com

 32           TIN           TEMPLE INLAND INC            5.95          102%          41.3%         121           45%           47%
 Temple-Inland, Inc., through its subsidiaries, manufactures 
 corrugated packaging and building products primarily in the 
 United States. http://www.temple-inland.com

 33           CCI           CROWN CASTLE INTL           20.52          101%          17.6%         135           45%           51%
 Crown Castle International Corp., through its subsidiaries, engages 
 in the ownership, operation, and leasing of towers and other 
 communications structures primarily in the United States and
 internationally. The company primarily leases and licenses antenna 
 space of its towers to wireless communication companies
 http://www.crowncastle.com  Houston, TX 77057-2261

 34           STU           STUDENT LOAN CP             47.92          101%          15.2%         128           38%           49%
 The Student Loan Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, 
 originates, manages, and services student loans in accordance with 
 federally sponsored guaranteed student loan programs and private 
 education loans to students and their parents http://www.studentloan.com

 35           TASR          TASER INTERNATION            5.41          101%          14.4%         122           50%           47%
 TASER International, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells electronic 
 control devices for use in the law enforcement, military, corrections, 
 private security, and personal defense markets in the United States 
 and internationally : http://www.taser.com

 36           SVU           SUPERVALU INC	        18.8           100%          29.4%         92            49%           48%
 SUPERVALU, INC. operates as a grocery retailer in the United States. 
 37           SGR           SHAW GROUP INC	        27.57           98%           26.1%         130           53%           51%
 The Shaw Group, Inc. offers engineering, technology, construction, 
 fabrication, environmental, and industrial services to various 
 companies worldwide. http://www.shawgrp.com  Baton Rouge, LA 70809

 38           AMLN          Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. 11.93           97%           19.2%         94            47%           47%
 Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages
 in the discovery, development, and commercialization of medicines
 for diabetes, obesity, and other diseases in the United States.
 http://www.amylin.com  San Diego

 39           BWY           BWAY HOLDINGS CO	         8.75           96%           28%           139           45%           46%
 BWAY Holding Company and subsidiaries engage in the manufacture and distribution 
 of metal and rigid plastic containers for the manufacturers of industrial
 and consumer products for packaging. : http://www.bwaycorp.com

 40           IMAX          Imax Corporation             5              96%           29.8%         71            48%           47%
 IMAX Corporation, together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, operates 
 as an entertainment technology company worldwide.  http://www.imax.com

 41           NCV           NICHOLASAPPLGT CV            5.79           96%           31%           101           44%           47%
 Nicholas-Applegate Convertible & Income Fund operates as a diversified,
 closed-end management investment company. It invests primarily in 
 convertible securities, nonconvertible income-producing securities, 
 and convertible preferred stock.

 42           CX            CEMEX SAB DE CV A            8.02           95%          -4.9%          77            59%           43%
 CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V., through its subsidiaries, engages in the 
 production, distribution, marketing, and sale of cement, 
 ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and other construction materials.
 43           GTI           GRAFTECH INTL LTD            8.72           95%           16.2%         128           55%           53%
 GrafTech International, Ltd. develops and manufactures graphite 
 and carbon material science-based solutions. http://www.graftech.com

 44           STLD          STEEL DYNAMICS IN           11.93           95%           14.3%         97            53%           50%
 Steel Dynamics, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the
 manufacture and sale of steel products in the United States
 45           DRE           DUKE REALTY CP	         9.61           94%           3.1%          151           51%           51%
 Duke Realty Corporation operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT) in the United States. It offers
 leasing, property and asset management, development, construction,
 build-to-suit, and other tenant-related services.: http://www.dukerealty.com

 46           ASI           AMER SAFTY INS HL           14.04           93%           24%           84            48%           43%
 American Safety Insurance Holdings, Ltd., along with its subsidiaries, 
 operates as a specialty insurance and reinsurance company.

 47           CBI           CHGO BRIDGE & IRO           11              92%           4.5%          104           54%           47%
 Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an engineering, and procurement and construction 
 company worldwide. http://www.cbi.com

 48           CEC           CEC ENTERTAINMENT           25.76           92%           17.5%         129           45%           52%
 CEC Entertainment, Inc. and its subsidiaries develop, operate, and 
 franchise family entertainment-restaurant centers under the name 
 Chuck E. Cheese's in the United States and internationally. 

 49           TAR           TELEFONICA ARG NE            7.7            91%           27.3%         158           34%           53%
 TelefOnica de Argentina S.A. provides integrated telecommunications 
 services to corporate, residential, wholesale, and small and midsize 
 business customers in Argentina.  http://www.telefonica.com.ar

 50           CYBS          CYBERSOURCE CORPO           12.7            90%           23.3%         98            47%           49%
 CyberSource Corporation provides electronic payment and risk 
 management solutions to organizations that process orders for 
 goods and services over the Internet. Its payment solutions 
 include CyberSource Advanced that enables merchants to accept
 payments made by credit or charge cards, as well as to accept
 payment by corporate procurement cards, electronic check..
 http://www.cybersource.com  Mountain View, CA 94043

 51           NCZ           NICHOLAS -APP CON            5.23           90%           28.9%         101           43%           45%
 Nicholas-Applegate Convertible & Income Fund II operates as a diversified, closed-end management
 investment company. Nicholas-Applegate Convertible & Income Fund
 II operates as a diversified, closed-end management investment company.

 52           DRI           DARDEN RESTAURANT           27.03           89%           12.7%         118           45%           52%
 Darden Restaurants, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the 
 ownership and operation of a chain of restaurants in the United States 
 and Canada. http://www.darden.com

 53           SBAC          SBA COMMUNICATION           20.43           89%           22.2%         119           47%           51%
 SBA Communications Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages 
 in the ownership and operation of wireless communications towers 
 in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

 54           XCO           EXCO RESOURCES IN            9.66           89%           13.8%         102           54%           47%
 EXCO Resources, Inc., an independent oil and natural gas company, engages in the acquisition, development, and exploitation of onshore oil and natural gas properties 
 in North America. http://www.excoresources.com

 55           DIT           AMCON DISTRIBUTIN           28              88%           57.2%         69            42%           30%
 AMCON Distributing Company, through its subsidiaries, engages in the 
 wholesale distribution of a range of consumer products in the Great 
 Plains and Rocky Mountain regions, as well as in the operation of 
 retail health food stores in Florida and the Midwest. http://www.amcon.com

 56           FTGX          FIBERNET TELECOM            10.2            88%           17.2%         141           40%           53%
 FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides 
 interconnection services enabling the exchange of voice, video,
 and data traffic between global networks in the United States. 
 It owns and operates integrated co-location facilities and 
 various transport routes in gateway markets of New York/New Jersey 
 and Los Angeles markets. : http://www.ftgx.com

 57           AET           AETNA INC. NEW	        33.05           86%           28.1%         117           43%           49%
 Aetna, Inc. operates as a diversified health care benefits company primarily in the United States 
 and Canada. http://www.aetna.com
AET.BMP (960054 bytes)

 58           ALKS          ALKERMES INC.	        11.91           86%           22%           106           47%           49%
 Alkermes, Inc., a biotechnology company, develops, and manufactures 
 extended-release injectable, pulmonary, and oral products for the 
 treatment of prevalent, chronic diseases, such as central nervous 
 system disorders, addiction, and diabetes. http://www.alkermes.com

 59           IAG           IAMGOLD Corp.                6.89           85%           26.9%         66            54%           44%
 IAMGOLD Corporation engages in the exploration, development, and
 production of mineral resource properties worldwide.
 60           RDEA          ARDEA BIOSCIENCES           12.99           85%           19.8%         131           49%           49%
 Ardea Biosciences, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in
 the discovery and development of small-molecule therapeutics for 
 the treatment of HIV, cancer, and inflammatory diseases in the 
 United States. http://www.ardeabiosciences.com  San Diego, CA  

 61           APOG          APOGEE ENTERPRISE           11.02           84%           16.7%         121           49%           48%
 Apogee Enterprises, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the design and development of glass products, 
 services, and systems. http://www.apog.com

 62           DFG           DELPHI FIN GRP IN           15.18           84%           2.6%          110           46%           49%
 Delphi Financial Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides
 integrated employee benefit services. It operates in two segments, 
 Group Employee Benefit Products and Asset Accumulation Products.

 63           GAP           GREAT ATLANTIC PA            6.94           84%           15.1%         86            51%           42%
 he Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. operates conventional 
 supermarkets, combination food and drug stores, and limited 
 assortment food stores under the A&P, Waldbaum's, Pathmark, 
 Best Cellars, The Food Emporium, Super Foodmart, Super Fresh, 
 and Food Basics trade names.  http://www.aptea.com

 64           WBD           WIMM BILL DANN AD           25.23           84%          -1.7%          114           49%           43%
 Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods OJSC, through its subsidiaries, manufactures 
 food products in Russia. The company offers dairy products, baby 
 food products, juices, water, nectars, and still drinks.

 65           CPKI          CALIFORNIA PIZZA            10.94           82%           18.3%         96            49%           46%
 California Pizza Kitchen, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, 
 engages in the ownership, operation, licensing, and franchising 
 of a chain of casual dining restaurants in the United States and 
 internationally. http://www.cpk.com

 66           PWR           QUANTA SERVICES I           21.26           82%           14.8%         147           52%           50%
 Quanta Services, Inc., a contracting services company, offers 
 various network solutions to the electric power, gas,
 telecommunications, cable television, and specialty services 
 industries, as well as to the commercial, industrial, and 
 governmental entities primarily in the United States and Canada.

 67           ANW           AEGEAN MARINE PET           16.6            81%           13%           97            49%           49%
 Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc., through its subsidiaries, 
 operates as a marine fuel logistics company that supplies and markets 
 refined marine fuel and lubricants to ships in port and at sea.

 68           FRPT          FORCE PROTECTION             5.95           81%           11.7%         148           49%           50%
 Force Protection, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages 
 in the manufacture of ballistic and blast protected vehicles 
 primarily used to support armed forces and security personnel
 in harm's way. http://www.forceprotection.net

 69           NVEC          NVE CORPORATION	        33.56           81%           32.9%         85            51%           50%
 NVE Corporation engages in the development and sale of devices, 
 which use spintronics, a nanotechnology that relies on electron 
 spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store, and transmit 
 information. It provides standard sensors that detect the presence 
 of a magnet or metal to determine position or speed; and custom 
 sensors primarily for medical devices, as well as couplers, 
 including IsoLoop 700 Series that use semiconductor input stages,
 and IsoLoop 600 Series, which use spintronic input stages, 
 primarily for factory and industrial networks.  http://www.nve.com
 Eden Park, MN

 70           AIZ           ASSURANT INC	        27.15           80%           7.4%          111           43%           51%
 Assurant, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide specialized insurance 
 products and related services. The company operates in four segments:
 71           AUY           YAMANA GOLD INC	         7.98           80%           22.4%         77            55%           43%
 Yamana Gold, Inc. engages in the acquisition, exploration, development, 
 and operation of gold properties.http://www.yamana.com

 72           ANSW          ANSWERS CORPORATI            9.5            79%           35.6%         153           35%           55%
 Answers Corporation, together with its subsidiary, GuruNet Israel, Ltd.,
 operates as an online answer engine. The company's products and 
 services include Answers.com, which combines and presents information 
 from various sources and delivers answers to user?s questions in a 
 single consolidated view about health and medical, legal, business
 and finance, science and technology, history, reference, and language;
 and WikiAnswers.com  http://www.answers.com
wpe144.jpg (70654 bytes)

 73           EAD           EVERGREEN INCOME             7.16           79%           31%           169           47%           49%
 Evergreen Income Advantage Fund is a closed ended fixed income mutual 
 fund launched and managed by Evergreen Investment Management Company, 
 LLC. http://www1.evergreeninvestments.com
wpe140.jpg (62185 bytes)

 74           TSN           TYSON FOODS INC C            9.21           78%           17.4%         129           52%           51%
 Tyson Foods, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the
 production, distribution, and marketing of chicken, beef, pork, 
prepared foods, and related allied products worldwide. http://www.tyson.com

 75           ESI           I T T EDUCATION S          133.21           77%           37%           118           48%           52%
 ITT Educational Services, Inc. provides postsecondary degree programs in the
 United States  http://www.ittesi.com

 76           MAXY          MAXYGEN INC.	         8.52           77%           9.7%          71            43%           49%
 Maxygen, Inc. operates as a biopharmaceutical company with a focus 
 on developing improved versions of protein drugs. http://www.maxygen.com

 77           ASCA          AMERISTAR CASINOS            9.34           76%           14.6%         91            49%           45%
 Ameristar Casinos, Inc. engages in the development, ownership, 
 and operation of casino entertainment facilities in the United States.
 78           GIGM          GIGAMEDIA LIMITED            6.64           75%           16.6%         100           49%           44%
 GigaMedia Limited, through its subsidiaries, develops and licenses online 
 gaming software. http://www.gigamedia.com.tw

 79           SID           COMPANHIA SIDER A           15.8            75%           21.3%         80            53%           48%
 Companhia Sider?rgica Nacional primarily operates as an integrated steel producer 
 in Brazil. http://www.csn.com.br

 80           WEA           WESTERN ASSET BND           10.04           75%           16.5%         56            38%           47%
 Western Asset Premier Bond Fund operates as a diversified, 
 closed-end management investment company. http://www.westernasset.com