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    SUPER STOCKS - 2009
             Some TigerSoft's Picks
Learn How To Pick Them
                   Learn How To Trade Them
                         Using TIGERSOFT.

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              William Schmidt, Ph.D  (Columbia University)
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         SUPER STOCKS in 2009
                                        Some TigerSoft's Picks

                                        Picking Them And Trading hem
                     Profitably Using TIGERSOFT.

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          Each of the stocks below is up at least 100% since the DJI bottomed on 3/9/2009. 
           They are rising, at least, 4x faster than the DJI since the bottom.  They now show
           heavy insider buying all their internal strength indicators are rated "Bullish".  Watch
           their Cosing Power trends.   It must also be rising.  ELOY at the top of the page here
           shows steady accumulation and recent heavy insider buying.  This is a thin stock.
           The buying this notice gives to the stock will help it rise.  Compare this with USNA's
           rise from 9 to 39 back at the start of the 2003 bull market.

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                    Read more on our website how we find stocks like this early-on in their advances
           and get our software to trade them most profitably.  We have a lot to show you, so that
           you can take advantage of what looks like a new bull market for certain, carefully selected
  ORDER TIGER's "Explosive Super Stocks" Book by Wm.Schmidt, Ph.D.

                    Look at these stocks and then read more of the discussion about about applying
            TigerSoft.  These are some good links to start.   Our main website is  www.tigersoft.com

                             TIgerSoft's Simple Rules for Trading Stocks Very Profitably while Liming Risk.
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by William Schmidt, Ph.D.          

                         Stocks up more than 100% since March 9, 2009 bottom
                                             with high Accumulation and rising Closing Power Lines.
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