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                                                  Updated 8/19/2009

      TigerSoft Confirmed New Highs:
        Profitable Stocks To Trade
    and Good Places To Look for A Job
         by William Schmidt, Ph.D
TigerSoft's Explosive Super Stocks' Index
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  TigerSoft Confirmed New Highs:
        Profitable Stocks To Trade
    and Good Places To Look for A Job

                                                             by William Schmidt, Ph.D.             

                    The chart of DDRX below illustrates the value of finding early TigerSoft
             confirmed new highs in a market advance.  DDRX made its 12 month new high
             in April, months before most stocks.   For the stock to be confirmed, we must
             see bulges from the TigerSoct Accumulation Index above +.5,   The TigerSoft
             Closing Power Indicator must be rising, too and above its mbg.avg..  There are
             other key characteristics we want to see to then buy the prospective explosive
             super stock, but these are not publicly discussed here.  They are explained in
             detail in our software and our book - Explosive Super Stocks.

                    The track record of these stocks is very good... Get Explosive Super Stocks
             and see how the criteria we use to find such stocks.

                                   Breakout  Buy Price      7/23/2009              8/19/2009

     model stock DDRX               2.5
                    21.07    hit 26        21.03
(This is correct.)
                             ACTG                5.25                  8.95                           8.63
                             BAMM               7.6                   10.66                        10.55
                             BPSG                3.75                  6.53                 
                             CISG                 14.5                  16.26     hit 21        16.55
                             CTXS                33                      36.6                         34.79
                             DTG                     8                      17.64    hit 23        20.15
                             HTCO                  8.25                 9.07                           9.1
                             KIRK                    3.75                14.42    hit 15.66  11.68
(This is correct.)
                             KONG                  5.0                  12.02     hit 14       11.45
                             MNOV                  4.5                   6.25                          7.12
                             OMN                     3.5                   4.57     hit  6.4       4.68
                             SABA                   4.0                   4.02     hit 4.5        3.4
                             SCLN                   3.03                 3.4       hit 4.5         3.9
                             SMRT                   7.0                   10.36   hit 12.       11.41
                             TKLC                   18.0                 19.64   hit 20         16.15
                             TRCI                     2.7                   2.97     hit 4              3.29
                             TRCR                 15.5                  18.25                         16.61
                             UFPI                    39.5                  44.33                        42.36

                                          Want A Better Job?

                   Job seekers will do well to check the Human Resources Departments and the
              websites of the very best performing companies, too.  Look below at the companies
             represented by the stocks here.   If technology is your field, you can find additonal
             prospective emloyees among the NASDAQ-100 stocks.  A majority of these
             are tech stocks. As a group, their stocks are performing much better than the Dow
             Jones Industrial Average. So, technology job seekers will want to look at the top 20
             perforning NASDAQ -100 stocks.
These are companies are shown at the bottom
             of this page.

                   TigerSoft Confirmed New Highs:
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Acacia Research Corporation
500 Newport Center Drive
7th Floor
Newport Beach, CA 92660

United States - Map
Phone: 949-480-8300
Fax: 949-480-8301
Web Site: http://www.acaciaresearch.com   41 employees
Acacia Research Corporation, through its subsidiaries, acquires, develops, licenses, and enforces patented technologies in the United States. It assists patent owners with the prosecution and development of their patent portfolios, the protection of their patented inventions from unauthorized use, the generation of licensing revenue from users of their patented technologies, and the enforcement against unauthorized users of their patented technologies.             
wpe15F.jpg (78616 bytes)
Books-A-Million Inc.
402 Industrial Lane
Birmingham, AL 35211
United States - Map
Phone: 205-942-3737
Fax: 205-945-1772
Web Site: http://www.booksamillion.com
ooks-A-Million, Inc. operates as a book retailer in the southeastern United States. The company operates superstores and traditional bookstores, through which it primarily offers various best sellers and other hardcover and paperback books, magazines, and newspapers          
wpe160.jpg (75507 bytes)


Broadpoint Gleacher Securities Group, Inc.
12 East 49th Street
31st Floor
New York, NY 10017
United States - Map
Phone: 212-273-7100
Fax: 212-273-7320
Web Site: http://www.bpsg.com
Broadpoint Gleacher Securities Group, Inc. provides independent advice and execution in the areas of advisory services; capital raising; and research, sales, and trading to corporate and institutional clients primarily in the United States.
wpe161.jpg (75082 bytes)          
Cninsure Inc.
21st Floor Yinhai Building
No 299 Yanjiang Zhong Road
Guangzhou,  510110
China - Map
Phone: 86 20 6122 2777
Fax: 86 10 6126 2893
Web Site: http://www.cninsure.net
CNinsure Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an independent insurance intermediary company
in the People?s Republic of China (PRC).
wpe162.jpg (74573 bytes)

Citrix Systems, Inc.
851 West Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
United States - Map
Phone: 954-267-3000
Fax: 954-267-9319
Web Site: http://www.citrix.com
Citrix Systems, Inc. designs, develops, and markets application delivery infrastructure solutions worldwide. Its products include XenApp that runs the business logic of applications on a central server, transmitting screen pixels, keystrokes, and mouse movements; XenServer, an enterprise-class platform for managing server virtualization in the datacenter as a pool of computing and storage resources; and Essentials for XenServer and Hyper-V, which provides virtualization management systems, lab automation, high availability, provisioning, workflow orchestration, and seamless integration.
CTXS.BMP (1440054 bytes)

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc.
5330 East 31st Street
PO Box 35985
Tulsa, OK 74135-0985
United States - Map
Phone: 918-660-7700
Fax: 918-669-3912
Web Site: http://www.dtag.com
wpe163.jpg (68597 bytes)           
Hickory Tech Corp.
221 East Hickory Street
PO Box 3248
Mankato, MN 56002-3248
United States - Map
Phone: 507-387-1151
Fax: 507-625-9191
Web Site: http://www.hickorytech.com  433 employees
Hickory Tech Corporation operates as a diversified communications company in the United States. The company operates in two segments: Telecom Sector and Enventis Sector. The Telecom Sector provides local exchange wireline telephone, long distance, DSL, and digital TV services. It also offers data processing and related services for its affiliated incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, local exchange telephone companies, interexchange network carriers, wireless companies, and cable TV providers

wpe164.jpg (75354 bytes)                               
Kirkland's Inc.
431 Smith Lane
Jackson, TN 38301
United States - Map
Phone: 731-988-3600
Fax: 731-660-7451
Web Site: http://www.kirklands.com
Kirkland?s, Inc. operates as a specialty retailer of home decor in the United States. Its stores offer a range of merchandise, including framed art, mirrors, wall decor, candles, lamps, decorative accessories, accent furniture, textiles, garden accessories, and artificial floral products.

KIRK.BMP (1120854 bytes)                                       

Kongzhong Corp.
35th Floor Tengda Plaza
No 168 Xizhimenwai Street
Beijing,  100044
China - Map
Phone: 86 10 8857 6000
Fax: 86 10 8857 5891
Web Site: http://www.kongzhong.com
KongZhong Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides wireless interactive entertainment, media, and community services to mobile phone users in the People's Republic of China. 
wpe165.jpg (71655 bytes)

MediciNova Inc.
4350 La Jolla Village Drive
Suite 950
San Diego, CA 92122
United States - Map
Phone: 858-373-1500
Fax: 858-373-7000
Web Site: http://www.medicinova.com  26 rmployees
MediciNova, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the acquisition and development of small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with unmet medical needs principally in the United States.
wpe166.jpg (73897 bytes)


OMNOVA Solutions Inc.
175 Ghent Road
Fairlawn, OH 44333-3300
United States - Map
Phone: 330-869-4200
Fax: 330-869-4211
Web Site: http://www.omnova.com
OMNOVA Solutions, Inc. provides emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals, and decorative and functional surfaces for various commercial, industrial, and residential end uses primarily in the United States, Asia, and Europe. It operates in two segments, Performance Chemicals and Decorative Products.

OMN.BMP (1120854 bytes)
Saba Software Inc.
2400 Bridge Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065-1166
United States - Map
Phone: 650-581-2500
Fax: 650-581-2581
Web Site: http://www.saba.com
Saba Software, Inc. provides a software platform for enterprise learning, collaboration, performance, and talent management. It provides the Saba Enterprise Suite that comprises Saba learning suite, an enterprise learning and learning content management solution; Saba performance suite that enables organizations to align people?s daily activities with organizational goals; and Saba talent suite, which enables organizations to reduce risk by planning for successions, as well as identifying, developing, tracking, and managing future leaders.
SABA.BMP (1440054 bytes)


SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
950 Tower Lane
Suite 900
Foster City, CA 94404-2125
United States - Map
Phone: 650-358-3456
Fax: 650-358-3469
Web Site: http://www.sciclone.com  227 employeesSciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical |
company, engages in the development and commercialization of therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and
infectious diseases in China and internationally.
SCLN.BMP (1440054 bytes)

Stein Mart Inc.
1200 Riverplace Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32207
United States - Map
Phone: 904-346-1500
Fax: 904-398-4341
Web Site: http://www.steinmart.com
wpe167.jpg (72807 bytes)  


5200 Paramount Parkway
Morrisville, NC 27560
United States - Map
Phone: 919-460-5500
Fax: 919-380-3862
Web Site: http://www.tekelec.com
Tekelec engages in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, sale, and support of telecommunications
products and services. Its Network Signaling Applications include number portability application for number
portability solutions in mobile and fixed networks, such as voice services, short message service, multimedia message
services, and prepaid services; flexible routing applications for optimization of a service provider's home location
register, resources, and voicemail systems...

TKLC.BMP (1440054 bytes)

Technology Research Corp.
5250-140th Avenue North
Clearwater, FL 33760
United States - Map
Phone: 727-535-0572
Fax: 727-535-4828
Web Site: http://www.trci.net  474 employees
Technology Research Corporation engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of electrical safety products that save lives, protect people against serious injury from electrical shock, and/or prevent electrical fires in the home and workplace.

wpe168.jpg (75541 bytes)

Transcend Services, Inc.
One Glenlake Parkway
Suite 1325
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States - Map
Phone: 678-808-0600
Fax: 678-808-0601
Web Site: http://www.transcendservices.com

Transcend Services, Inc. provides medical transcription services to the healthcare industry in the United States. It converts physicians? voice recordings into electronic medical record documents using its proprietary BeyondTXT workflow platform that provides workflow management and production control.
wpe169.jpg (73732 bytes)   
Universal Forest Products Inc.
2801 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
United States - Map
Phone: 616-364-6161
Fax: 616-361-7534
Web Site: http://www.ufpi.com
Universal Forest Products, Inc. engages in the engineering, manufacture, treatment, distribution, and
|installation of lumber, composite wood, plastic, and other building products to the do-it-yourself/retail, site-
built construction, manufactured housing, and industrial markets in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
wpe16A.jpg (73101 bytes)
===========================  JOB SEEKERS ========================

     Company                             Stock Price    Percent Gain since 3/10/2009 Bottom
       ----> Technology
      ----> STX - Seagate Techology  11.04  +205%   Technology
Headquartered in Cayman Islands!
                                  Reason enough to boycott their quickly-failing hard-drives!

                       NNI   -  Nelnet                          14.42   +165%  Financial
Nelnet Inc. Lincoln, NE 68508  Web Site: http://www.nelnet.net
----> EXPE - Expedia                     17.25   +10.3%   Technology - on-line travel.
Expedia Inc. Bellevue, WA 98004 Web Site: http://www.expediainc.com
---->  FLEX - Flextronics                  4.96   +123%  Technology - printed circuit board
                       LINTA - Liberty Media            6.11   +118%  Sales on QVC
                       WYNN - Wynn Resorts         39.83  +104%   Gambling Resort
                        BIDU - Baidu                          336.34 +101%
                                  Chinese language Internet search services primarily in the People's Republic of China
---->   LOGI  - Logitech                      16.23    +99%
Headquartered in Switzerland 
                                   Buy American mice!

---->   RIMM - Research in Motion 74.97    +92%  wireless mobile communications.
                        JOYG   - Joy Global                  36.91   +87% Farm machinery
                                     Milwaukee -
---->     KLAC - KLA-Tencor               30.02   +80%  Technology
KLA-Tencor Corporation Milpitas, CA   Web Site: http://www.kla-tencor.com
                                      Designs, manufactures, and markets process control and yield management systems
                                      for the semiconductor manufacturing and related nanoelectronics industries worldwide.
                         LBTYA Liberty Global            18.51   +80% 
Englewood, CO       http://www.lgi.com
                                      Liberty Global, Inc. provides video, voice, and broadband Internet services
                                      primarily in Europe, Japan, and Chile.

                         SHLD - Sears Holdings        64,66  +74%
---->     APPL - Apple                           152.91 +72%  Technology
---->     DISH - DISH Network             16.82  +72%   Technology
Englewood, CO  http://www.dishnetwork.com
                                      subscription television business
---->      EBAY - EBAY                            18.83   +69%
                                      San Jose, CA - www.ebay.com   Technology
---->      ADBE - Adobe Systems         31.21 +68%  Software
                                      San Jose, CA  
                         PTEN - Patterson-UTI            14.48 +68%   Energy
                                     Houston -

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