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                    King Coal's Super Stocks,
   Pointers on Using TigerSoft Charts To Spot Them...

                        Fuel Conservation and
                    The Sierra Club Lets Folks
                  Name The New 19' FORD SUV.

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                       KING COAL and TIGERSOFT

                 Use TigerSoft's Accumulation Index and Buy Signals
           To Find The Strongest Stocks in the Strongest Industry
           Just before They Double, Triple, Quadruple or More.

  ---- Tiger Index of US Coal Stocks ---
                 This chart shows steady (blue) accumulation by big money.
          It is now out=performing by the DJI by more than 50% over
          the last 50 trading days.  And today, the index made a new
          high on bullish (red) high volume.

                  I have delayed putting this study together because
          I wanted subscribers to have the best chance to buy these
          stocks at lower prices.  For our current opinion on them
          you will have to subscribe to get our software and analysis
          services.  See www.tigersoft.com
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                                 They say there's always an uptrend somewhere. 
Look at
                    the list below of coal stocks making new highs.
  I look at the list of new highs
                    and lows each day.  What stands out right now are the number of bank stocks
                    making new lows and the number of coal stocks making a new high.  Today, at
                    least. nine coal stocks made new highs.  We are long many of them and short
                    many of the weak bank stocks.  Our Automatic Buys and Sells are part of the
                    story.   Bulges of Accumulation and insider buying are a very big part of how
                    we succeed in finding the best stocks.  We are also constantly comparing industries.
                    When you have a lot of confidence, you can profitably buy low priced stocks, like GEIC
                    below and hold confidently the stock that go roaring from one new high to another.
                    Our research goes back a long way.  Let us show you what we know or let us find
                    these stocks for you. 

                      ========================= GEIC - GEOTEC ===============================
                    GETC.BMP (645174 bytes)

                                  ANR    Alpha Natural Resources
                    wpeF6.jpg (55970 bytes)
                               FDG     Fording
                    wpeF7.jpg (63119 bytes)
                                  FCL     Foundation Coal Holdings
                    wpe115.jpg (65870 bytes)
                                  ICO      International Coal
                    wpe126.jpg (59320 bytes)
                                  JRCC      James River Coal
                    wpe12E.jpg (60201 bytes)
                                  MEE        Massey Energy
                    wpe12C.jpg (64423 bytes) 

                                  NCOC - National Coal
                    wpe12B.jpg (66192 bytes)

                                  PCX      Patriot Coal
                    wpe128.jpg (53668 bytes)
                                  PVA     Penn Virginia   
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       The gains in coal stocks are almost as good as some of the hottest oil and and gas stocks.   Here are the
        best performing coal stocks over the last 3 months.  (In our Tiger Data base, you will find these
        these stocks under INDMATER and HOTSTKS.)

 GETC Geotec Inc 345.78%  
  JRCC James River Coal Co 124.99%  
  SGZH Songzai Intl Hldg Group In... 115.45%  
  ANR Alpha Natural Resources In... 101.48%  
  PCX Patriot Coal Corp 101.36%  
  MEE Massey Energy Company 68.90%  
  ICO International Coal Grp Inc... 61.90%  
  FDG Fording Canadian Coal Trus... 60.51%  
  NCOC National Coal Corp 40.92%  
  YZC Yanzhou Coal Mng Co Ltd 32.71% 

                            Chinese coals stocks are also doing well.
                           wpe12D.jpg (53033 bytes)                    
                          The Fundamentals Remain Very Bullish

             Coal Stock prices are surging with steeply higher coal prices.
             This, of course, reflects the booming global demand, especially
             in developing markets such as Asia and the Middle East, for
             coal for energy and in the making of steel.   The demand for
             coal has been magnified by natural disasters and infrastructure
             bottlenecks in coal exporting nations like China and Australia.

             "Just in the last year, the price of benchmark metallurgical
              coal from Australia used by Asian steel makers has tripled
              to $300 per metric ton. And spot prices for Appalachian
              coal used for electricity generation have more than doubled
              to over $100 a ton from about $40 a ton in the last six months...
              Coal shipments, much of which will go to Europe, will grow by
              a third to 79 million tons in 2008."

               Steel makers are booming, too.  That creates a tremendous
               demand for metalurgical coal.  We have long recommended
               SID, a Brazilian steel company.  When you see steel stocks
               this strong, check out the coal stocks!
               wpe130.jpg (63522 bytes)

                       Another part of the story about King Coal is how
                coal can now be turned unto cleaner energy.  As gas prices
                leap upwards, modern technology is finding better ways
                to turn dirty coan into clean natural gas.   "Necessity
                is the mother of investion."  Nazi Germany ran its tanks
                on liquified fuel made from coal.  The US has more coal
                reserves than any other country.  The research efforts
                born of the 1970's energy crises are now being applied.
                See -

                      There are even cheaper, renewable alternatives to
                 even coal that may come on stream if Washngton is
                 willing to push them.  See

It's Time for Energy Conservation!

                 We will watch with great interest what the Presidential
                 candiadtes have to say about this.  Obama's emphasis
                 on nuclear power is very disappointing.  So far, none
                 of the candidates have talked about promoting public
                 transportation, a national 55mph speed limit,
                 banning wasteful gas-guzzling, dangerously
                 vision-obstructing (SUV's) car-trucks and how much
                 ending the US wars in Iraq and Afganistan would save
                 the US in the way of gas and energy consumption.

                                   wpeF7.jpg (14996 bytes)
2008 Ford Expedition EL King Ranch 4X4 

The Sierra Club Lets Folks
                   Name The New 19' FORD SUV.

                  The Sierra Club recently had  contest to name its new
                  Gas Guzzler. The "Ford Valdez" is leading in the contest.

Ford is now building a new 19-foot, four-ton "super tank" sport utility vehicle which
                             will guzzle enough gas to make Saddam Hussein smile. But they don't have a name for it.
                             So as a public service, Sierra Club held a contest to help Ford "NAME THAT GAS GUZZLER".

                            "The truck in question is Ford Motor Company's largest and most gas guzzling sport utility
                             vehicle ever. Dubbed by one entrant as a "suburban assault vehicle", the new truck weighs
                             in at over 7,500 pounds and stretch 19 feet in length. It is the biggest sport utility vehicle
                             on the road, dwarfing both the Ford Expedition and the Chevy Suburban. It will emit more
                             global warming pollution than two average cars.

                            ""Its basically like a garbage truck which dumps into the sky," said Daniel Becker, Director
                              of the Sierra Club's Global Warming and Energy Program. "Ford typically markets these
                              vehicles as the best way to enjoy the great outdoors. But the truth is this truck is the Joe
                              Camel of the auto industry."

                             "The more gas a vehicle guzzles the more pollution it emits. A 14 mile per gallon SUV
                              spews 70 tons of carbon dioxide, the primary global warming pollutant, over its lifetime.
                              Gas guzzling also means more oil drilling and more reliance on OPEC. More fuel efficient
                              vehicles are the biggest single step to curbing global warming and saving oil.

                              "The Sierra Club naming contest was held on the organization's global warming web site.
                              Web surfers who visited the site offered humorous and ingenious names and slogans
                              for the behemoth vehicle. Sierra Club leaders from across the country combed through
                             the hundreds of entries to pick the winner(s)...

"The Ford Valdez - Have You Driven a Tanker Lately?" ...

            "The Ford Exploiter - Profiting from the destruction of your planet!"

                                           "The FordZilla - Powerful enough to pass everything on the highway
                                             -- except a gas station."

                                            "The Saddam - the truck that will put America between Iraq and a hard place."                                           

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Ford Extinction - The truck to end the human species.
  • The Titanic - Something so huge just waiting to crash and burn.
  • The Ford Dinosaur - The mark of extinction!
  • The Ford SPV - All new super polluting vehicle!
  • The Ford Stogie - The ultimate smokestack!
  • The Ford Carcinogen
  • The Ford Chermobyle 
  • The Ford Guzzler
                            I know some of you think that I am picking on Ford.   Well maybe.  But the
                            last three cars I have bought have been Fords.  I buy American cars because
                            they mean American jobs.

                                                       SUV Cartoons

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