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                   BUT YOU MUST USE TIGERSOFT'S
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by William Schmidt, Ph.D

                                               wpe12A.jpg (29647 bytes)
                 (Source: http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/directory/o/oil_company_profits.asp)

                Crude Awakening: How High Can Oil Go? 

                                     Bush's visit to Saudi Arabia brought no promise of increased production.
                      Washington's animosity towards Venezuela has not toppled Chavez, as the CIA
                      has tried, but it has made Chavez send its oil to China, not the US.  The price of
                      oil goes up, not as the Democrats say, because of speculation, but because of
                      world demand, made more intense by the growth in developing markets, especially
                      China and India. 

                                    I recall oil reached over $50/barrel. in late 1979.  Oil stocks
                      did not top out until the end of 1980.  Prices have generally tripled since 1980.
                      So, in 1980 terms, crude could spike at over $150/b.  In 1972 crude oil was about
                      $3./bar.    The Yom Kipperin October 1973 brought an OPEC embargo on
                      nations supporting Israel.  That lifted oil prices to $13./b.  The November 1979 Iranian
                      revolution and the Iraq-Iran war dropped production by 10% and by 1981 crude oil
                      prices averaged $34 in 1981.  Any supply interruption, as Venezuela's
                      or Iran's, would send up prices even more.  The high level of Accumulation on
                      our Light Crude chart shows that insiders and big money are buying oil and oil
                      stocks in a big way.  They do not think a top is near.  A world-wide recession
                      is probably the only thing that will change the up-trend in oil.  Meanwhile, Bush
                      may be inclined to start a new war with Iran.  That would make oil prices rise to

                            Fears that Bush and Cheney  wpe12B.jpg (7109 bytes)   will start another war lie
                      behind the latest  rise.  Yahoo reports:  "A story in the Jerusalem Post quoted a
                      "senior official" there as saying that Bush plans to attack Iran in the coming
                      months.    (An)  unidentified official claimed that a "senior member" of Bush's
                      traveling entourage made the statement about attacking Iran in a closed meeting.
                      Bush was in Israel last week... (and that ) Bush ... Cheney "were of the opinion
                      that military action were called for."

                      The White House denied this today.  But Oil is over $128 and the stock market
                      down nearly 200.  This is more than a rumor.  John Conyers has warned
                      Bush that Democrats would not be happy about another Bush war and has said
                      that if he starts such a war, then he should be impeached.   There have been
                      many reputable reports that Bush and Cheney would like to start another war,
                      this one with Iran.  If oil men are happy now with oil prices, think how happy
                      they will be with oil at $150 or $200 oer barrel. 

                      I remember the 1973-1974 bear market quite vividly.  Steeply escalating oil prices
                      are big trouble for the stock market.  In 1969, 1973, 1977 and 1981 were all bear
                      market years, during the era of "stagflation" - rising unemployment and high inflation.. 

wpe12C.jpg (8512 bytes)
                                                               (Source: http://cagle.msnbc.com/ _ )

                                                 WINDFALL TAXES ON OIL PROFITS?

                                It is possible that because it is a Presidential Election year that Democratic
                      candidates and Congressmen will call for increased taxes on oil profits.  Congressional
                      hearings are due to start tomorrow.  But I recall the period of 1973-1976, when
                      Republicans were weakened by Nixon's Watergate scandal and his resignation in
                      disgrace.   The Democrats could not bring themselves to raise taxes significantly
                      on oil and gas companies then.  They could not get motivated to raise the royalties
                      on Federal leases.  They were too hooked on the mother's milk of politics, money
                      and campaign contributions. 

                                So, while there may be TALK about taxing windfall profits, it is not likely to
                      happen.    The profits received by the major oil producers will be stupendous.
                      Tens of BILLIONS of Dollars.  Exxon reported $40.6 billions in profits in 2007.
                       Chevron's were about $14.1 billion.    The CEOs's salaries are probably more likely
                       to be effectively targetted.   The Democrats will seek to rescind the tax subsidies (!) on
                       energy companies.  Typical tokenism.    And they will try to get these companies
                       to invest more in alternative energies.  But the oil companies will, in the end, fight
                       off most of this.  Since the 1930s, significant taxation of the rich has been on the
                       decline.   It would take another Depressin to get the Democrats to actually work
                       to achieve a society that is economically democratic. 

                              One thing is different.  Back in the 1970s, oil companies could claim that
                        they need ot make more money to do more exporation and wild-cat drilling.
                        That argument won't fly this time.  New oil discoveries have been unimpressive
                        while oil executive salaries define "obscene".   Ray Irani of Occidental will
                        get $80.73 million this year for a total five year salary worth $198.44 million.       

                              Investors' Daily claims that a 25% tax on windfall oil profits would decrease
                        production.   They claim that is what happened from 1982 to 1986.  What IBD
                        leaves out is that oil prices sharply fell then, too.  That is what caused the smaller
                        production.    Showing their typical right-wing extremeism, IBD labels such Democrats
                        socialists.    A democratic socialist would advocate public ownership of oil, for example,
                        that comes from Federal Land leases, or, at least, a scaled system of royalties. 
                        Unfortunately, no Democrat in Washington DC is advocating this reasonable position.  

                                                         OIL CEO COMPENSATION
                          (Source: http://www.forbes.com/lists/2006/12/Oil_Gas_Operations_Rank_1.html )

Rank Name Company Pay ($mil) 5-Yr Pay ($mil) Shares Owned ($mil) Age Efficiency
6 Ray R Irani Occidental Petroleum 80.73 198.44 38.6 71 102
15 John G Drosdick Sunoco 46.19 93.52 28.3 62 NA
19 Clarence P Cazalot Jr Marathon Oil 37.48 52.68 25.8 55 NA
21 Mark G Papa EOG Resources 36.54 51.70 54.0 59 23
27 Bob R Simpson XTO Energy 32.19 157.42 331.4 57 27
31 James J Mulva ConocoPhillips 31.34 83.47 149.5 59 100
34 David J Lesar Halliburton 29.36 58.87 53.1 53 NA
41 John B Hess Amerada Hess 24.90 40.35 820.3 52 158
93 G Steven Farris Apache 14.44 24.482 41.2 58 NA
100 Douglas L Rock Smith International 13.64 54.38 18.9 59 163
107 James J O'Brien Ashland 13.27 18.132 9.2 51 NA
131 William R Klesse Valero Energy 10.916 NA 33.3 59 NA
146 Bruce A Smith Tesoro 9.78 27.01 64.9 63 21
148 James T Hackett Anadarko Petroleum 9.74 23.083 15.1 52 NA
161 David J O'Reilly Chevron 8.80 37.39 11.2 59 152
198 Scott D Sheffield Pioneer Natural Res 7.33 16.62 18.2 53 82
213 J Larry Nichols Devon Energy 6.745 15.08 82.4 63 110
219 Luke R Corbett Kerr-McGee 6.52 20.04 25.8 59 147
299 Rex W Tillerson ExxonMobil 4.125,6 NA 35.3 53 NA
359 Chad C Deaton Baker Hughes 3.13 NA 10.6 53 NA
371 Aubrey K McClendon Chesapeake Energy 2.895 28.39 445.5 45 7
377 Claiborne P Deming Murphy Oil 2.73 13.94 134.4 51 60
378 Douglas L Foshee El Paso 2.72 7.483 7.0 46 NA
386 Charles D Davidson Noble Energy 2.41 8.08 3.3 56 NA
393 J W Stewart BJ Services 2.30 56.52 34.5 61 150

                         wpeF3.jpg (6995 bytes)  wpeF6.jpg (10493 bytes)

                              Watch how this debate plays out.  I would bet the Democrats will not raise taxes on
                        oil companies, even if they win the White House.  Until then, nothing will happen
                        because Bush will veto anything that would hurt his oil buddies.  A President
                        Obama will be like a President Carter.  He will seek consensus with the oil companies.
                        He will put on a sweater and talk conservation.  And he will go nuclear.  America is run by
                        corporate money.  And the oil companies may have as much as 25% of all US
                        corporate profits in another year, if prices surpass $150, as seems likely, given
                        the level of insider buying we can see in Crude Oil and Oil stocks.

                                                      TIGERSOFT MEANS BIG PROFITS

                         So, it would seem that we have entered a lasting mark-up phase for oil stocks.  Each dollar
                 rise in the price of crude is pure profits.  Those that are highly leverage, will do extraordinarily well.
                  I recall the rush into oil stocks in 1975-1977 and 1979-1980.   These moves are very flashy.
                  They do not end quickly.  All the lessons from my Explosive Super Stocks apply here.   Many
                  pf the ideas were honed on the behavior of oil stocks in this earlier boom.

                          We provide customers the data on all traded oil and gas stocks in one directory. 
                   Customers can easily run our flagging and ranking program on this universe of oil
                   stocks to reach investing conclusions. 

                          Use TigerSoft its Power-Ranker to find nested Buy Buy B10/B12/B30 and B24 signals.
                  It's not much harder than that to find the stocks to buy.  And, if you don't want to find them
                  yourselves.   We will find them for you on our Hotline.

                         The gains can be spectacularly quick.  MXC was a good pick.  Our charts of Light
                  Crude also showed massive insider Buying.  See the chart of Light Crude below MXC's.

                                                                CRUDE OIL SUPER STOCK  +600% in 2 months.
                                                                                                                                                     5/21/08 - hit 55.
                                  Update - this stock hit 55 today - 5/21/2008
             wpeF3.jpg (50350 bytes)  

               Mexco Energy Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration, development, and
               production of oil and gas properties in the United States. It explores for and develops natural gas, crude
               oil, and condensate and natural gas liquids primarily in west Texas.  It has acquires   wells for
               secondary production.  These wells are now very profitable again.  But be wary.  This stock is
               traded on the American Stock Exchange.  "That's where the biggest crooks are"   still rings in my
               ears from when I worked on Wall Street.
               Mexco Energy Corp.  214 West Texas Avenue  Suite 1101  Midland, TX 79701 Phone: 432-682-1119

               The AMEX halted  trading of MXC around 11:05 EST on Monday, May 19th, and suspended trading
               for the rest of the day. This did not dicourage investors.  The rose nearly another fifty percent for the
               third day in a row
after trading resumed.  Mexco Energy Corp. now is valued at nearly $75 million
              despite the fact that it turned only $221,000 in profit last quarter has just two full-time employees

                                                        wpeF7.jpg (7113 bytes)

                                            Light Crude Still Shows Massive Accumulation
               wpe115.jpg (70730 bytes)
                                                                  PDO -   Pyramid Oil Co.
                                 Update: After Hours: 27.85 Up 0.75 (2.77%) as of 4:52PM ET on 05/21/08
               wpe126.jpg (38170 bytes)
                              Pyramid Oil Company engages in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and
                  natural gas. It holds oil and gas property interests primarily in California, as well as in New York,
                  Wyoming, and Texas.    
                   Pyramid Oil Co.  2008-21st Street  Bakersfield, CA 93301 Phone: 661-325-1000
                   Web Site: http://www.pyramidoil.com      Only 13 employees                                                                   

                                      After Hours: 5.74 Up 0.14 (2.50%) as of 4:19PM ET on 05/21/08
                         wpe126.jpg (58913 bytes)

                                                          What Goes Up, Can Also Go Down.

                               I posted this stock on our site about a month ago.  It was our pick at a Tiger User
                       group meeting in February at 10.  It rose to over 30 in 10 weeks.  But it was imperative
                       to also know when to sell.  It has fallen back to 15.  These are thin stocks.   It does not
                       take much to derail them.  Our Explosive Super Stocks book's system would have gotten
                       you out near the top. 

wpe12A.jpg (55408 bytes)


                       5/20/2008 ----------  HERE ARE INTERESTING OILSTOCKS' CHARTS
                        After Hours: 12.95 Down 0.08 (0.61%) as of 4:51PM ET on 05/21/08
                      Note how our TigerSoft Accumulation Index tells you what to expect.  The bulges show
                      ery bullish insider buying.  . 

                                                                   BEXP - we bought on 4/14/2008
                     wpeF3.jpg (59353 bytes)     
Brigham Exploration Company engages in the exploration, development, and production of oil and natural
                     gas in the United States. It owns property interests in the Onshore Gulf Coast consisting of the Vicksburg
                     trend in Brooks County, Texas; the Frio trend in and around Matagorda County, Texas; and joint venture
                     interests in the Miocene and Upper Oligocene trends in Southern Louisiana.

                      wpeF6.jpg (58833 bytes)
                    Canadian Natural Resources Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition, exploration,
                    development, production, marketing, and sale of crude oil, natural gas liquids, natural gas, and bitumen. It also
                     provides midstream activities that include pipeline operations and an electricity co-generation system.

                                       CVX - Chevron - in the DJI-30 made a powerful looking breakout
wpeF7.jpg (59209 bytes)

                                                      Old cats and dogs come out to play in a market like this.
                                                     This low-priced stock has been around for more than 40 years.
                                                            --------------------- MPET ------------------------
                     wpe115.jpg (63822 bytes)
                      Magellan Petroleum Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the sale of oil and gas, and
                      exploration and development of oil and gas reserves. It owns 35% interest in Mereenie oil and gas field,
                      52.023% interest in Palm Valley Gas Field, and 34.3365% interest in Dingo gas field, located in the
                      Amadeus Basin of the Northern Territory.

                     wpe128.jpg (56696 bytes)
                     Ultra Petroleum Corp. engages in the acquisition, exploration, development, production, and operation
                      of oil and natural gas properties. It focuses on developing and expanding a tight gas sand trend
                      located in the Green River Basin in southwest Wyoming.

                      wpe129.jpg (61759 bytes)
                       W&T Offshore, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition, exploitation, exploration,
                       production, and development of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico area. It has interests in
                       approximately 155 producing fields in federal and state waters; leases covering approximately 1.7 million
                       acres in the outer continental shelf off the coasts of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama; and
                       approximately 539 offshore structures.

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