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                       TRADING WITH TIGERSOFT

          Comments on Some Individual Stocks

Here we emphasize the new B7s and S7s.
     This was done a week ago for Hotline subscribers at

     These take place when Closing Power diverges
     from price significantly over the last 65 trading days.
     These are advisory in the sense that it is usually
     best to act when the CP breaks its trend or
     when other factors also point out reasons
     for a reversal of trend, such as a Sell S9 (negative
     Accum. Index on new high) or very positive or
     bery negative Accumulation.

     The revised display on the right side shows
     how far up from the 65-day lows to the 65-day
     highs, price, Opening Power and Closing Power
     are.  These are shown, respectively, by
     65-day PR%, 65-day Opwr% and 65-day CPwr%.

   Strength Professionals/Public shows how much prices are
   moved by openings and closings over the last 65 days.  A number
   above 1.0 shows professionals are in control.  A number below
   1.0 shows the public moves stocks more.  You can see how much
   each moves the stock at the bottom of the new charts

  The Tiger Data page will likely start to offer downloadable directories
  containing stocks with recent B7s or S7s, as soon as additional
  research is done to see how well we can tighten the parameters
  for effective stock trading.

  See also the rules for trading Closing Power trendbreaks.
  Trading Closing Power Trend-Changes
                Rules for Trading with TigerSoft's Closing Power


                             See TigerSoft Blogs on Insider Trading by CEO of APOL.

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                  There is so much BANK FRAUD, even Obama cannot protect them.
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