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    Make Money. Use TigerSoft To Track Key Insider Buying and Selling in All Your Stocks
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                      HOW TIGERSOFT WILL FIND YOU

               by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - Author of TigerSoft

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                                                             TigerSoft Is Simple:
   Trade The (Blue) Closing Power Trends in Stocks Showing Insider Buying and Major Buys.
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                Among Stocks over $10.

       The stocks below all are up more than 65% since the end of August.  They shared
       important technical qualities at the start of their move that made them detectable to
       experienced Tiger users.

       1) They showed vertical bulges of insider buying from the Tiger Accumulation Index that
            crossed the threshold horizontal line at the bottom of the TigerSoft charts.  In fact,
            most showed multiple surges of "insider buying' as we measure it.           

       2) Most showed very heavy and steadily positive (blue) Accumulation.  This meant
            careful and planned buying which offered support on all declines.
       3) Their (blue) CLosing Power made new highs ahead of prices early in their advances.
            This shows strong Professional Buying.

       4)  Breakouts usually occurred on confirming (red) high volume.

       The best way to find these stocks early on is to use the Tiger Power Ranker's
       most "Bullish" screen against all the stocks on the Tiger Data page designated as
       "MAXCP"  When the Professionals' Closing Power breaks a downtrend or makes
       a new 12-month high ahead of price, we recommend Buying them, as long
       our Peerless Stock Market Tiiming's last signal is a major Buy, which was true here.
       Peerless gave a major Buy on August 17th.  The QQQQ "clinched" it shortly afterwards.

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