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                         WORST PERFORMING STOCKS IN 2010
    Spot The Insider Selling And Other Early Signs
           of Impending Weakness and Collapse

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                STOCKS DOWN THE MOST IN FIRST 140                     TRADING DAYS OF 2010

     Look at the charts' comments.  See the importance of spotting
    insider selling.  When the Accumulation Index drops below our key
    threshold, we assume insider selling is present.  Sales and short sales
    are appropriate on the next failed recovery in the Accumulation Index,
    price breakdowns and TigerSoft automatic Sells.

          See our Killer Short Sales in Any Market.  The same signs of
    weakness here were seen in most earlier collapsing stocks, even
    without a general bear market.  If enough high capitalization
    stocks share these bearish qualities, there will be a bear market.
    It should be said that higher caps' weakness is more likely to be
    foreshadowed by heavy Professional selling and Public buying
    than early drops by the Accumulation Index into deep red territory.

   Stocks Must be over $5.00

              Symbols   Pct Down      TIGERSOFT Automatic Sells
              --------------   ---------------   --------------------------------------------------------------

              AONE            - 59%       Sell S6, S9, S19, S12, S29
              APWR             -55%       Sell S4, S6, S10, S12, S29
              CSKI              -53%       Sell S4, S6, S10, S12
              GMXR             -54%       Sell S4, S6, S9 S12, S19, S28
              JST                -53%       Sell S4, S29
              KSP               - 52%       Sell S6, S17, S18, S29
              STU               - 52%        Sell S6, S9, S10, S14, S17, S18, S29
              TVLT              -50%       Sell S9, S12, S19

    SP-500 STOCKS
              WDC             - 37%
              AA                0 biggest decliner in DJI-30.

       Study these cases below to see how TigerSoft finds the best short sale

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