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              Best Performing Stocks in San Diego  

                                     April 9, 2008 

             The Advantages of TigerSoft 
                   by William Schmidt, Ph.D.  www.tigersoft.com

                                            Jobs and The Stock Market:
  How To Find A Job in San Diego using TigerSoft

                                   Use This Approach for Any Region You Like.

                    San Diego's Job market and stock market are closely related.  Here is the TigerSoft
    composite index of all San Diego's publicly traded companies.

                            ---------------------- TigerSoft Index of San Diego Companies --------------------------
                            Index is in a downtrend that can be traded with a 50-day Stochastic.
                            The line at the bottom of this chart compares this index with the Dow Jones

wpeA8.jpg (48462 bytes)

              TigerSoft's Power-Ranking programs makes it easy to rank any group of stocks you wish
    for any time period you like.

             Job seekers would do well to call on the companies with the best performing stocks.
    They are much more likely to be hiring and expanding.     A wave of new hiring by a company
    often coincides with a rising stock.

             When you call on them, consider mentioning that you used some ranking software and they were
     at the top of the list.  Honest compliments are always appreciated.  And if they sound interested,
     tell them the way their stock has best been traded for the last year.  They probably have shares
     and will be interested. 

            TigerSoft readily posts the best trading system for the last year at the top of any stock's chart
     you wish.  Not all are worth mentioning.  But in many cases the trading gains are +75%, +100% or
     even +300% in stocks that are seemingly only going side-wise.   Look at the stock for the company
     below (CYTX -
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. ). The TigerSoft chart shows that Buy and Sell signals
     based on a 50-day Stochastic would have gained someone trading this stock +257% for the last year. 
     Mention this to someone in the company and it will get their attention.

      --------------------------------------- TigerSoft Buy and Sell Signals ----------------------------------------    
wpe115.jpg (71140 bytes)

                   When there are fewer stocks going up, like now, notice the companies that show lots of blue
     Accumulation.  Many times the accumulators are buying with an eye to where the stock may
     be in a year.  So a spike of blue Accumulation or steady blue Accumulation, provided the stock is
     not in an outright decline, may well show good things are expected for the company and they will be
     hiring.   They will remember you if you predict their stock will soon be rising and they will
     be expanding and all it comes to pass a month or two after you called on them.

------------------------------------------------ Spike and Steady Accumulation ------------------------------------------------------
wpeF6.jpg (47120 bytes)

                                                 Getting A Job Is A Serious Undertaking   

                       A last piece of advise: hire a professional consultant, like http://hightechpros.com/   , 
             about how best to prepare for the interview process and when in the interview to discuss your salary.

              San Diego Stocks' Performance Ranked
              by Pct.Change over 250 Trading Days.
C:\sdstocks   Days back= 250 
 4 / 11 / 2007 - 4 / 8 / 2008 
Rank          Symbol        Name                         Price        Pct.Gain      
---------     -----------------------------------       ----------    ----------    
 1            ILMN          Illumina Inc.                78.23          151%          
 Illumina Inc.
9885 Towne Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-202-4500
Fax: 858-587-4297
Web Site: http://www.illumina.com
lumina, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing 
of life science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic 
variation and biological function. Its single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)
genotyping product comprises Array Matrix, which uses a universal format 
that allows it to analyze various sets of SNPs. The company also offers 
BeadLabs and BeadStations for gene expression profiling; BeadArray Reader, 
a scanning instrument that uses a laser to read the results of experiments 
that are captured in its instruments; and oligos, which are components of 
the reagent kits for its BeadArray products and are used for assay 
development. Illumina distributes its products through distributors to 
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrichemical, diagnostics, and consumer 
products companies, as well as to academic or private research centers 
in North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and the Pacific Rim countries.

Full-time employees - 1,041
 wpeA8.jpg (46800 bytes)

 2            PURE          Innovative Med. Services      5.15          137%           
 Pure Bioscience
1725 Gillespie Way
El Cajon, CA 92020
United States - Map
Phone: 619-596-8600
Fax: 619-596-8790
Web Site: http://www.purebio.com
 PURE Bioscience engages in the development, production, sale, and 
licensing of silver ion bioscience technologies and boric acid based 
pesticides principally in the United States. It offers silver dihydrogen 
citrate-based antimicrobials and boric acid-based pesticides.

Full-time employees = 15
 wpeF3.jpg (49046 bytes)

 3            SQNM          Sequenom Inc.                 6.2           76%           
Sequenom Inc.
3595 John Hopkins Court
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-202-9000
Fax: 858-202-9001
Web Site: http://www.sequenom.com
Sequenom, Inc. provides genetic analysis products and services 
that translate genomic science into solutions for the biomedical 
research, molecular medicine, agricultural, and non-invasive prenatal 
testing markets.

Full-time employees - 192
wpeF6.jpg (43126 bytes) 

 4            ISIS          ISIS Pharmaceuticals Inc.    15.57          62%           
 ISIS Pharmaceuticals Inc.
1896 Rutherford Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008-7208
United States - Map
Phone: 760-931-9200
Fax: 760-603-2700
Web Site: http://www.isispharm.com
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in 
RNA-based drug discovery and development for its product pipeline 
and for its partners. The company's drug development programs are 
focused on treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, as well as 
cancer, and inflammatory and other diseases.
Full-time employees - 300

 wpeF7.jpg (47840 bytes)5            PSMT          PriceSmart                   27.74          62%            
 6            NUVA          NuVasive                     36.83          49%            
NuVasive, Inc.
4545 Towne Centre Court
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-909-1800
Fax: 858-909-2085
Web Site: http://www.nuvasive.com
NuVasive, Inc., a medical device company, engages in the design, 
development, and marketing of products for the surgical treatment 
of spine disorders. Its products are used in applications for spine 
fusion surgery. The company's products include a minimally disruptive 
surgical platform called Maximum Access Surgery (MAS), as well as 
cervical and motion preservation products.
Full-time employees - 345
 wpe115.jpg (45826 bytes)
 7            CUB           Cubic Corporation            29.79          42%            
Cubic Corp.
9333 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123
United States - Map
Phone: 858-277-6780
Fax: 858-505-1523
Web Site: http://www.cubic.com
Cubic Corporation engages in the design, development, and manufacture 
of defense electronics and transportation fare collection systems. 
Its Defense segment provides customized military range instrumentation 
systems, tactical engagement simulation systems, firearm simulation 
systems, communications and surveillance systems, surveillance receivers, 
power amplifiers, and avionics systems.
Full-time employees - 6000
 wpe126.jpg (46641 bytes)
 8            QDEL          Quidel Corporation           17.03          36%            
Quidel Corp.
10165 McKellar Court
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-552-1100
Fax: 858-453-4338
Web Site: http://www.quidel.com
Quidel Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets point-of-care 
(POC) diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases and reproductive 
health primarily in the United States.
Full-time employees - 278
wpe127.jpg (48585 bytes)
 9            IVGN          Invitrogen Corp.             87.43          32%            
Invitrogen Corp.
1600 Faraday Avenue
Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States - Map
Phone: 760-603-7200
Fax: 760-602-6500
Web Site: http://www.invitrogen.com
Invitrogen Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, 
and marketing of research tools in reagent, kit, and applications 
forms for the life sciences research, drug discovery, and diagnostics 
customers, as well as biological products manufacturers.
Full-time employees - 4,300

 wpe128.jpg (47968 bytes)
 10           SAI           Security Associates Intl.    19.3           12%            
 SAIC, Inc.
 10260 Campus Point Drive
 San Diego, CA 92121
 United States - Map
 Phone: 858-826-6000
 Web Site: http://www.saic.com
 SAIC, Inc. provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, 
 and technical services and solutions to various branches of the U.S. 
 military, agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence 
 community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, other U.S. 
 Government civil agencies, state and local government agencies, 
 foreign governments, and customers in selected commercial markets.
 Full-time employees - top secret??!!

wpe129.jpg (48309 bytes) 
 11           RFIL          RF Industries Ltd.            6.11           6%             
 RF Industries Ltd.
7610 Miramar Road
Suite 6000
San Diego, CA 92126-4202
United States - Map
Phone: 858-549-6340
Fax: 858-549-6345
Web Site: http://www.rfindustries.com
RF Industries, Ltd. provides interconnect products and systems for 
radio frequency (RF) communications products and wireless digital 
transmission systems primarily in the United States. Its RF Connector 
and Cable Assembly division designs, manufactures, and distributes 
coaxial connector solutions for companies that design, build, operate, 
maintain, and use wireless voice, data, messaging, and location tracking 
Full-time employees = 83
wpeF6.jpg (47120 bytes)
 12           GPRO          Gen-Probe Inc.               51.64           5%            
 Gen-Probe Inc.
10210 Genetic Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-410-8000
Fax: 858-410-8625
Web Site: http://www.gen-probe.com
Gen-Probe Incorporated develops, manufactures, and markets nucleic 
acid probe-based products used for the clinical diagnosis of human 
diseases, and for screening donated human blood. It develops nucleic 
acid testing that enables detection of microorganisms.
Full-time employees = 987

 13           SYS           CPS Systems                   2.16           3%             
5050 Murphy Canyon Road
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123
United States - Map
Phone: 858-715-5500
Fax: 858-715-5510
Web Site: http://www.systechnologies.com
SYS and its subsidiaries provide information connectivity solutions 
that capture, analyze, and present information to customers in the 
Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security & 
other government agencies.
Full-time employees = 987

 14           IAGX          Imagenetix Inc. (OB)           .9            0%             
Imagenetix Inc.
10845 Rancho Bernardo Road
Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92127
United States - Map
Phone: 858-674-8455
Fax: 858-674-8460
Web Site: http://www.imagenetix.net
Imagenetix, Inc. engages in the development, formulation, and 
marketing of over-the-counter nutritional supplements, topical creams, 
and skin care products primarily in the United States. Its primary 
product is Celadrin, a nutritional supplement compound comprised of 
fatty acid esters, which play a role in human and animal joint health.
Full-time employees = 7

 15           QCOM          QUALCOMM                     42.08          -1%            
5775 Morehouse Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-1714
United States - Map
Phone: 858-587-1121
Fax: 858-658-2100
Web Site: http://www.qualcomm.com
QUALCOMM Incorporated designs, manufactures, and markets 
digital wireless telecommunications products and services based 
on its CDMA technology and other technologies.
Full-time employees = 12,800
 16           IOM           Iomega Corporation            3.64          -3%             |
   No information available.

 17           BMR           BioMed Realty Trust Inc.     25.47          -5%            
 BioMed Realty Trust Inc.
17140 Bernardo Center Drive
Suite 222
San Diego, CA 92128
United States - Map
Phone: 858-485-9840
Fax: 858-485-9843
Web Site: http://www.biomedrealty.com
 BioMed Realty Trust, Inc. operates as a real estate investment trust 
 (REIT) in the United States. It engages in the acquisition, development,
 ownership, leasing, and management of laboratory and office space for 
 the life science industry. As of December 31, 2006, the company owned 
 or had interests in 56 properties, including 92 buildings with 
 approximately 7.9 million rentable square feet of laboratory and 
 office space.
 Full-time employees = 113

 18           CYPB          Cypress Bioscience Inc.       7.42          -5%           
 Cypress Bioscience, Inc.
4350 Executive Drive
Suite 325
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-452-2323
Fax: 858-452-1222
Web Site: http://www.cypressbio.com
Cypress Bioscience, Inc. provides products for the treatment of 
functional somatic syndromes and other central nervous system disorders 
in the United States.
 Full-time employees = unknown

 19           CYTX          Cytori Therapeutics           5.69          -5%             
 Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
3020 Callan Road
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-458-0900
Fax: 858-458-0994
Web Site: http://www.cytoritx.com
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. engages in developing and commercializing 
stem and regenerative cell therapies for cardiovascular disease, 
reconstructive surgery and serious, chronic, and life threatening 
 Full-time employees = unknown
wpeF7.jpg (71140 bytes)
 20           O             Realty Income Corp           26.34          -6%            
 21           WDFC          WD-40 Company                33.44          -7%            
 WD-40 Co.
1061 Cudahy Place
San Diego, CA 92110
United States - Map
Phone: 619-275-1400
Fax: 619-275-5823
Web Site: http://www.wd40.com
WD-40 Company produces lubricants, hand cleaners, and household 
cleaners worldwide. Its products include WD-40, a multi-purpose product, 
which acts as a lubricant, rust preventative, penetrant, cleaner, 
and moisture displacer; 3-IN-ONE Oil, a drip oil for household consumers 
that has application in the areas of locksmithing, HVAC, marine, 
farming, construction, and jewelry manufacturing, as well as household 
consumer applications; and a range of heavy-duty hand cleaner products, 
including bar soaps and liquid cleaners under the Lava and Solvol brands.
 Full-time employees = 113
 22           COHU          Cohu                         17.07         -10%           
 Cohu Inc.
12367 Crosthwaite Circle
Poway, CA 92064-6817
United States - Map
Phone: 858-848-8100
Fax: 858-277-0221
Web Site: http://www.cohu.com
Cohu, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, sale, 
and servicing of test handling and burn-in related equipment, and 
thermal sub-systems for the semiconductor industry worldwide. 
The company operates in three segments: Semiconductor Equipment, 
Television Cameras, and Microwave Communications. The Semiconductor 
Equipment segment develops, manufactures, and sells semiconductor test 
handling and burn-in related equipment, and thermal sub-systems to 
semiconductor manufacturers and semiconductor test subcontractors.

Full-time employees = 1000

 23           RMD           ResMed Inc.                  45.06         -10%           
ResMed Inc.
14040 Danielson Street
Poway, CA 92064-6857
United States - Map
Phone: 858-746-2400
Fax: 858-622-2043
Web Site: http://www.resmed.com
ResMed, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing 
of equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of -disordered breathing, 
including obstructive sleep apnea, and other respiratory disorders 
that occur during sleep.
Full-time employees = 2700

 24           ELY           Callaway Golf Company        14.38         -13%           
Callaway Golf Co.
2180 Rutherford Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States - Map
Phone: 760-931-1771
Fax: 760-931-8013
Web Site: http://www.callawaygolf.com
Callaway Golf Company, together with its subsidiaries, designs, 
manufactures, and sells golf clubs and golf balls in the United States 
and internationally.
Full-time employees = 3000

 25           BOFI          BofI Holding                  6.07         -14%           
BofI Holding Inc.
12777 High Bluff Drive
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92130
United States - Map
Phone: 858-350-6200
  Savings and Loan
Full-time employees = 47

 26           SRE           Sempra Energy                55.16         -14%           
 Sempra Energy
101 Ash Street
San Diego, CA 92101
United States - Map
Phone: 619-696-2034
Fax: 619-696-2374
Web Site: http://www.sempra.com
Full-time employees = 14,317

 27           MXWL          Maxwell Technologies Inc.    10.48         -15%          
Maxwell Technologies Inc.
9244 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123
United States - Map
Phone: 858-503-3300
Fax: 858-277-6754
Web Site: http://www.maxwell.com
Maxwell Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets 
energy storage and power delivery products. It offers BOOSTCAP 
ultracapacitor cells, and multi-cell packs and modules for transportation, 
automotive, telecommunications, energy generation, fuel cell augmentation, 
and consumer and industrial electronics applications; and 
CONDIS high-voltage capacitors, including grading and coupling capacitors,
and capacitive voltage dividers for electric utility infrastructure 
applications, as well as for applications involving transportation, 
distribution, and measurement of high-voltage electrical energy.
Full-time employees = 260

 28           ACCL          Accelrys Inc.                 5.51         -16%           
Accelrys Inc.
10188 Telesis Court
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-799-5000
Fax: 858-799-5100
Web Site: http://www.accelrys.com
Accelrys, Inc. engages in the design, development, marketing, and 
support of software-based solutions that facilitate the discovery and 
development of new and improved products and processes in the 
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, and material 
Full-time employees = 372

 29           SHW           Sherwin-Williams Co.         54.5          -17%            
 Sherwin-Williams Co.
101 Prospect Avenue NW
Cleveland, OH 44115-1075
United States - Map
Phone: 216-566-2000
Fax: 216-566-3670
Web Site: http://www.sherwin-williams.com
The Sherwin-Williams Company engages in the development, 
manufacture, distribution, and sale of paints, coatings, and 
related products to professional, industrial, commercial, and 
retail customers.
Full-time employees = 31,572

 30           AVNR          Avanir Pharmaceuticals        1.03         -18%           
Avanir Pharmaceuticals
101 Enterprise
Suite 300
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
United States - Map
Phone: 949-389-6700
Web Site: http://www.avanir.com
Avanir Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company, focuses on 
developing, acquiring, and commercializing therapeutic products 
for the treatment of chronic diseases.
Full-time employees = 25
 31           SCCB          ---                           9.25         -18%            
Seacoast Commerce Bank
296 H Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910
United States - Map
Phone: 619-476-7776
Fax: 619-476-7770
Web Site: http://www.seacoastcommercebank.com
Full-time employees = 17
 32           AMLN          Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.  31.03         -19%           
Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
9360 Towne Centre Drive
Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-552-2200
Fax: 858-552-2212
Web Site: http://www.amylin.com
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, 
engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization 
of medicines for diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.
Full-time employees = 1900
 33           XNN           Xenonics Holdings            1.77         -19%           
Xenonics Holdings, Inc.
2236 Rutherford Road
Suite 123
Carlsbad, CA 92008-7297
United States - Map
Phone: 760-438-4004
Fax: 760-438-1184
Web Site: http://www.xenonics.com
Xenonics Holdings, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets lightweight 
and compact ultra-high intensity illumination products, and low light 
viewing systems for military, law enforcement and security.
Full-time employees = 23

 34           CABK                                   )    12.8          -20%           
 California Community Bank
1334 W Valley Parkway
Suite 402
Escondido, CA 92029
United States - Map
Phone: 760-888-1000
Fax: 760-888-1089
Web Site: http://www.calcommunitybank.com

 35           WBSN          Websense Inc.                18.64         -20%          
Websense, Inc.
10240 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121
United States - Map
Phone: 858-320-8000
Fax: 858-458-2950
Web Site: http://www.websense.com
Websense, Inc. develops and markets Web filtering solutions that help 
organizations in managing their networks and computing resources. 
Its solutions also enable organizations to protect the employees 
and confidential information from external Web-based attacks, 
such as spyware and phishing; and analyze, report, and manage how 
employees use computing resources and the Internet.
Full-time employees = 1600

wpeF3.jpg (62914 bytes)

wpeF6.jpg (65610 bytes)